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  1. You should carry torches instead! They have an "attack" function, can be used as fuel and can be used several times. You say you don't use lanterns much, so I must ask: Do you play with a very high brightness? I find lanterns a must for searching houses, if not it will be too dark. I used to use matches a lot myself, but when they removed them from the L button I stopped and they lost 70% of their use to me.
  2. I would love that, but considering the basically ruined the matches by removing the L shortcut I highly doubt they will
  3. Lanterns are available at most (all I think?) of the spawns in nearby locations. I always find one, then usually several extras I salvage for fuel. Even if you find flares first it doesn't matter as the flare will always be the first if that's all you have anyway. My reasoning though is that everyone finds a lamp in the long run, and flare run out! It's way easier to keep a lamp for 100 days than flares. Like I said I understand that this is the reason for it, but pressing a button twice doesn't take that long. The odds of a few milliseconds being what saved you aren't high. I can promise you more people will waste flares than people who get saved by a few milliseconds. Also you could argue that flares shouldn't be used like that. If you don't have a gun or a lit torch, then you kind'a should get punished. To me flares are used when wolves aggro from a distance or when you need to walk past them, not as a last line defense. But that's just me. As I mentioned I don't think that happens often enough or matters often enough when we're talking just a few milliseconds. Also the amount of times you use the lantern far outweigh the amount of times you need to rapidly use the flare, or at least that's how I see it. But let's say that's not the case. Why then is not the torch, which is more defensive than the flare, the first or even second option? To me this doesn't make much sense.
  4. The idea: When I was in the army we learned to use our body-heat to melt snow into water in our canteens. I think this would be a great feature for TLD as there are no ponds or wells to fill water in and would therefore give a second option to melting snow at fires. The problem/solution The main problem is that bottles appear magically, so can never get an empty one. Options around this would be to maybe have a special container, like a canteen, that can be totally empty or full. This would make it a valuable item to find, as you could get water without the need of fires. How it works I see it being as simple as clicking on the container in the inventory and clicking "fill". Then it would be filled with snow and slowly melt over time. With snow being a lot less dense than water you'd have to fill it up often. Balancing I don't see this being a total replacement of melting water at a fire, but it would be a useful item on long travels, when you don't have firewood/matches and for when going through bad weather. It could be a rare/semi-rare item making it something long time survivors would hunt for to make life easier. With you using your body heat it could lower the temperature of maybe 1-2 degrees celcius, making it something you'd have to choose to use if you can or need it. This way it won't be "overused".
  5. I made a Reddit post about this if you want to check it out: ... ould_love/ I think it would be nice to see knitting brought into the game. Knitting pins and garn is is something you'll find in most remote cabins/houses without TV and such, so it would fit in nicely. The garn would be used for knitting, but also perhaps as tinder and to make a torch. The pins I'm not sure about, but when you get the two of them you could craft scarves, hats, gloves, leg/wrist-warmers and such. They should give less warmth and wind-resistance, as well as get worn out faster than normal clothing, but it would still be useful as a easy to access low level clothing. It would also be great for immersion and make it easier to survive for longer periods of time when other clothes might run out.
  6. Currently if you press 1/UP you will equip the flare, then after one more press you will get the lantern, but it should be the other way around. The reasons for this is that flares are 1 time use items, and they're rare. A player will not always have a flair, but (90%+) of people will have a lantern at all times through the whole game. This means that the muscle memory will press once to get a lantern (because it's used so frequently), but if you've recently found a flair you will choose that instead. Considering flare are rare and can be quickly used up, this makes it illogical. Then comes the second problem: The flair lights so fast compared to the lantern that by the time you've figured out it's not the lantern you will most likely have lit up the flare. More often than not I end up wasting flares I had forgotten I had, simply because it lights too fast. Another problem, which ties into the muscle memory, is that people use the lantern far more than the flare. So it's only logical that it's first. The flare is only used/activated once when scaring off animals or occasionally used when you don't have a lantern. The lantern on the other hand is used frequently, often several times in a room/house for looking around, but also before and after doing stuff like cooking, sleeping and so on. I get that it's probably done to react quickly to a threat and get the flare up quickly, but that happens so rarely and would otherwise be just as fast with 2 clicks. Instead it's in the way of perhaps the most used item in the game; the lantern. With the lantern first in line the time it takes to light it up would be a clue that you're not using the flare (if wanted). That way you can't accidentally use up something like you can now with the flare first in line.
