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  1. First of all, I like the game but some of the "improvements" just don't make any sense to me. Today I've played for about 4-6 hours on med. difficulty and I wanted to pull my hair out. I already played mystery lake on easy just to get the lay of the land, but on medium diff. the game is insane. I know that the game is suppose to be "punishing" for making a wrong mistake but come on....this is wack! For one, I understand the new foraging mechanics for getting wood.....ok.....but it shouldn't take 10 mins and 46 calories to snap a stupid branch with my cold ass foot! I literally start the zone gather 3 "branches" and I'm already freezing! wth?! Another thing that I really hope gets addressed is the cooking/water boiling area. Why do I have to sit there and waste my time watching food cook or 5 L. of water boil?!?!?! Why can't I set it and forget it? If I cook several things in a row to save the time i'm done my fatigue meter went up like crazy. There should be a way where you can set it on the fire/stove and walk away to do other stuff (fish/repair clothes/ craft/etc). ok ok 2 more rants and i'm done. 1) The weather in this game is just bat shit crazy. Ok, I know its suppose to be "unpredictable" and keep you on your toes but, yeah, no.......For example I can walk in to a cabin, walk out in 15 mins (game time) and the sky looks like its the end of the world! What a crock. It would be so easy to implement some in game mechanics such as a visible storm on the horizon or even the character saying "oh looks like the weather is going to pick up" or better yet "I have a bad feeling about those angry clouds over on yonder". Just a suggestion. 2) maybe a map? Do I really have to take out my crayons and make my own map?? Do i have to draw stick figures like I'm in 1st grade? I didn't pass first grade!! :cry: Currently my system is throwing sticks on the floor so I don't get lost. I like to explore damn it!!! Thank you. PEace out.