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  1. Everything seems to be working alright again. And yeah, I was in pleasant valley, by the homestead/ranch area.
  2. Hello! Longtime player and fan of The Long Dark, just crawling out of the shell of lurker with my first post. I'm loving the "Deep Forest" update, only, I've just recently been getting these peculiar glitches in my build. As a bit of background, this is a build from previous versions, located in Pleasant Valley. I play with my graphic settings on Ultra and in a windowed format, if that matters. [spoil][/spoil] The meat icon in the HUD would vanish and pop back in at times, depending on where I moved my mouse. [spoil][/spoil] Got a lot of these scary "shadow mountains" from looking at the horizon from various angles. [spoil][/spoil] Also had a lot of "world holes" open up where snow drifts usually were. A bunch of other glitches, such as letters and text boxes warping and stretching across the screen, came up, but they usually happened in flashes too brief for me to capture via screen-cap.