  7. The hotfix to the v.270 update has a bug (I hope) where the confirm button in the options does not disappear after pressing it. If this is intentional it's a poor decision as we no longer can know if we have confirmed our adjustments, or check if we've made an adjustment by mistake.
  8. Do you know what simulation means? I haven't said the game is realistic. If it were it would have you go to the bathroom for example. No game is realistic, but the SIMULATE realism. Those are two widely different things. Just like a game might simulate a gun wound, but you don't actually get an infection and a scar or bleed out 5 hours later. The Long Dark does most certainly simulate realism and/or realistic elements, that's what the whole game is about. If you read the post you'll see that I say it's a good feature and a step in the right direction, but that it needs to be balanced. So I'm not sure why you're arguing against me with my own arguments As for people "settling their nerves" I would agree if I made this as a rage post the day of the update, but I didn't. It's been "long" since the update and the feature was introduced. Since then I've played and tested the new feature and I'm trying to give constructive feedback to the developers.
  9. I'd say that's where you are wrong! It simulates REALISTIC aspects like: food, calories, water, dehydration, hunger, illness, injuries, temperature, hypothermia, shelter, wind, energy, exhaustion, consumption, sleep, crafting and so on... Do you see this in ANY other game that doesn't simulate realism? In your mind, what sort of game is this then? Arcade? Is it not a simulator? Does it perhaps simulate something else? There really is nothing fictional about this game, it's all based on realism.
  10. I can agree that realism doesn't always have it's place in games. It's wouldn't be fun as a commander in ArmaA to make phonecalls and do paperwork when a soldier dies. But simulating realism can be good, which is what this game does. If you play on a winter map in BF4 you don't get cold and freeze to death, but in this game you do. If a game aims for realism then it's only natural that we want it to be more realistic. What's the point of needing to eat food, drink water, put on clothes and so on if you for example had respawns or unlimited health? This game and it's entire gameplay is based on realism and realistic factors such as time, energy and temperature. If it in reality would take 3 hours to skin a bear (just making this up btw) why should it take 10 minutes in-game? Should we then regenerate full health after 30 minutes instead of sleeping for hours? No, ofc not, because the game is based on "realism". As for making the game more "easy" that was not my intention with this post. More than anything I wanted to just change the incredible unrealistic features, but that doesn't mean it should or will be easier. It's all about balancing the game. If we for example decrease the amount of energy used when breaking down furniture, that could in turn be balanced by adjusting the amount of food. Remember, if you change something in a game you often have to balance other elements to make it work together. There is rarely ONE fix.
  11. I must say I disagree with a lot of what you said, or perhaps you just didn't understand me. More people agreed with me than disagreed, so the majority seems to feel the same way. Have you ever used an axe in real life? And have you chopped wood or branches? I can assure you, I can do it faster with a shovel (literally, I've actually done it). Chopping with an axe can only take one simple swing from someone who knows what they are doing. Just because you have many calories extra doesn't change the amount of calories used. Also not everyone has extra food, it depends entirely on the playstyle and difficulty. I feel it's wrong for you to claim it's balanced simply because you have extra food. I've got loads of food too, but that doesn't change the consumption when you leave your supply and have to spend the night somewhere. I could use the same logic to say that there are other games where you gather branches and that it therefore is not appropriate in this game. Your argument is completely invalid and has nothing to do with the game itself.
  12. Wait, WHAT?! You must really love this game! It's incredible that you've been able to play for so long though, that says a lot about how good the game is. It came out a bit weird. Basically you were defending how the system isn't broken, and most of your arguments involved bugs. So to me it came off as the game is best played/works best with exploits. Everybody has different experiences, yes. But that doesn't mean something isn't broken. Many people love glitches, OP stuff and exploits because it means they can do better than others or at least better than what was intended. I think we need to look at it objectively to determine if its broken or not.
