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  1. Agreed, absolutely - I was just kidding. Zoidberg the Futurama character is always completely broke! He'd pay next month maybe? Or maybe.. etc. Think that's why he was my favourite...
  2. No cabin fever or intestinal parasites either. Would've been nice if I'd figured that out earlier...
  3. Agreed, we were just kidding! Be nice to have a pet though. (Emergency rations?) Edit, oh well done for starting this sane thread buddy!
  4. Very true about late game, even in Interloper though it is better. But I was thinking the same - I never get 100% locations visited because there's no point in risking going to some of the dead end parts. Well, now there is. This is really cheering me up in a counter-revolutionary way. Politeness! Speculation! Rabbit Stew!
  5. I didn't think much about the cartography, though I would have loved it before I found Whiteberry and her maps (don't visit her twitter page if you're on a diet). But 2 new areas in story mode - I love the idea of going somewhere new, risking one's chilly ass to sketch a few more lines to make sense of the world. Yeah..
  6. Oh great, now I want to take the bunny home alive and let it wander about my base eating old mans beard and cattails. Hey, if I brought home a Mr. and Mrs. Bunny..
  7. I'm not sure about the title of this, after all civilisation is built on arguments and clash of opinion (leaving aside the ubiquitous bloodshed). "A relaxed discussion", "Cozy fireside chat", ah well too late. Sorry to hear about Scyzaras' stew and the people who took a day off work for.. Ahem. Anyway, the news we have on the update does seem a little underwhelming to me after what we've been through (giggles). I'm concerned about the interface change and sad to see my "2 rooms of Quonset Garage carpeted with Bear bed rolls" save down the lavatory. The rest seems ok to me but it isn't the
  8. "Relative buying power" - I've often wondered why 10 American dollars equalled 10 Euros on Steams special little planet. Cheers guys, worth every penny even without the Moose. (A pox on you Steam!)
  9. Just in case you're not joking and because the moderators are kind of busy now: Hinterland put up a counter a few weeks back, going to yesterday - May 4th 6PM GMT. The only information given was that there would be one more sandbox update before story mode released. Then the game went on sale with the note "last chance to buy at early access price". Since then Hinterland have said nothing and people not unreasonably assumed that a sandbox update would come, then story mode on the 4th. Nothing happened so people assumed the sandbox update would come on the 4th with a release date for
  10. Scyzara, I've thanked you before for your logical analysis and helpful gameplay tips. Just feels a good time to say thanks to you and Cekivi and any other moderators I may have missed for engaging with this blather and for particularly to you for your honesty. Don't get me wrong, I was livid yesterday but thankfully I read others before I posted and I realise now that it's like pulling one's child from the road when a car is coming - an anger born of love. "Why did you do that, you could have been squished, raargh!" This game is too good for light sarcasm or the odd petulant swearword, it
  11. It's just dawning on me now that a PS4 release could be very good for us all in the long run. Bigger fan base = more sequels. I still want my Birch Bark Canoe Odyssey set in Spring, maybe with a small dog to look after me and vice versa. Needs a lot of cash to make those huge lake and river maps - Come on in PlayStation, the water's fine! ...a bit cold, never mind. People saying "they're in it for the money" make me smile. Of course they are, you can't make art without cash. Even poets need paper and pen but game devs need huge overhead and trained people to make their mark. They have t
  12. BE CAREFUL - I don't mean to preach but I've lost two wonderful young guys I knew off those bloody things, not close friends but still, the waste. Sorry, just had to.
  13. I've been posting on this topic pre-fiasco so I just want to sign off with this. OK, they screwed up big time. But Raphael just put his hands up and apologised, said he'd do it differently if he could go back. So that's that for me. Now I want to find a thread to moan about the new interface - a little heart and no numbers for health? Well, they increased forum activity at any rate..