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  1. Actually there is a bit of chance in the game. Thus there is some form of luck. Generally if your experienced you can find a way to survive quite well but items that you scavenge in containers (as well as some containers themselves) are random. What could have been a first aid kit in one run, is now nothing. Where you found some camp fire materials, now are just scrap metal or few repair items. The game has random containers in certain areas so luck can play a small part. Obviously it'll be different on interloper but we're talking about general idea for now. For example my first run with the new updates I found an epi-pen (can't remeber the name of it) in the first few mins. But got caught in a bad storm and didn't make it back to shelter in time. A combination of bad luck with the storm and lack of materials made it difficult to survive. If I knew the layout of the land maybe it would have been different but I don't so luck wasn't with me then. Second run I didn't find a pen for the first week in game, but I found some tools which helped alot. So there is some luck involved in the game in terms of searching for items as well as the weather. Like you said you can survive if you know what your doing but there's always a chance you may mess up somehow and if your not lucky you may be starting all over again.
  2. I feel that the difficult should also change the behavior of animals as well as changing the overall difficulty of the game. The reason I feel this way about it is mostly due to my opinion in that animal difficulty (specifically anything higher then pilgrim mode) should scale along with survival. The main thing I would like to see changed is that animals will become defensive as apposed you just running away (which can stay for pilgrimage) or just attacking you on sight (which is fine for harder difficulties) When I say defensive I mean that animals will not attack on sight, but they will not run away and instead chose to hold their ground and will attack if you aggravate them/get to close to them. But it's not as easy as just walking away. Rather you have to face the animal and back away slowly. If you run the animal may chase you. If you turn your back to the animal, it may take it as an opertunity for an easy meal. There is also a chance that you can scare it away by running at the animal (especially if you posses a weapon of some kind) showing your not afraid of ithe but this is something you should only save as a last resort. This way it's still a bit of a challenge for players looking for something more difficult then Pilgrim level but not so difficult that your have to rely on luck.
  3. I feel that a Spear is something that the game is severely lacking. Which always made me kinda curious as to why it was like that. As a game that's supposed to be about survival and realism, the ability to craft a simple spear from cured branches would be a great idea both in terms of defense and hunting. It would be more of a hunting tool then anything, as combat with a spear is more likely to be a defensive weapon then anything. A bear would probably just get angry though so, as the old proverb goes, "poking a bear with a stick" probably wouldn't be the best idea. As a defensive weapon (if equipped) it could allow the player to stop an incoming attack and prevent the animal from biting the player, letting the spear take the hit instead. Of course this will degrade the spear quite a bit so use with caution. The idea the OP had about doubling as a walking stick is a great idea as well, if its equipped it could do just that as in real life. Allowing the player to carry a bit more then with out and preventing most injuries from occurring or even helping to relieve some pains and pressures on a wound such as a sprained ankle. I would think the best way to make a spear would be to use the bench and crafting a shaft/pole first using; a Cured sapling, and a Hatchet /Knife (just like the Arrow shaft), then using an arrow head, Scrap metal, and Simple/Quality tools. This way its a process takes a bit of time and effort to make one so you cant just make a bunch at once. The saplings being rare to find would make it balanced out already as well as having to let them cure. So being able to make them would be as difficult as making bows and arrows combined, along with having to maintain them more. With all this time and effort put into a potentially lifesaving and versatile item it will make you want to think about how you employ the item and how much your willing to punish it in your endeavors and survival. In a hunting perspective I think the ability to throw the spear would be a good idea as well, of course you would be throwing your weapon away (temporarily) but it would be good to use for hunting purposes. When used against rabbits I would imagine they would die instantly. Deers would most likely get hurt and begin bleeding as well as dragging the spear along with them and slowing them down significantly as it damages them over time. Wolves would most likely be effected the same way as a deer but would instead become aggressive and attack, which is also a bad thing cause now you have no weapon to fend yourself with, so chose carefully. Bears.... you don't want to throw a pointy stick at a bear, it wont end well for you... But it would most likely be the same as would with a Wolf making it bleed out a bit and causing it to become hostile towards. A spear has been the staple of humanity as a weapon of choice for defense as well as for hunting. Its a tool that's been around since man first began to use tools. The ability to make one for this game would be not just realistic but would defiantly benefit players in the long run.
