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  1. Have to do your best to harvest lots of saplings, and build yourself a stockpile. That way you can get a 2nd bow built before your first one dies. Extra arrows too. I lose about 1-2 arrows a week recover about half of them in time but never all of them.
  2. A dry environment without the ability to re-hydrate the wood properly or protect it from wear and tear will wear it out after a few or few dozen full tension draws. Really though think this is more for gameplay.
  3. Steam tells me I have about 500 hours in. I know I have at least that in my "test" copies of the early versions. If only I'd bought it earlier.
  4. What is outdoor fire stacks? What does that mean?
  5. Check it out... http://imgur.com/a/YdhsE http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/30/world/europe/iceland-northern-lights-aurora.html?_r=0
  6. I would never recommend getting wet when in subzero temps. I would also never recommend knowing getting hypothermia in the game. While it isn't a game ender on its own it does carry the 24 hour stamina and re-hypotermic penalty which essentially means you need to stay indoors for a longer time than you would want to in order to "shake it off" this combined with the fact that you also now face a cabin fever situation means you could trigger a loop of conditions where you are forced to go outside, while also needing to shelter inside to rid yourself of the hypothermia which would be bad. Very very bad unless you have two relatively close locations with enough resources for just such an event. In a survival situation I'd say that would be an unlikely possibility. Still some of the items found during beach combing are of value so just be careful. If you do get wet. Get dry and warm ASAP. What I would suggest is that you have a fire already going which is maxed out for length say 8-12 hours, nearby, and then go beach combing. You will take the hypothermia hit but at least you can get indoors quickly and not loose too much condition beyond the initial shock of doing the "polar plunge". Make sure you don't spend too much more time indoors after getting over hypothermia for the next day or two in order to keep your cabin fever metric low. A thing you can't control include the weather, so a storm that lasts two days would be bad news, running out of food/fuel also bad news but that you can control.
  7. I'd also like to see containers where you have to actually have the container to hold the liquids as well as being able to take water out of the fishing hole but needing to constantly heat ice/water in order to drink it would make for more things to do in the day and difficulty the game could use. I know it is a simulator thing but it really isn't too hard to model this stuff at all.
  8. I am for variable temperatures inside structures. As for the discussion on eternal fires. I am of the mind that long term fires make sense but probably not longer than 24 hours. As this would reduce the overall difficulty of the mode, another variable temperature idea would be that of liquids. If the developer decides to model indoor temperature variations and also wet clothing it might also be possible to model temperatures of liquids such as water. You can consume ice but you cannot drink ice and water in a container exposed to temperatures below zero quickly lose the heat contained and within a few hours regardless of how well insulated will freeze. Of course some containers insulate better than others, a thermos for example is another item that could be modeled that would keep liquids warmer and or prevented form freezing for a gameplay beneficial amount of time. On the whole the ability to melt any amount of water once and for it to always remain liquid without having to re-heat it is extremely unrealistic and would make for an additional challenge as well as add to the necessity for keeping a fire going for extended periods of time. I like all of the ideas that increase realism and add to gameplay and I think these two features would add both to the challenge and also gameplay.
  9. Well there are other problems with Stalker too. Itemization overload is one of them. That and though the game is enjoyable. Day 100 is much the same as day 50 day 200 much the same as day 50. Meaning you can play for weeks without much change in your status because you can get quite comfortable in Stalker. Interloper at least makes "comfortability" a much more remote possibility. I was unaware that you there was a bedroll to be found but if that is the case that is good news. I would prefer it to be something you have to craft and indeed I was disappointed that you can't straight craft one with cloth at least when I had tried early on upon reaching the FARMSTEAD. Anyway I find the balance of Interloper makes the game much more playable for me because if I'm going to die it is within 1-2-3 sittings and if I am going to endure the struggle remains with me much longer than in Stalker. Past day 10 in Stalker my risk of dying in the next 10 days is like 10% past day 20 risk of dying is like 5% it just doesn't get bigger until I start to run out of stuff virtual months or years later time which I don't find engaging enough to endure. In Interloper if I make it past day 10 my risk of dying is still very high past day 20 it starts to decline but it is still higher than in Stalker because of how scarce everything is and this is much more beneficial because the density of resources is very low in a survival situation.
  10. I think the increased difficulty without a bedroll and rifle make the game more compelling for me. I also think the lack of a knife or hatchet stack the difficulty because you have to do things manually. However the mode is not devoid of tools, still have the hacksaw, and tool boxes, heavy hammer, and prybar, can opener, etc not sure what other "20 items" you refer to. What beyond 4 items are you referring to? Rifle, Knife, Bedroll, and Hatchet? It is also possible to craft a knife and hatchet albeit not the lighter weight versions you can find in the Stalker-Voyageur-Pilgrim modes. I'm not sure but I think it might be possible to craft the bearskin bedroll in which case survival long term would be a very good prospect and engaging too in my eyes.
