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  1. I agree completely. I love this game but this feature needs some work, it's extremely severe to get down to 10 hours, briefly go below 0c and immediately get the full 24 hours slapped back on. It's not realistic at all either. In my opinion, any of the three of the following would be a big improvement: Most realistic: Going below 0c begins to raise the number of hours over time back up to a max of 24, perhaps at a faster rate with really low temperatures. Probably a lot easier to implement: The timer only decreases while it's above 0c, if it drops too far below 0c for too long (ie, if you get hypothermia a second time) then it resets to 24h. Easier still, but less challenging: Bring it down to 12 rather than 24. As he said, you either need really good clothes or stacks and stacks of firewood. Taking the time to break down furniture on the other side of the room from the stove can easily reset it on a cold day, just doesn't make sense... Feels very buggy even though it's working as intended.