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  1. Excuse me, but is aurora absent after repairing the spear before returning to Jeremiah? I've been waiting outside the bunker for 15 days in a row, but no aurora has appeared. I remember clearly that before the redux I finished this mission before returning to Jeremiah.
  2. I for one would definitely love to see more types of food. At the very least, some dishes using the items already in the game, wouldn't be too hard to implement. Now parasites are just annoying. It's ridiculous the player can only use lots of meds to cure it, like 20 mushrooms. Waiting for cooking skill level 5 is boring. How about mushroom-meaty-stew which has no risk of food poisoning or parasites? 1 mushroom+ 5kg wolf or bear meat + 5kg portablewater + 2 hours cooking = 8kg mushroom-meaty-stew. It takes a lot of firewood and time to do this dish but a sane person will do anything to prevent food poisoning and parasites in the first place.
  3. Honestly, I don't hunt at all unless desperate and I only eat canned food found in drawers. However, I do steal venison from wolves as soon as I find a hunting knife. But there are more players who do not exploit starvation or torch and they get their food by honest hunting. A harvesting skill is nothing different in effect from, say, the developers increasing the time and materials needed in harvesting and reducing the meat available in a carcass. It will make the game harder but, at the same time, boring. Increasing difficulty by making the game more of a chore is not the solution. Personally, I like the idea of crafting recipes from books much more. It delays fur clothing while encourages exploration much more. This is the kind of improvement both players and developers would like.
  4. One does not need a high repairing or firestarting skill to survive. But that is not true for food. Few players would do those chores purely to improve their repairing or firestarting skill. However, based on your assumptions: "the risk of losing portions of meat" and "stalker would start at a low enough level", the conclusion is simple: most of the meat from carcass would be lost. When something is related to random factors, bad luck might come in a row. Therefore, when there's little chance to get more than 2kg meat from a wolf, player will have to kill and harvest a lot in order to survive. The consequence would be, like you said, "require a significant amount of time", leaving little time for other activities, like exploration, which is needed to get non-animal clothing items. By the time the player manages to build a food stockpile, there would surely be enough furs to craft all the fur clothing. There's really no need for non-animal clothing items anyway then.
  5. You should think about the consequence. Right now it is never hard for an experienced player to kill and harvest several animals in a day. You expect veteran players would slow down their pace in crafting fur clothing? Not at all. Given the abundance of animals, having a high chance of failure when harvesting will cause nothing but a killing spree.
  6. Sorry but 2 clicks to pick up one stick and 6 clicks in total to get 2 sticks from a branch, not 4. And it's easy to understand why I only use sticks, because I can pick them up instantly. Foraging wood from tree limbs might mean ending up in a blizzard surrounded by hungry wolves. You die from that once, and you will get it. It's best to add an auto-picking mode which needs no clicks but merely looking at something you want to pick up for 0.5 second.
  7. Clicking hell. 2 clicks for a single stick. 6 clicks for a branch. 20 clicks to harvest a 9kg deer. Over 60 clicks to get 10L water with purely sticks. It takes over 500+ clicks to gather enough sticks and harvest+cook all the meat of a 35kg bear. And worst of all, every night it taks me 13 clicks to sleep 12 hours. Imagine a word using 1,000,000,000 letters to express a billion.
  8. Rabbit Grove in Coastal Highway. Rabbits outside the door, sticks round. No wolf around at all. Easy to make back even in blizzard. On high grounds, good view. Need a workbench? Carter hydro dam. Living here is boring but hey we are talking about base, right? If you have died because you failed to headback in a blizzard or gnawed by bear/wolf right beside your door, you will know what I am talking about.
  9. The thin wool sweater weighs exactly the same as the heavy wool sweater. Seems the 'heavy' means not the weight here. Maybe the smell?
  10. That won't work. Unless the duration of a 'burning stick' is reduced, player can start a another fire every 80 minutes and get infinite 'burning stick' any way. A 'burning stick' should not last more than 20 minutes. What we need is the ability to craft torches with fur, animal fat and sticks, without workbench. Pretty sure our ancestors did that for millions of years long before cloth, Kerosene or workbench was invented.
  11. We need to make good use of the green backpacks. Now they are useless after you've looted them. Wish they could be picked up and put inside my sweet home.
  12. The problem of matches is that 1% condition match works the same as 100% match. I would suggest matches degrade much slower when stored in containers but have a chance to fail, say, 99% chance to fail when 1% condition left. This means if you put 20 50% matches and 10 80% condition mathes together, you will get 30 60% condition matches. This way, when you try to light your torch in emergency cases :twisted:
  13. What should be fixed is not hibernation/starving, but starving itself. You can do everything requiring calories when starving and that is where the exploit is. When starving, there should be both a cold and a fatigue penalty, and fatigue bar should drain extremely fast doing calory-required tasks. This way if you are both cold and starving, sleeping without good clothing will be a death trap. Also maximum condition should drop when condition falls below 50, and could only be regained by 0.1% per hour sleep.
  14. In this game you can use 8 sticks to start a fire as long as 1 hour which can be used to cook 3kg steaks, while in real life you need much more fuel to keep a fire big enough to cook several steaks all together. The game is designed this way to hold a fire long enough so that player could warm up when cooking, which is purely game mechanic. I seriously doubt any one wearing just sweater and jeans can survive soly on sticks in such a frozen hell in real life. Unless you would like to do more chores like sticks collecting as in real life, there's little reason to turn this game into more of a routine, or make it even easier so that you could complain there's nothing to do in this game. But yeah I would like to cook several steaks by one click, just not at the price of less time or fuel.
  15. I have no problem with using lantern in the dark. The problem is, the lantern fuel are even rarer than bullets. Looting the Carter Hydro Dam completely would cost at least 3 L fuel and that's because I'm very familiar with the place. Normally if you cannot find a jerry can, there's little chance to gather 3L oil in less than 20 days. Meanwhile, torches are almost as good as lanterns, especially indoors, but so much easier to make, I don't think there's any need to use a lantern.