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  1. My strategy is to get the hell of this map lol.
  2. except nobody knows what the countdown is for lol
  3. Oooooooh well hype is a good thing. I don't care if its story mode hype as long as it comes with another sandbox release! I'd really like my bow drill and improved cooking.
  4. It gets old. If you look at the Steam negative reviews, the overwhelming hit to the game by long term player is the way wolves are so cheap. I don't want to quit the game, I don't want to not play, but I also don't want to put 25 hours into the game well on my way to surviving 100 or 200 days, and have it all over because of a chance happening by a super wolf, or a wolf I'm 2% under prepared for. Players have been asking for a day 1 hour 1 ability to defend themselves against these attacks being that the encounters are so prevalent yet little has changed in terms of the lethality of the wolf attack since early on. The game needs to "evolve" to provide the player with some defense early on. Taking nothing away from the "thinking man" aspect of the game sufficient defense to give you a chance against wolves early on would improve enjoyment of the game for me. Spears have been suggested/requested since at least 2013 and here we are 4 years later having our meticulously built sandbox sandcastles wrecked by the cyber wolf who's attacks can't be defeated until you have the knife. At which point then the whole other issue is that they are under powered villains. I have encouraged people to continue to be patient with the developers but man, this game has been in development so long they were talking about trying to continue to support players running windows XP like it was a legitimate option to run the game on. At this rate I'm not even sure the game will see the story mode released in 2017 and from where I am as a purchased supporter of the game that is unacceptable. I'm also losing patience with the game killing me on the super cheap via the wolves.
  5. Woo Hoo I died today in a crevasse on PV coming down from the signal tower instead of a meaningless wolf death lol. I have tried bait before and sometimes it works, don't know the % in this build that it does, but the wolf issue is really early on, when you have no weapons, no food, and are constantly below 50% stamina because you have to keep moving to gather resources in Interloper. A wolf encounter that leads to the "wolf attack" is almost always lethal most encounters when you have no resources early on lead to the attack, unless you can outwit the wolf and evade it's presence, going inside, or finding a spot where it cant get or find you at. If you get the "wolf attack" in Interloper even at 100% and an hour after waking up fresh, I think your odds are almost nothing against them because this is how I die almost always now.
  6. Yeah this week I'm 4/4 to Wolves, Last week I was 3/4, week prior was 5/5 to wolves. Feeling like old age too. I am really hoping with the next update there will be bow drill fire making because I'd like to stop playing so conservative with the matches and having to transit through wolf areas at all. It seems until you have the knife the only way to "beat" wolves is to completely avoid them.
  7. I've reached the point where the lack of resources, the climate, and the inability to out wit my status isn't what gets me anymore. It is almost always the wolves now.
  8. I hate to complain but can we tweak wolves some again or are there plans to do modification to their behaviors?
  9. They do present challenges, just at different levels. There is nothing "fake" about Interloper mode's reduced loot. This is exactly the essence of The Long Dark, which is prioritize what you have and survive a long time with only your own skills and abilities. I would agree that a sprained ankle should present more of a sustained loss/risk and that a bear mauling should be bad. However gameplay needs to be balanced into the mix as well. I feel the overall balance is the best it has ever been.
  10. Condition decay and recovery is one of the more balanced things in the game. If you find it too easy to maintain then you are ready for the next level of difficulty. Once you get to Interloper you won't be able to keep your condition nearly as high on average as in Stalker. Stalker is a true breeze after about day 10 however interloper keeps you on your toes for at least twice as long while you work to secure the necessities of self sustainment. I feel the values for condition loss and stamina drain when out of calories are about right. The body does have about 24-48 hours of stamina after its last meal and after that it begins to drop off. While you begin to lose condition overall at 1% per hour as soon as you are empty stomach. I think these two factors are very well modeled. Water on the other hand is modeled a bit more heavy handed but the consequences of going a day or two without water are not good, going 3 days without water and you simply won't have enough energy to go a 4th. There is no magic recovery either, best recovery is 30-40% under ideal conditons, however as you play and live, you suffer other characteristics and conditons which affect this and so while the base rates which are pretty accurate may feel too extreme when you combine them as a system as a whole rather than just looking at an individual metric it really comes together in a realistic fashion without sacrificing gameplay which is a key component.
  11. A way better map than Pleasant Valley. I love the Muskeg!
  12. Folks this was a post from the original version of Interloper release before any of the hotfixes. Since then there is at least a flare or matches in DP so no issue now. However when posted and for the day or two after there were several starts where there was simply no way to escape through the mines because there was no way to see in them without a light or fire or flare, and there were no matches or flares to get a fire going to light the way, no lanterns either. Anyway this isn't an issue anymore. cheers, KD
  13. I need some graphic's people to chip in some help here. Looking for some icon type images for "print" to occupy some spaces and act as markers indicating things. Here is an list of the needs. 1 condition icon (Small) 1/2"x1/2" 1 knife icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 hatchet icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 feathers icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 guts icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 fishing tackle icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 bow icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 arrow icon (Medium) 1"x1" 1 gun icon (Medium) 1"x1"
  14. I was thinking about "real dice" like this which would be pretty affordably cheap, but also have a few different sets for everything that has to happen during a turn. Dice to roll for weather, dice to roll for aurora, dice to roll for hunting/fishing/etc https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I5MS7KE?psc=1 Cardstock for printing out the game cards when they are finally done. https://www.amazon.com/Neenah-Exact-Index-Sheets-40311/dp/B006P1EQIA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476567707&sr=8-1&keywords=cardstock I am also thinking about tokens instead of condition cards. I want to make it flexible from as simple as something you can pull out of a bag of chex mix, or use your change drawer to represent to as complex as something you'd search for online. Rather than a card representing a health point, a cube or dot or something like that.
  15. D20 is an interesting idea and the final product might work for that. I was hoping to put this together scrounging stuff most players already have like 8 1/2 x 11 paper and a few monopoly pieces and a six sided die but a D20 or a few D20 would certainly make it pretty interesting. Already contributing already Wastelander.
  16. Well one thing you could offer is some testing. This will all be a digital download kit when its ready I think. Something that can be assembled by printing on cardstock, and visiting a local game store to pick out some game pieces and then a six sided die, it will need testing. I am also in the process of revising some of the complexity. I believe the board game should stay a little more true to the experience created by the "real game" which is to say, there should be an element of crafting for the weapons, and there should not be a penalty for crossing ice, but as designed right now you do have to take an injury roll. I am still working this all out in my head but it will need those interested to print the game out, and play a few rounds. What I would really like is some players to provide a time study on how long it takes them to complete a turn. If a typical game is to go between 20-40 days and last 90 minutes then each turn has to take no more than 3 min or we are already at the 120 min mark at 40 days survived for a one player game. This means I need to reduce number of times rolling dice or change the reason to roll the dice.
  17. Progress update. I am almost finished with the cards for use with the game. Here are a few examples of what they look like.