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  1. What are your thoughts on working more closely with modders to add official content? For example, adding Relentless Night as an supported vanilla game mode? I get if you don't want a bunch of randos mucking up your game, of course.
  2. NinJay

    Hot Cocoa Mix

    You know those single-packets of hot chocolate powder everybody has? Perhaps one could find little boxes of 5 around the world, instead of only coffee and tea. Every cooked drink right now has a Cool Perk, like replacing medicine or sleep. Hot cocoa definitely does not. It's just something you can carry around to add a little bit of calories to your boring, heavy water, and maybe stay warm with (like all heated food). I'm thinking about double a normal cup of tea (200-250 calories, based on cooking level, if I'm not mistaken)? I'll admit, I, ah, find myself drinking all my reishi tea
  3. Nope. Like I said, the issue fixed itself after reloading the save a bunch of times, and I have no idea why. The black trees were fixed upon reloading the whole game.
  4. "All files successfully validated." One thing I forgot to mention, I could still fire the rifle, but only when holding right click as usual.
  5. Alright, this bug is weird and inconsistent, so I'll just tell you the tale of what happened. I was against the door of the gas station, trusty rifle in hand (which has served my well my entire game), and I decide I'm going to harass a not-too-distant bear. As soon as I right clicked to aim, bam, I was teleported to another dimension. I thought I maybe clipped through the building? So I quit and reloaded my save. Then I started documenting what was happening. I can't upload the files here, I think they're too large, so here's a zip file with them all.
  6. Yeah, someone mentioned that fires could get that hot, and I agree. If I put that amount of wood on it all at once, it would make sense. The problem is that the fire always had 1-5 hours left to burn, and I constantly added a steady stream of reclaimed wood. Never really was a roaring bonfire with 48,797 logs.
  7. So, you've all been in this situation. Hey, where did that wolf come from. Keep your cool and stay collected. Fire a shot off. Miss by a long shot. Flip out, throw all that collected out the window, scramble for a flare, and light it just in the nick of time. Well, that happened to me, and when, in my moment of triumph, I threw my flare at the wolf to scare it away? I sort of accidentally decked it in the head and it immediately pounced on me, ignoring the flare altogether. So, I guess the game makes the wolf scared when the flare hits the ground and not when the flare is coming at it? I know
  8. My girlfriend showed me this game a while back and I absolutely love it. Something a review from rock, paper, shotgun really opened my eyes to is the item durability system. I love it. I don't think any players of any other game can say that. In most games, you make a new thing, then it slowly degrades until you no longer have the thing and have to make another new thing. If you get far in the game, that becomes incredibly tedious. It becomes a chore. In the long dark? Maybe you find an awesome coat early on, or can't catch a break in finding any tools until you finally find a hatchet way behi
  9. Yeah, I have this bug too. I think the devs did't want to screw anybody over and only fixed it for new games. What if the dimension you stored your stuff in was the one that ceased to exist? What if you saved in the building right before the update happened? Better to just let future worlds not have that problem instead.
  10. I know this is nothing much to complain about, but I honestly just really really don't like the new icons. I dunno. I'm a text sort of guy, and very much not a visual person. It's the same reason windows 10 is really starting to bug me too. All icons and no explanation text anywhere. I mean, I get why you switched away from the "warmer" and "colder" thing. But maybe a display option would be okay..? Not like this is something that will make or break that game, though. I'm sorry I had to waste your guys' time with an entire post on something this trivial.
  11. I mean, I'm glad fires are not a constant temperature and that you can add maybe 20 reclaimed wood and make a giant super hot bonfire. But, just keeping a fire going for a long period of time? Feels like 130 F in a blizzard at night/early morning. Google tells me that's 54 and a half C. Of course, that's after all the clothes I'm wearing, but it still seems hot enough to kill, and it's only because of a slow, steady stream of fuel. EDIT: Changed the title from "The New Fires," which sounds dumb.
  12. One thing bugs me about hypothermia. I wasted about three days because I did not know how to recover, only that I needed to be warm for 24 hours.. I was careful to always venture out in afternoons and light fires, usually to boil water, and eventually caught on that my timer was being reset and the 24 hours had to be spent inside consecutively. With sprinting, does your condition matter? I feel like someone with 17% condition should only be able to sprint for 17% the amount of time as a 100% condition person, but have to regain their stamina for just as long. If someone who works on the game a