  4. Well this is for a fuel and the point behind it is to make something that would be able to burn slowly which alcohol burns rather fast so it wouldn't be of much use unless you want to use the alcohol for consumption which could be interesting but i don't think i would want to do that seeing as when you drink alcohol it lowers your core temperature in cold weather. Still would probably be fun if you want to play drunk lol (in the game not out of the game)
  5. It actually is though there are different methods of doing it. This one in particular is borrowed from this one here: Of course with quite a few differences mostly to make it a bit less tedious for gameplay, but in a way similar. Though i doubt my method would be realistic to actually make it. Substituting the corn oil for plants that we can find in game then again if they can somehow add corn or some kind of Maze that would probably work in place of the other plant
  6. Here is a list of things that I would love to see implemented into the game sometime I also apologize as I'm more then certain that some of these ideas have already been mentioned before hand. In those cases thank you for the inspiration! 1. Ok so I know at least some of you have seen that the cars in the game allow you to pop open the fuel cap. However there is nothing you can do with it... Unless there is and I'm just dumb. So I was thinking why not allow players to siphon fuel out of them? Of course you would need some type of tubing to do so. So why not be able to use cured guts? It could work, otherwise perhaps introducing a new material to making tubes such as car tires (rubber) or even from the engine taking some tubing out of them. This will allow you to siphon fuel from cars and maybe water from certain locations. This would allow players to have another way to source fuel from the world, though you would need a Jerry can to do so. 2. The other thing is making Jerry cans and Bottles refillable. If you have another fuel container (such as kerosene lantern bottles) you should be able to transfer the fuel from one container to the other so you can have say 3 or 4 Jerry cans of fuel at your base, but carry a small bottle to refuel your lantern so it doesn't encumber you. So being able to refuel and exchange between containers would be a nice thing to have. Simply adding an option to containers (via the actions menu) to refuel from another source (to include lanterns) making bottles a usable item rather than a onetime use item. 3. Bio fuel is also something that would be good to produce. Perhaps you can cultivate plants to make some. It would burn slower than normal fuel (due to the amount of effort it takes to create the fuel). To craft it you would need to use a bench to mash several plants together (mainly just Rose hips and Mushrooms unless they add more harvestable plants). This will create Bio mash. Before starting, you need a container (either empty or with Bio mash already in it) and per every 2 item (2 Rose and 2 Mushroom) you can add .02L to the mix. This will however reset the time it takes to cure, even if there’s already material inside it. If these resources are renewable then this won’t be an issue as you can just forage for more if you know where they grow. After making the Bio base you would need to then cook the base in a fire, which will then make it Uncured Bio fuel. Then Let it cure over the course of several days indoors (much like anything else you cure in the game. Once the work is done you will have your own renewable fuel source. A bit of work but if you can’t find Fuel for the lantern or torches this would be a good idea to have just in case. 4. The other thing is Car batteries. One use for them is to have them as a way to light fires. Simply using the battery and striking the positive and negative leads together (using wires) you can create a spark. The spark allows you to light tinder and is a reliable and rather long lasting fire starting tool. Of course you just need to select the battery as the starter source when starting a fire. Of course finding regular batteries would also be a good thing to have implemented. D or C cell batteries would be best to use as they can last a while. Just like Car batteries smaller batteries can also be used to start fires but with MUCH less usage from them (you will still need to get wires though). 