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  1. Wow, I didn't think I earned the right to be quoted. Now, for the majority of this +1. Though, it would suck if all the bears died from just cold exposure. Potential for balancing with their blubber/fat?
  2. And maybe find something like paint, (either spray or regular) to make it more distinguishable or mark buildings as well! +1
  3. Sorry, I don't understand the question. Do you mean, are any of my ideas on that list, do I have an idea in response to this particular topic, if any of my ideas have made it into the August map, or something else entirely. Sorry, to be more specific, What would you create/design for a map for the long dark? And if so, did you already post the idea on the thread you shared to me?
  4. Neah, the silence is sometimes endemic. I'm here, but that doesn't help, at all, sorry. Maybe, toebar's list thread? You could have a look at that. Especially since the August map will grant multiple wishes on that list, so there's that. Kisses ( ˘ ³˘)♥ #eavesdroppingantennas Thank you much! : ) May I ask if you had your own Idea?
  5. I take the silence to mean that I hit a sore subject.
  6. (First off: You, sir, won the internet.) Okay, Achievement time: Living on a prayer (50 GS) : Recover from freezing by building a fire with less than 60% chance to start. Flame on! (5 GS): Successfully build a fire Fahrenheit 451 (15 GS): Build a fire to last over an hour with only books. Bad Dog! (5GS): Survive being attacked by a wolf with less than 10 percent health remaining It was rather Grisly... (5GS) Be attacked by a bear and live I fear no evil (5GS) Discover Pleasant Valley The coast with the most! (5GS) Discover the Coastal Highway Russian Roulette (20GS) Survive a week (168 Hours
  7. Hello! I'd like to propose this idea, as well as an unrelated Idea that I'll link to the post I have it in. An idea for "Busy Work" that could be added can include a way to collect different styles and types of arrows. Just to give a better variation of attack, as well as give you busy work. Making Arrows from, say, maple wood would be lighter, but flimsier, meaning that you can hit targets from further away with less drop, but they have a harder time trying to penetrate tougher hides. The idea that's unrelated to the topic at hand is available for open discussion at this Link: viewtopic.php?f
  8. Hmm.. I think it would be nice, but under these parameters: It would allow you to set a bed roll within it, and reduce any wind direction affects, but not cold. In the highest difficulty, it would help slightly, only providing a one or two degree bonus to your sleeping.
  9. Sorry if the tittle is a bit misleading, but here is the basic idea of what I'm asking: What type of area would you like to see added into the Long dark? What factors would make you want to stay, and what factors would keep you from going there? And How would you get to it from various maps? For my idea, I'd like to see a small town setup, a bit more urbanized than the Coastal Highway, but still rural by City standards. It's connections would be from Pleasant Valley and Coastal Highway, from Coastal from the "Commuters End" Part being changed to a vehicle tunnel that's mostly blocked by vehicl
  10. NOTE: v.256 isn't a hotfix patch, it's a full game update (with a lot of the core system changed). Is it happening from a fresh run in the update, or are you using the old game same from a previous version? I haven't been able to replicate it at this end using a fresh run, but will keep checking and watching for it so I can record it if necessary. It's more likely from picking up from an old pre patch game. At least, that's what I've been experiencing.
  11. Getting the same thing here. Let me guess what the bug is: when the game loads in a location, it loads an "Instance" Of it. Normally, it would be the one you left it as, but the bug happens from it loading a "Fresh" instance. Also, is the bug exclusively Xbox One, or is it on the PC too?