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  1. the satisfaction of gathering resources and supplies to then finally craft that great gear. New areas. You know, things to look forward to. Also, the beauty of the landscape. Killing a wolf with a bow or knife.
  2. Excuse me for putting this here, but hte other forums didn't seem right either. So this is not intended for the game. And it's simple: I would like to be able to thumb-up/ give a plus to some posts and replies in the forums, for being well thought out, fun, informative, beautiful, important, whatever.
  3. Yeah that bear, it looks so huggable and slow right? that was kind of how I last ended too But a survival bow to be found? I never knew. Gives me a whole extra incentive to go to DP again!
  4. I remember how bummed out i was when dying after 49 days. But last time was really dumb, in desolation point. I had survived for about 30 days without rifle or bow. Nice nice nice, but when i had finally made the bow and a few arrows(and btw had finally found the forge I'd been searching for about a week) so i could make more arrowheads besides the 3 i had scavenged) I became...stupid. After killing the two wolves around the processing plant BY HAND because I went hunting for them, missed, and they caught me, I thought that bear wouldn't mind if I put an arrow in his gut from up close. He was
  5. Thank you for creating this most awesome experience. This is my favorite game right now, and I love hugging bears! (right until they hug me back and I can start a new game)
  6. There's already peanut butter, so why don't you add ramen(Indomie ) to make me feel even more at home? I mean I can't survive without either irl. :mrgreen:
  7. I think it should be possible to drag corpses to a more sheltered area or just into your base, depending on weight. Like, a deer with all its flesh would be hard or impossible to drag up a steep hill. But that same deer should be movable over even terrain. And again, a deer stripped of its flesh but with the guts still in for example should be possible to carry over a hill. /with penalties on fatigue and calories of course! By the way devs, voyageur player here!
  8. So, I mentioned my most important wishes already. Moving carcasses would be both realistic and handy. I wonder if a compass would still work after a geomagnetic disaster? If so, please make it and drop it somewhere. Two more things: when scrapping a lantern, of course the kerosene should be harvested too!!! And, when sleeping outdoors, I want to wake up from growls and snarls. I would in real life.