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    I've always liked the candles idea, but I think they need to have a purpose other than crushing lanterns in terms of usefulness at seeing indoors. So what I've proposed in the past is that every action you may take (indoors or outdoors) requires sufficient light to do it. If you're making a pair of pants from deer pelts and gut, you'll certainly need to see what you're doing! Candles would help with that: not really enough light to see the whole of your abode (or to properly search for items in a new place, that should be the lantern's job), but enough to sit in one place and fiddle around cleaning your rifle. I like the idea of crafting them (bear fat, anyone?) and also occaisionally finding them.
  2. I have to add here that fishing is now very nearly fixed as a result of this scrap metal change and calmer weather. All that's needed now is drastically reduced respawn times.
  3. +1 Love these ideas. They'll keep you on your toes for sure! Turn a boring "head out for a fish or two" day into the greatest adventure ever. Even if they spell your doom, it's still fun. That's perhaps one of my favorite parts about this game!
  4. Oatmeal! Like tea/coffee in how light it is, but a good deal of calories once cooked, and gives a heat bonus (and no other bonuses, unlike the other two). Every morning when I eat my oatmeal I think about how useful oatmeal would be to Will.
  5. [blur=blue][/blur] not sure about that? I been on PL after 100th day, have already shot 2 bears near my home. day 127. so 2 bears in 27 days. Need a bedroll btw. So I do like bears lol! wolves seem harder to find, then I found they are out in the hills more! There are 4 bears in PV, and I think 1 in CH and ML. That's enough for 3 bedrolls, if you want to use them, so 200 days is plenty. I agree with you that perhaps never respawning is a little rough, but they are a fantastic resource full of goodness (and even more if they add fat harvesting!), and other very good resources are finite.
  6. MUCH more than 25% to 40%. I've said in other posts that my favorite challenge to add for myself is to simulate very long respawns. If wolf/deer/rabbit respawns are about 100 days, and bears are more like 200 days, then that is enough to force people to both fish occasionally and journey to the corners of the maps (and travel between them every month or so) to hunt, while still very slowly building a surplus (just in case you get hurt, or get multiple days of blizzards, etc). It also appears to be the right amount of pelts to make all the clothing too, but you really do need to journey to all the corners of the map! This is in Stalker, by the way. It's great, I recommend everyone try it, but it does require careful note taking on what you've already killed.I do this with "zones" that are about the size of mystery lake and surrounding creeks -- I gave PV 8 zones, and ML and CH have 4. Once I kill a deer in zone F, I can't kill any deer in that zone until 100 days later.
  7. Hi Ken, welcome to the forums! For the time being, you should just assume your character has all the cooking pots and all the water bottles he needs. They "disappear" because they aren't really items in the game. Just make a fire, and you can melt snow and boil the water (for safety). As for cooking pots, just assume they're not there and cook away. I hope when I'm 53+ I can still enjoy games. edit: apparently I didn't finish typing.
  8. Wow that's awesome! I think something like this would be great on pc.
  9. I've always liked fishing in this game. I hear everyone's complaints and I agree, but to say it's calorie negative has never been true for me. And this: This just doesn't seem to happen to me. I have lines break, sure, but I typically fish once every 10-20 days or so, for a 12-ish hour period, and I I usually sacrifice 3-ish pieces of scrap metal for a game lasting into the 200-300 days. I really enjoy those days spent fishing. Everyone is right, it is not the best source of calories, and it takes scrap metal, so if you're going for maximum efficiency then it's not smart to fish. But I love spending the first day gathering tons of wood, loading up the fishing hut, then going back to bed, waking up 2 hours before dawn and getting to my hut, fishing all day long. It is far from calorie negative: I show up nearly starving, leave at the end of the day at 2500 calories and usually have 2-3 big 1200+ calorie fish to bring home. It's a really enjoyable change from the normal hunting. I think the main problem with fishing is twofold. First, other game is way too easy to find and harvest, we've screamed it out loud in tons and tons of threads, the devs definitely hear us. It needs to change for plenty of reasons. Second, fishing requires scrap metal, making it an unnecessary waste of the most finite resource. Maybe a solution to this (and this isn't my idea, but I couldn't find it in forums anywhere) is to have two kinds of scrap metal: light and heavy. Light scrap metal is a plentiful resource, you get it from canned food, from cars, from houses, etc. It's everywhere, and you use it to make fishing hooks (and very little else). It's not infinite, but it's more on par with cloth in terms of quantity. Then heavy scrap metal is what we all know and love, the highly scarce metal that is used to repair tools, keeping us worried about finding it and running out of it. With these two changes, I think everyone could learn to love fishing. There is still the fact that it's a "container you click for fish", but that part doesn't bother me at all. I like the ideas of fishing traps that I can set and check later, but I don't think they're "necessary to fix fishing". They would be a nice perk.
  10. I totally hear you and I somewhat agree. The problem I have with this is summed up with the recent changes to running. Back when you could run or walk, I preferred the walking speed for realism purposes, but got bored after a while and permanently ran. I didn't love it, but it made the game far easier (since calories are a non-issue but freezing was), so I ran everywhere. When they removed running, I was so happy. I know this is a "save me from myself" thing, which may not be a road they want to go down. However, I think I remember hearing that the development team felt that the run/walk system wasn't in the spirit of the game, so they changed it to faster walking with occasional sprint. Coming back to hotkeys, I conjecture that it is also not in the spirit of the game to have so many hotkeys that accessing your inventory while out in the world is unnecessary. All that clicking around may not be what players like, but you can't deny it slows you down, and makes you vulnerable for a moment out there in the woods. All that being said, yes, I could just not use the hotkeys. I agree.
  11. I love this idea! This could also serve as a way to "gain strength" as some people have suggested, you could start with a tiny backpack, and find better ones out there! I don't love the idea of stuff falling out, though I guess that already happens with wolf and bear attacks. I also like having to keep it in repair, and perhaps keeping it in top condition means that the items inside degrade slower, like they're in an indoor container (which I think is about half as fast as in a backpack?). +1 neat ideas
  12. Place campfire is currently 4. I'm not sure how I feel about some of these hotkeys. For example, I like that drinking water slows me down and makes me rummage through my bag. Maybe if liquid containers get added, and you have the ability to "equip" a water bottle to the outside of your bag, then you can drink from that one with a hotkey. I know people don't like all the clicking around, 10 clicks to eat food, etc., and I can understand those complaints. But I feel like it accurately represents how clumsy having a big backpack is, like for example how carefully you have to keep safe drinking water from nonpotable. Like I said, I hear where people are coming from, they want a more navigable experience, but I also like the "slow" pace of the game, as in the opposite of a standard twitchy FPS, and I worry that tons of hotkeys might be going closer to that road. Minor worry, though, I also somewhat like the idea of lots of hotkeys, too. Am I alone in this feeling? If so, feel free to ignore me