  13. You seem to be missing my point. As I said the new system is better, it's just not balanced. You do make some good points, but most of what I gathered (pun intended) from your post is that it's balanced if you exploit the game. I can agree everyone has different experiences, but 8/10 on my Reddit post feels the same as me, so it's not just me "bitching" or anything. Further more my biggest issue is just how unrealistic it is. The skinning of a bear, the time it takes, the calories you burn and so on. Those are my biggest problems. That and the fact that we can't chop down trees. As for the twigs being used as a main source of fuel I still feel it's bad when a blizzard comes or at night. You shouldn't have to scavenge such huge areas to find wood when there are 20-30+ trees around. Another thing, realistically twigs burn much, much faster than logs. So keeping warm an entire night on twigs in nearly impossible! I speak from experience as I had to do so in the military when we slept outside in -30 degrees celcius, and we needed hundreds of 1-2m long sticks to keep it burning through the night.
  14. (It seems there are many mixed feelings about this subject - So just to make clear, this is my opinion and experience) The new wood gathering system is a cool and fun feature, but at its current state it's as hard as it is weird and unrealistic. The old system worked fine, but wasn't really fun or realistic, so the new system is a step in the right direction, it just needs some tweaking! There are many problems with the new system, and I'll try to say something about them all. 1) First of all is the time it takes to gather wood. Before you could scavenge wood in half a day, now you need lots of food and water to spend all the time finding the wood and braking it down, which is bad when you need the wood to MAKE the water or food. This means you'll have to prepare yourself just to gather wood, when it should be that gathering wood is the preparation for cooking food/water. 2) The new system is also extremely unrealistic. It literally takes the same time to brake up a branch the size of your leg as it does to skin a full grown 250+kg bear. This is, excuse the language, just dumb. You could brake the branch 3, maybe 4, times with your hands in less than 30 seconds in real life. Breaking up a limb could be done with an axe by hitting 4-5 branches off, and this should not take 45 minutes! So having you loose 3-4% health in a blizzard to brake up a branch is simply gamebraking. 3) Speaking of blizzards it's almost impossible to survive them now, especially at night. When a blizzard hits you have to hurry to scavenge wood, which is extremely hard with the low visibility. There are so few tree limbs that you often have to collect 50+ sticks, many of the from branches which cost you 3-4% health each. You also have to travel extremely far to gather all the sticks and the few limbs you find, meaning you often get lost or loose track of the shelter you found before the storm, this adds to the lethality and difficulty. 4) Calories is also a big problem. While breaking up chairs and furniture, which really could be done by using your hands and legs, you end up spending an enormous amount of calories. Just to clean out one house it can take 1-2 whole days worth of supplies of food and water, meaning you often have to prepare for what should be an easy and available task. Again it ends up that what should be a preparation becomes the challenge itself. Solution: My idea for a solution/fix is tweaking and adding. The time it takes to break down a branch the size of your leg should not be 10 minutes, but rather 30-60 seconds. Same goes for limbs, it wouldn't even take a child 45 minutes to brake one down, it should take 5-10 minutes maximum. The twigs themselves I think should have a longer burn time as well because of their size and availability. They're only use at the moment is to be broken down to kindling, which is useless when there is 50-100 of them in a small area. Calories should also be tweaked. It might be hard work to chop wood and break down furniture, but it's not going to kill you in 2 days like it does now. The biggest, but perhaps the hardest, change would be to allow us to chop down entire trees. Combine this with having many different sized trees it would make the system much better. This way you could chop down a small tree near your shelter at night and get enough firewood to survive, rather than trying to blindly find twigs and fighting wolves while holding a lantern. It would also allow for mass foraging. So you could spend (much like crafting) several hours chopping down big trees around your base, allowing you to gather large amounts of wood for storage. Hopefully you'll at least reconsider how the system works and try to improve it. At the moment it's quite broken and makes for a bad experience. Check out my Reddit thread to see other peoples thoughts! ... this_game/
  15. When dropping large amounts of anything I usually spam the D key and the mouse button to increase the amount. This works fine for everything except water. When using this method on water sometimes it will "get stuck" on increase, so it's like the game is pressing increase 10 times a second, making it impossible to decrease the amount as the game is always increasing it. I've tried sleeping, dropping and picking up again, but so far the only thing that works is to re-load the saved game. The issue appeared in the latest patch Deep Forest. (running Windows 8.1)