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  1. When you open the drawer the inside texture is wrong. Just though I'd let you know.
  2. Ok so I lost my shoes in game and went looking for more. After awhile I forgot I didn't have any on. Even after walking on a frozen lake nothing happened to my feet. Surely I would've gotten frost bite. So how about adding Frost bite to hands and feet for not have anything on them for a few hours in too cold of weather? Rabbits don't have much in the way of body fat. Eating large amounts of protein and not enough fat to break down the protein and you can get protein poisoning. Protein poisoning give you really bad diarrhea which drains the body of water.
  3. I agree. I was gonna post this myself. Sweating is bad in a cold place and at high temperatures you would sweat. You ever run with wool on. Sweat city. Adding wet clothes would be the add on. Something like having wet clothes on lowers the "feels like" temperature by 15 degrees. You dry your clothes by not sweating or falling in water for a few hours or just take them of and let them air dry.
  4. Yes but this one gives you unlimited food. So I told the makers of the game because they don't want that in their game.
  5. I'm not gonna go into detail on the exploit. Simply put the game needs to save if your fishing line breaks while fishing.
  6. The game needs to save if your fishing line breaks while fishing. If you have Fishing line walk outside walk inside then back outside. Go fishing for 1 hour. If your line breaks before you catch the amount fish you want or you don't ever want your line to break just load your game should the line break.. If you do get what you want just repeat. This is why the game needs to save if your line breaks while fishing.
  7. As a expert survivalist I agree, however with time you can wake up on your own. It took me a year to do so, but I can now wake up on command. A sleeping skill needs to be added. Lets say you want to sleep for 4 hours. At 50 points you wake up between 3 and 5 hours. At 75 points 4 and 5 hours. Only at 100 points should you wake up on time. As for the alarm clock idea. A watch could be added to the game for that.
  8. Yeah its fixed. Cooly. I guess a wire got crossed when 321 was put out and 325 fixed it.
  9. Well I guess they are working it. Game is now ruined until they fix this.
  10. How do I get the specs you need? All detail levels have this bug. No
  11. Not even 5 minutes into the update and I found this. It has something to do with footprints. Nice jump scare though. You turn around and BAM, ghosts are following you. I can't get into the game. Not even to look for more bugs. I did however shutdown the game and restart it, but it is not that easy of a fix. So I'm all sad faced now. Please help asap.
  12. Not playing for 5 minutes and I found this. It has to do with footprints. Nice jump scare though. You turn around and BAM, you're being followed by ghosts.
  13. The bridge was in the Ravine. The bridge was 1 of over 100 ankle high barriers in the game. The video was to show you that you need to better test your play field. If you just fixed the ones in my videos then you would be missing over 60% of them.