5. The batteries can also be a component for a makeshift flashlight. Using a light bulb, and some wiring (both of which you can get from cars and other electrical sources). This will allow for a powered source of light and a good secondary option to Lanterns and torches. Bulbs on their own can also be used to scare off wolves as the sound could scare them away. There can be two types of flashlights; “Fog light” and “Flashlight”, depending on if you use a Car battery or a standard battery, respectfully. Using a battery, a piece of leather, wire and scrap metal you can make either a small and light flashlight, or a large heavy fog light. All flashlights emit a beam of light that extends for varying distances. Fog lights have a long range on their beam and can light up most of whats in the distance, and Flashlights can light up areas close to the player but have a short lighting distance. Both flashlights can light up the area in front of the player more than lanterns or any other light source. However they have a cone lighting area and will cause the outer areas of the cone (where it does not light up) to appear darker. Like lanterns you can place a Fog light and it will light up an area in front of it. 6a. Improving the bow would also be nice. Allowing someone to upgrade the bow using some wood and scrap metal it could be upgraded to a Recurve bow. The main upgrades would be a simple iron sight, improved durability, increased range (at the cost of drawback speed), and the ability to repair the bow. To craft it you would need Fir wood, Leather, Scrap metal, and of course the bow to improve. The iron sight would be a simple single point. Range would be improved though only by a few meters. Draw back speed would be increased but the increased tension would allow for a faster arrow speed. To repair the bow you will need Fir wood Scrap metal and Leather as well as a tool box. 6b. A Compound bow would further improve the bow as well, increasing its durability, range, and arrow speed. A new iron sight will be added, and the speed of the arrow would also increase. To craft you will need a recurve bow, Scrap metal, and wires. You would need to use Quality tools to craft this. The Iron sight will be a circle with some small wires in a crosshair configuration marked in the center with a very small bead of metal. Draw back on this bow will be longer than previous bows, but range and speed will be increased. The increased speed however can cause more wear on arrows. 6c. A new arrow would also be nice to have mostly for durability purposes. Crafted using only Scrap metal and some feathers these arrows would be heavier than normal. They degrade at half the rate of a normal arrow even in high speed bows like the compound bow, but would also use more feathers for the fletching, and would have less range due to their weight. 6d. Crossbows would also be nice though a bit of a step out of survival and into just fun for gaming sake, though also pretty useful. Crossbows would have the highest arrow speed of any bow type weapon but would also be heavy and have a bit of an increase to the drawback/reset. To craft this you will need one hunting rifle (bare with me on this), Scrap metal, wire, and Fir wood. To craft you’ll need a Quality tool box. Cutting down the rifle, using the stock and firing mechanism, to create a working Crossbow. Though only able to use Heavy arrows, its arrow speed and power make up for it. Its range is the furthest of all bow types. Now the reason I chose to use a Hunting rifle as a component is because once you run out of ammunition and it becomes hard to find more you basically are just running around with a really heavy stick. So why not have it have more use. Though the range will be diminished a lot, having ammunition you can reclaim (the arrows) is worth it once you get the materials for the arrows that is. 7a. Binoculars would also be very nice to have (which I know has been requested quite a bit). But if they are added it would also be nice to use them as a material to make a scoped hunting rifle. To craft a binocular using a magnifying glass, leather and scrap metal. It would be a monocular vision scope but would work just as well. 7b.To attach it to a Hunting rifle you would need the hunting rifle, the monocular/Binoculars, and scrap metal. The scope will have a thin crosshair for easier use. Destroying/dismantling a scoped rifle will yield Scrap metal, Leather and Fir wood. Once crafted the scope cannot be removed. Although it’s probably just because I like guns it would be nice to see a hunting pistol of some kind as well, such as a .44 magnum or some type of equivalent. As I’ve mentioned in a separate post it would be nice to see an alternative to the rifle. Lighter, and faster firing speeds, but at the cost of fire power.
  7. Yes please. I cant tell you how annoying it is trying to guesstimate how long it takes to cook or boil stuff... I mean yea irl there are lots of factors to take in so it wont always cook the same. But in a game it's kinda nice to know the average at least. Was kinda thinking maybe having stuff cook in Real time (or at least the option to). I mean yea you have to wait for stuff to finish but while that's going on you can do other stuff in the meanwhile. And the real time stuff should apply to other things as well like harvesting and crafting. obviously a lot of the stuff that takes like days to complete would have the option to fast forward or something but for simple things that only take 30 to 40 mins or something in that same time you can cook some food (or heat up some stuff) and maybe go forage for some more wood to feed the fire. as soon as your back you can add more fire and then get the food. Multi tasking is important to survival after all.