  11. What makes Stalker too easy for you? What makes Interloper too hard for you? In Stalker for me I find the over-abundance of items and the lack of any real danger after the first few days to be what bores me. Sure there is risk from wolves or the errant storm or just being careless like running just to speed the next adventure and creating a medical condition but it has long ceased to be a serious challenge that keeps me engaged. With Interloper, though it is harsh, I find that the expectation that you will die in a 1-2 sitting game to be fresh and fun. The thing that sucks for me about Stalker beside the boredom is when you die from a wolf encounter at day 37 or 69 or 155 because you were a few health % too low and you didn't completely avoid the encounter. Had you been a few % higher or simply avoided it completely for another day you could have made it another 100 200 500 days but I digress. I do agree though that Interloper is not a mode for everybody and it is designed to kill you rather than reward you for mastering the systems like Stalker does.
  12. You should consider Interloper to be about 10X as hard as Stalker. If you have survived 100 days in Stalker you should expect to survive 10 days in Interloper about 50% of your game attempts. The difficulty in Interloper is ramped at all stages because you start in some of the worst locations, you will not have access to tools such as the gun, the hatchet, the knife, and other tools like matches, flares, torches, are harder to come by. In many situations you will simply run out of time before you make it to the next plateau of viability. One of your best indicators of success is how far you can make it on day one. You will have the best condition that you will probably have for at least a week and so my starting strategy is to cover as much ground as possible. In doing so you can harvest cattails for food, you can pickup sticks in order to build a fire, and you can hop between natural or man-made remnant shelters. Travel light, don't exceed the about 60lbs limit. Don't waste fire starting implements and always prioritize how you start a fire, what you carry, and what you are doing for your goal. Early on you cannot afford a stockpile technique for firewood because you have to keep moving, in order to find areas with calories. After a day or two you hopefully have found a hacksaw and can harvest meat quickly, if not you will have to build a fire to thaw a carcass and get the guts in order to make an implement to catch rabbits or fish. Your goal should be to farm some rabbits in order to produce the mits and also to generate a minimum calorie intake daily to keep you alive. You will be living barebones for about a week and hopefully you will have several "stage points" along a route through he maps where you can harvest over the course of your journey. After a week or so you will be making your way to DP to make arrow heads as you will need to craft a bow for long term survival and you would also do well to find yourself the magnifying glass within a month if there is one because that is how you'll start fires after your matches are gone. After the 100-200 days mark you will not have matches left or very few and you might consider trying to keep a fire going constantly at a residence you have to return to twice daily in this way you'd be able to cook and to make water and endure almost indefinitely. Plan to take advantage of the new beach combing mechanic as you will find goodies on the shores which will aid you in survival. Avoid the wolves, avoid risk, and be careful out there. It can all come to an end so fast. The truth about Interloper is this mode is designed to kill you, while the others are designed to challenge you and make it so you can master them, Interloper is the pinnacle of nature where rather than looking at you without a care, it looks at you with abhorrence and wants you to die. Enjoy but don't expect to endure, and don't expect to master it.
  13. They are not too rare. Interloper finally has itemization balance right. If you think it is too rare please try another game mode.
  14. Its realism, never know how a wild animal is going to react or what will spook them.
  15. No matches no way to leave DP. Not good. Should always start with one pack of matches or matches that spawn in one of the first 5 search locations. I spend 3 days searching DP but without any matches there is no way to leave the area. No way to get through the tunnel. I hate to be the fat kid complaining about how he can't find his EASTER BASKET but if you can't find matches within 3 days on a small map, hmmmm that should be a check box check for the system to ensure that they do spawn somewhere.
  16. I don't recall it working quite like that but you would be able to go anyplace outside, and hit the button and it was a direct timesink. You'd get a selectable number of pieces of wood depending on how much time you were going to put in up to 5 pieces. Basically it was simulating you chopping wood abstractly without there being any wood in the immediate local area. Besides being woefully less realistic the only positive was you could build a fire, and feed that fire for hours while harvesting wood almost indefinitely.
  17. Two of my favorites from back in the day.
  18. The forum is pretty quiet. The updates were coming every 4-6 weeks in 2014-2015. So then they went into a period of every 4 months updating. In Raph's last roadmap, it was made clear updates were coming faster, and that story mode was not coming until it's ready. I am a supporter of the game and asking a legit question. There hasn't been an update in closing on 90 days. Please don't make me out to be a bad guy here asking about when if anybody has heard there will be a next update. The game needs to progress for me to remain interested. Tell me to go play something else yeah I'm already doing that, but I'm still recommending TLD to other players however that will stop if development is ceasing. Products stop development all the time if money runs out so IM SIMPLY ASKING for the conformation was still progressing. I think I have it that is all. Thanks.