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  1. It still takes over 4 gamedays for this to get from 100% health to 0% (-1% per hour). Not hours. So, what? I am a forum member just as you are. Is it necessary to be confrontational in your reply? "So, what?" Your negatively diminishes the credibility of your statements. Do you want to come across as nasty, negative, rude, confrontational? That is not the point of forums. Humans unnecessarily seek a "fight" for no reason. I cannot communicate w/ the game developers directly or I would do so. Having to bare the gauntlet of unwarranted criticism, disrespect and lashing out of online entities that do not know anything of my person apart from a feather on a bird in a tree is quite bothersome to say the least. Jesus said to treat others as you would like to be treated. Please observe that. I'm not mistreating anyone but posting an honest forum topic. If you want confrontation, go somewhere else please.
  2. How may days does it take (in-game) for the player to die of thirst?
  3. I am not doing this with my character. If you did that, you'd die in a matter of hours. A survivalist does the exact opposite of what you are assuming, "You are running around thick snow in low temperatures and you expect the body too (i.e. 'to') go for a week without starvation..." No one with common sense or fortunate circumstances would do such a thing. Even Les Stroud demonstrates the need for shelter. You dig a snow shelter to get beneath the wind (if you're stuck above ground in a snow storm in thick snow. You find large chunks of snow and you build an above ground igloo or you dig a hole in the snow big enough to escape the surface winds (like animals do by instinct). So, again, no. Your assumption was completely of your own imagination, and NOT anything I would do.
  4. Currently, a person can reach the RAVENOUS marker on the HUNGER METER within a few hours of not eating. Please change this. A person can survive anywhere from a week or two before starving. Please adjust this per difficulty setting to be realistic. If a person could go literal days w/o eating and not "fade into the long dark", that would make the game less stressful as a whole. Regardless of difficulty setting. 7 days w/o food before starving. Developers would gauge the physical fatigue from this. Second, a person can survive w/o water for 3 days before succumbing to a lack of fluids in the the desert! Please make this adjustment for the game as a whole. Regardless of difficulty setting. 3 days w/o water before dying of thirst. Developers would gauge the physical fatigue from this. Sincerely, SonoftheThrone REQUEST: Tweak the fall rates of both the HUNGER and THIRST meters as a whole as well as the CONDITION PERCENTAGE fall rate once the HUNGER/THIRST meters are fully depleted. Please, developers, make them match the real-to-life deterioration times of the human body! Please do this.
  5. On the Voyageur difficulty, (this also may apply to the other difficulties as well) the rate at which food is consumed is very unrealistic. How? EXAMPLE: I harvested a wolf's raw meat. The meat portions weigh =/- 1 lb. each. If my hunger meter is low, I'd have to consume more than 3 lbs. of meat to become full. What is wrong with this? In real life, I've actually consumed 1 lb. of meat all at once in the form of a Quadruple (a Wendy's sandwich containing FOUR 1/4 lb. hamburger patties. It was a beast of a sandwich to consume! A second example is my consuming the Meat Mountain (i.e. a sandwich from Arby's containing EVERY type of meat available on the menu including a chicken patty, all placed on a single sandwich....a "hidden" menu item). My point? Literally consuming 1 lb. of meat at one time makes a person's stomach have the sensation of being full almost immediately, without having to drink any water. In game, the player's character is able to consume pound after pound of meat and not be full. Regardless of calorie intake from something, the stomach would get the sensation of feeling full once a certain volume of food is consumed, regardless of calorie intake. There is no system in place to literally gauge the stomach becoming "full". Currently, it is only considered full because of the calorie meter maxing out at around 2000+ calories. Please, kindly make the food consumption experience more real to life. Why? You go through food super fast because the stomach in the game does not get full based on quantity of food (like in real life) but only once a calorie count is reached. MY POINT: If you harvest meat from a 14 lb. deer, that meat should last you not for 2 days in-game (beast of the "bottomless pit" of your stomach and desiring to be "full") but instead, that is enough meet to last anywhere from a week. TWEAKS REQUESTED: You should be limited to consuming anywhere from quantities one to two pounds of food at any single meal. Once done, depending on what is consumed (meat, for example), it should affect the fatigue level in terms of tiredness. Going to sleep on a full stomach should help rejuvenate the player's CONDITION PERCENTAGE w/ much less hours of sleep, a deeper sleep, a faster recovery. A warm fire and a full stomach should increase the recovery quality of a player's health (right now, only HOT TEA does that). *freshly cooked meat should warm the body in the same way as HOT TEA/HOT COFFEE do. *food consumption quantities should be limited w/ realistic measures. OVEREATING should be implemented. VOMITING should be a new mechanic to address overeating or UPSET STOMACH as a result of eating too much. *when consuming raw food and/or spoiled food the player may experience food poisoning currently. Please add the option to INDUCE VOMITING to remedy this. Currently, when FOOD POISONING has occurred in game, the player must rest for a total of 10 HOURS respectively. If they instead induce vomiting, they can go about their merry way. If a person's stomach was upset, they'd be vomiting (which is a real reaction to food poisoning) as opposed to just lying in bed peacefully, attempting to sleep. Remember the flu virus' affects? REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: In real life, I drank water on a trail from a natural spring at a natural park. I was unaware that this "clean" water source had giardia bacteria present. I took antacids, Pepto Bismol, and anti-diarrhea medication, nothing worked. At the time, I thought it was food poisoning as I ate Chinese food, that day, from an unfamiliar restaurant chain. My dad told me that I had to induce vomiting to get rid of the food inside my stomach. My point? It (vomiting) works!!! VIDEO GAME UNIVERSE EXAMPLE: In GTA: San Andreas, if the player consumed too much food at once, the character "vomited" on the spot. The Long Dark should implement this because it is the body's natural way of purging itself of poisons in the stomach! Sincerely, SonoftheThrone
  6. Harvest tree bark. Heat up harvested wood in fire. Thaw frozen sap through heat of fire. Salvage what can be used. Good point on the frozen sap. Yet....pine needles do not suffer this predicament. Les Stroud made pine needle tea from evergreen needles in the Alaskan snowy wilderness if I have my locale right. It was winter. Also, your remark about "shamelessly stolen from wikipedia", was that a reference to the nutrition facts of maple syrup or were you suggesting something I posted? The way you wrote the statement, I couldn't tell your point of reference.