  8. The Binocular idea is perfect! didn't even think of that lol And,as a side note, if you have some scrap metal a tool box and a rifle (maybe a spare even) lying around perhaps you can combine those to make a "Scoped Hunting Rifle" for longer distance and more accurate shots. I had an idea like this in a post myself but I never thought of making the binos out of the magnifying glass lol. I also love the idea of the thermos. Would be nice to have a hot soup or something like that and be able to keep it that way for a few hours especially during storms more so now that they are more of a threat. The clothing thing i think would be best the way it is adding to your weight, but i do think that adding an interchangeable back pack system would be nice. Though it wouldn't effect your overall weight limit it would be a bit more strategic knowing you only have so many slots for items Personally I think that weight limit should be increased as you carry objects around the more you carry at any given time the stronger you become allowing more weight to be carried (of course to a limit). The same with sprinting, the more you sprint the less it will fatigue you and the slower it will drain the stamina bar. I mean you get better at fixing things and making fires why not increase other aspects as well?
  9. Yea thats what I thought to. Before it looked nice and made it more immersive like i said before. Although it made me dread having to open it up, it was still nice to see that it looked like a real medical pack. As for the wolves I cant say i have been close enough to them to really get a good look (that or I havent noticed it myself). But in honesty the graphics don't bother me to much since its kinda going for its own look in a way. Though like i said in a previous note there are a few bugs that pop up but its not that big of a deal lol.
  10. Well its half and half honestly... Thanks to this new update were introduced to a few new things most of which were good, well honestly in my opinion all of it was good I like the new mechanic for foraging especially. It makes it more immersive then what it was before. And its nice to make more room indoors for curing items. I wont touch on the wolf attack stuff since there are quite a few people who already gave a good opinion on this (myself included) I made a post all about what i think it should include so well skip that for this post As for the new look of the first aid page I.... dont like that... It looked so much better the way it was. Using the first aid bag and having each first aid object highlighted when needed/if available. i liked that look much more then the one they have now cause it added a bit more immersion then the new one dose. Although it may be less confusing as it is now (i guess?). This is all my opinion but im interested to hear what others think as well? Are the changes good or should they be back to what they were, or at least some parts anyway?
  11. OK so I have to say so far i haven't had any real issues with the game Aside from the game crashing once in a while the game has pretty much been good i haven't seen many if any bugs or glitches maybe a few but if i cant remember them then they weren't serious. But all the glitches I've encountered so far weren't bad enough to really make me upset or rage or anything.... Till last night after i played with the new patch... Now I'm not saying the patch is what made this happen, but these little things that didn't happen often are happening quite a bit now. Including one game breaker that made me rage a bit. I'll start with the little things since they don't really bug me much but would be a good fix in the future once things are a bit more molded i supposed you could say. Ill do these in order from things that should be fixed someday, to game breaking that needs fixing now (followed by a slight rant but you dont have to read that) 1. Grass glitch I have noticed that the grass blades have a slight glitch above their texture its ually a line or some sort that just looks odd and kinda sticks out alot too. Its most seen when crouching and especially visable during snow storms or fog. Its nothing to really worry about as it dosnt do anything other then look kinda weird. But if its a glitch then its worth mentioning. 2. Random pains Prior to the recent update, every once in a while Ill be running or walking down a hill top and suddenly the game would freeze up (the sound would still be going so i know that it would be ok if i left it for a moment) but when it came back to normal play my character would be injured usally with a sprained ankle. Im assuming that the game freezes as it get the info for the injury but still it can be a bit disruptive (and a bit scary) to game play as I dont know if it will crash or if its just making my character get hurt. Another I found while walking up hill some how my character sprained his wrist (which i know is from the new update with new injuries) I can understand this happening as going uphill you can slip and hurt yourself. BUT it was so random that i couldn't help but laugh at it a bit. Now i dont know if this is intended but if it is then i guess this deserves a topic on its own but till its confirmed Its something that should be fixed as a random injury could become rather difficult to manage if your not always prepared for them. Then again this could be a good modifier on the harder mode of gameplay simply because in real life things happen. 