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  1. In short, I believe these things need to happen. Higher calorie intake, depending on physical activity and outside temperatures. Realistic calorie count per weight. Increased harvest potential from animals ( decrease the amount of animals available for balance) Increase risk to reward ratio for obtaining meat. Hopefully this is what we are all thinking.
  2. +1 Great idea, almost wish I thought of it first.
  3. You sound like a badass, no joke. And you have more shooting experience than me, without a doubt. I only wanted to quote you on one paragraph. I would also hate if you did everything right and by chance of a coin flip you miss your shoot. I never intended it to seem that way, like a coin flip or a roll of RNG in any manner. The system would work something more like; if your sights are on target, it will always hit that exact spot. It would only effect very few things, like sway(having to hold the down sight position longer in order to hone in on the target), how fast you clear the chamber or
  4. To: AmericanSteel I agree with you it does have to do with scarcity but other factors should still apply. I started this thread to see whether or not people would agree with my idea. If it so happens no one likes the idea the thread will die, because good devs only care about ideas people actually support. That being said i want to see if i could get you to agree with me. I'm going to assume you have been hunting before (i dont know why, you strike me as that type of person). Now I'm sure you'll agree no matter how good someone is at a particular sport or activity; they weren't born that way (
  5. IMO an easy/fun game isnt something thats mutually inclusive. Im sure others, inluding myself, enjoy a game which is more difficult. At the currect state I have no issues surviving over 200 days in stalker mode. I understand im getting into the balance of the game and off topic, buts its to prove a point. There is an overpopulation of wolves/deer in the game and on top of that shots are easy to make. In a game revolving around survival food should be scarce and hard to obtain; a constant battle against starvation, not a fridge filled with 50kgs of meat to last for a week. Now if a player wants
  6. Thank you for the quick reply! Perhaps, i should have went into more detail, I wasn't asking for a marksmanship system that eventually makes you into a killing machine with little effort from the player. I don't want an aiming radical. What I was thinking was more in terms of progression to allow the player to work towards something other than just pure survival. Personally i think the rifle accuracy just makes it too easy to kill game. I have never missed a shot and the gun has zero sway. I simply don't think that the level of skill the bush pilot possess with a rifle is realistic, but that d
  7. I want to start off by apologizing if this idea has already been presented, i simply don't have time to read the whole forum. Nonetheless, I think it should get as much attention as possible. I would really love it if the devs implemented, a Marksmanship skill into the game for both the rifle and bow, separately . Think about it, your a bush pilot, whose more than likely never fired a firearm in his life. Assuming that's true his/her accuracy with the rifle is quite impressive. I believe it is best to start as an amateur shooter, with gun sway, slow reload times, ammunition jams (not depended