  7. Allow the harvesting of pine needles from pine trees to make a hot cup of pine needle tea. The developers would determine what attribute bonuses would be allotted, if any, including the caloric intake value. Also, please allow the harvest MAPLE TREE SAP from MAPLE TREES, since this is a Canadian game, after all. Again, the developers would determine all benefits of this and caloric intake. Eat the sap for a minimal caloric increase or add to tea to boost its flavor and benefits. Sincerely, SonoftheThrone
  8. Proposal: #1) As in real life, when hungry, one can drink fluids (i.e. water) to fill an empty stomach. This, while it does not add to the calorie count for energy, satisfies the "hunger pains" temporarily. The use of water in The Long Dark should be modified so that in the event one cannot locate a ready source of food, as long as "potable" water is available, it can be consumed to positively raise the hunger meter, while food must still be consumed to raise the caloric count itself. The hunger meter would take longer time to decrease negatively. You could do more activities and/or sleep longer w/o the need to eat as often as long as water is being consumed to "fill" the stomach. #2) Water consumption should be able to positively "fill" the hunger meter on the basis of consuming partial meals. Again, as in real life, one could consume a small meal (not enough to make the meter "full" and/or snack, and while not yet full in terms of appetite, consuming water would give the stomach the sensation of being full w/o having to consume more food. NOTE: Water consumption would NOT raise the caloric intake number, it would simply keep the hunger meter from dropping as if you had nothing whatsoever in your stomach.Nevertheless, you would ultimately starve w/o food after some time, but water itself could give you precious time needed to make it until that "next kill" or food supply cache found in game. Water could be used to hold back hunger/starvation as well as to quench thirst. EXAMPLE: You're hunger meter has reached the "Ravenous" notification. Here, you would consume water, not just to "slate" your thirst. Originally, you couldn't drink any more water once your THIRST meter is "slate". Okay, after this happens, you could continue to consume more water. Why? The water consumption would literally halt the decrease in your hunger meter temporarily. If you would consume water, it would temporarily keep your hunger meter from decreasing as long you consumed enough water i.e. "stomach is full". This is NOT the same notification as not being hungry. You could consume water to "fill the stomach" anytime, as long as the hunger meter is not already at 100%. The game developers would determine the amount of time (in hours) that it would offset your hunger meter. After which, the hunger meter would start to fall as before. They'd also determine how much water you'd need to consume to fill a completely empty stomach. My guess is anywhere from 1/2 gallon of water. SUMMARY: Water consumption can give the stomach the sensation of feeling full after a small snack and/or meal, but also help slow the onset of starvation by literally filling the stomach to make the brain "feel" full when there is no food present in the stomach. This would make already useful resources more useful. Please modify water's use in this matter; thank you! Sincerely, SonoftheThrone
  9. It just stinks that there's dog food in the game. A dog house in the game....yet no dog. No even dog dukey. FYI, the "reason" I brought up this topic was because if I were in this situation, having an animal companion might save my life, but also, it'd save my sanity in the event that I didn't have any another people to speak with. Remember the movie "Castaway"? Think "Wilson" the volleyball. Another point, I understand the programming counterpoint. Yet, the game may be "pointless" to some w/ the animal addition, but that it why you could choose to ignore it. It would exist as an option for those who want to have one. As in the Fable take on having a companion. I understand that it's thrilling being lonely. Yet, as of right now, the character has no one whatsoever to interact with. I'm aware it is in Alpha and a sandbox, but I stand by my suggestion. I like animals. I like ideas. I had an idea. "Animal companion". It would be cool beans to make my own game, yet it's not my destiny to build a game from the ground up. It's hard to express ideas to others because there's so much conflict in doing so. What's the difference between the internet and a hard-boiled egg? A hard-boiled is hard, but you can eat it. The internet is just hard, and there's not a thing you can do about it. Thanks for taking notice of my post; God bless!
  10. +1 "Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. May I take your order?" -Ed
  11. If you get clothes wet, it should IMMEDIATELY start raising your COLD meter. I mean regardless of the difficulty game play settings. Hypothermia would set in super fast w/ wet clothes. +1 to "wet clothes" mechanic!
  12. Guys/gals....Hinterland ADDED a Hacksaw to the game! Great job and thanks for the support; God bless you all!