3. House/Storage glitch OK this is where the game breaker comes in (hence the bold text) *see edit for recap* OK some week ago (like a week ago irl) i started playing and I made my way to Pleasant Valley. While playing i found the PV Homestead (the creepy looking farm house with the cellar on the outside) It had everything i could need. A stove, a fireplace, and lots and lots of space to put things so i could cure hides and guts and have extra space for other things as i needed them. later I found out you could store items in cabinets and draws you have already searched which made me so happy cause now i could organize everything and make it look awesome. SO i did. and my base of operations was created. I filled it up with food and water and tools and everything else i could ever need for well the rest of the game really wouldn't have to leave the valley since i had everything from fuel for my lanterns (I had more then one) to tools for foraging. i didn't need anything. then i left the valley in search of materials for a bow i had plenty of items curing so i just needed a few items. I begin my journey and after setting up a small base in the Highway map stocked with food and supplies for when i wandered around the area finally i found everything i needed and headed back to PV. now during that time the update was applied and i decided to stick around the highway for a bit to get a feel for the new foraging and all that. once comfortable i headed out back to PV to get to my old home and make a bow finally (well after i cured the mapple for it). I get back and well... everything was fine all my food was there my items and tools everything so i was super happy. so i decided since the new mechanic allowed me to clear tables and chairs out of the way this would be perfect to make more room for curing items. so i did so and made lots of room. I ran down into the cellar to see how much i would need to make the bow since i finally had all the pieces. when i got there everything was reset? It didn't bother me cause hey i could get more items now and i didnt have anything down there so it didn't bother me. Little did I realize how bad this was.... when i returned to the top floor (the main house area) I saw all the furniture had returned... at first it didnt bother me cause i thought "eh it probably resets everything since the house is a certain way no big deal" . then i went to the cabinets.... EVERYTHING was reset and everything i had in storage was gone... i tried loading the game up but it was to late... everything i had was gone all the cured stuff all the tools the only good thing was that when i went into the house i decided to take my rifle and all the ammunition for it out and a few other essentials... but now i had nothing... all that work i put into making this base was gone... OK now that that is out of the way the reason i made this so long was cause thats how it felt for me when i was doing this. Like it took forever to get all of this stuff together and make it happen and then just like that all the work was done and gone... hurt quite a bit so yea... in any case if any of these happened to you then let me know and tell about it if you can. Hopfully the House glitch will be fixed soon though. Till then I'm afraid to leave my things in a house... *Edit* OK so thanks to Scyzara I found out that there was an easy fix to this and that it was also a fairly common glitch. Now i can go on and make a new rant here about how horrible this is but i've already made one rant (which i deleted since it wasn't necessary now but Scyzara has it quoted so read his reply to see it) so thats enough for this thread * *Edit #2* On a side note it occurred to me that although this is a horrible glitch that makes me want to flip tables this is also perhaps the biggest and best Troll move i could have ever hoped to see in this (aside from some other ideas i have) so once this is fixed permanently i can definitely come back here and laugh a bit at it. but till then lets hope it gets fixed soon.
  12. OK so revisiting my original statement It got me thinking (especially after seeing a lot of great ideas here on how wolf attacks should be handled) One thing i kept thinking was "Why cant i use my rifle?". I normally have my rifle out when I am roaming around and when i get attacked it just dose the tap to escape thing. Which is fine since they wanted something simple for new comers to the game who had a hard time escaping from wolf attacks. In my personal opinion though i think it should take a bit longer to get the wolf off of the person. if you have the reflexes you can basically end the attack with just a bit to the arm and then it runs away. Although i understand for new comers this is perfect and the game gets more focus on survival rather then the wolf fights. But if i have to fight a wolf then make it a bit more of a well, fight. Make it last a bit longer (though not doing as much damage perhaps) similar to what it was before. Fighting a wolf should be scary and having the wolf latched to your arm for a few moments (or if it gets used some how to your weapon) would be so much more immersive since it will be a bit more scary to fight a wolf knowing you have to fight it off. Not saying button mashing isn't a good way to go with this but make it more of a peril when you're attacked you know so you don't want to be attacked. the way it is now you get attacked you button mash and then the wolf runs away and you take damage from it. Easy yes but not as immersive as this game should be. But what i wanted to know is why I cant use my rifle to help defend myself. Since Its already drawn wouldn't it make sense that if a wolf was attacking you (head on anyway) that you use the rifle to maybe block the attack? This would prevent any damage to the player, but would damage the rifle since its taking the hit for you so to speak. If possible introducing new weapons (mainly just allowing the Hatchet and the Hunting Knife to be used as weapons as well as tools) perhaps using them to aid in an attack would also be useful maybe having the Hunting Knife be a counter attack that would kill the wolf, at the expense of some of its durability, and of course a bit of harm to the player since its not large enough to really defend with. The hatchet could be used in the same way that the rifle is used but instead of a two handed defense its used to block the wolf bite while the other hand is used to push the wolf away. i mean these are just ideas but i wouldnt mind seeing some of this happen as far as wolf attacks go
  13. Ok so I've been playing this game alot and i have to say there are a few things that i would love to see in game. I know there are many lists here asking for things but this is just a personal wish list i suppose. I know IRL theres alot of things that are available to use in survival and many more things that we didnt even think about using or just using things in unconventional ways. But for now here are a few things that i would love to see in the game Weapons and attachments/upgrades: Now before anyone says anything I know this isn't DayZ or Battlefield or any kind of shooter but IRL I'm pretty sure you would come across at least one person (especially if they are a hunter in the woods) that will have some type of large caliber Pistol or some type of side arm alternative to a long barreled rifle for self defense. Not saying there needs to be, but at least something light to carry instead of a heavy rifle would also be nice (and give me more room for supplies) I would definitely love to see some type of Pistol such as a revolver (perhaps a 5 or 6 shot .44 or .357 mag) this way you have lighter alternative to the rifle at the expense of firepower and magazine size. Another option would be a hunting pistol which would be a single shot large caliber pistol more of an after thought but would be another nice alternative to the rifle for hunting small game and being less weight. again at the cost of single shot which will force you to reload after each shot (balancing the weapon with power at the expense of firing rate compared to a smaller caliber pistol, and the faster firing (but heavier) Rifle. Now for attachments/upgrade the only thing i can see being useful in this game would be the option for scopes attachable to the rifle or the hunting pistol (to ensure the revolver won't be overpowered it should not be able to receive any optic attachment). Something simple such as a 2- 4 time zoom. The idea i have behind this would be that you would take a pair of binoculars (which is something else I'd love to see added to the game) and you would attach one of the ends to the rifle or pistol (and destroying the binoculars) As far as the creation of a "Scoped Hunting Rifle" or a "Scoped Hunting Pistol" components that would be necessary would be; The weapon of choice, Scrap Metal, a Tool box (simple or better) and a "Binocular" (to which the binoculars and the Scrap Metal would be used up). once assembled it cant be undone so once you attached the scope to said weapon it cant be removed (though when you disassemble the weapon you will get back more scrap metal and the binoculars) Another weapon that you should be able to craft should be a Spear I mean I kinda expected that to be available from the beginning since all you would need is some cured saplings (of some kind), some Line and maybe cured leather (of some kind) and an arrow head. Crafted at a bench using either an axe or a hunting knife (the hunting knife giving you a shorter time to make it). Id say just to make it you should only need sticks and something sharp to cut the heads to a point, but it may make it a bit to easy but something can be done to give it a bit of a disadvantage over a bench crafted spear (besides the bench spear having a lot more durability) The other thing i want to see is renewable resources. I dont know if they are available in the game now (especially after the patch that removed the foregoing option) but I do know before the patch once you sorced out an area that was it (again unless there was some kind of mechanic that allowed for respawning/renewable resources) my main concern with this was that once I sourced an area out. IE there's no more lighter fluid for my lantern or no more rifle rounds so my rifle is useless at that point, or no more matches or well you get the idea. Once an area is sorced out then theres no reason to stay in that area so you move to the next one thats fine and cool cause it keeps you moving around the map and constantly trying to survive. But once you have been to every map and every cabin/bunker then what do you do? so if theres a way to make renewable and respawning resources that would be nice to see. and to continue playing. There are other ideas i have but for now i think thats it till i can think of more but what dose everyone else think? are these suggestions to much, reasonable or not even the tip of the iceberg of content that we need?
  14. To be honest I think this may be a bit better in the long run. Yea its a bit overused and in a survival kinda game button mashing is kinda taking you out of the immersion experience. BUT in a game that has so much in it and give you more then enough to think about and remember having something simple to fend yourself with seems better in the long run (though that's not to say that I don't have a few gripes myself about some of the updates in the new patch) but as it says its going to be tweaked even more so they may think of something better once they have more bugs fixed and more gameplay ideas implemented till then I'm happy with a button mash to save me from a wolf lol