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  1. Yeah that one seems pretty intense, I'm probably gonna suck at it a lot
  2. I started a playthrough of Hopeless Rescue a few hours ago, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm about 3 days in and I've gotten as far as Coastal Highway, where I still am now. I need to find a way to Pleasant Valley, then to Timberwolf Mountain from there. Hopefully I have enough time to do so. I was also attacked by two wolves so far, and a bear, which attacked at night. That encounter was particularly scary as I couldn't even see the damn thing! I almost died from the attack, but I pulled through in the end. Tomorrow evening is when I continue my journey, wish me luck people! And props to the devs for making such a fun new mode. Can't wait to check out the one with the bear!
  3. Wow, I have not commented on these forums in a long time, they seem a bit different now. Same goes for playing The Long Dark. But no hard feelings devs, I was just distracted by so many different games I wanted to play over the past few months, your guys' game is still awesome. I've also been waiting for story mode, but I can see it might be a bit longer until that's ready. With the new update today, I'm excited to check it out later tonight. I always appreciate things like challenge modes etc. so I'm hoping the ones you've added will be fun. Happy to be back on the forums, and I'm still very excited for the future of this game. I'll probably be posting some feedback on the new modes sometime soon. Thanks for reading everyone!
  4. When you guys implement achievements to the Xbox version, it would be cool if you could make them have some cool artwork when viewing them, then you can set them as a background. Not needed at all really but it would be cool.
  5. Spoke too soon, it's on Pleasant Valley I believe, sorry for the confusion.
  6. Should probably add that it's on Coastal Highway by the way.
  7. Haven't posted in a while, but I'm back for the new update! Anyways, just wanted to post that the car found by the Coastal houses (it's right across a bridge) seems to change color every time you enter and leave the buildings nearby. I know it's not a major problem, but I felt like it should be noticed.
  8. Thanks for having me! It's been a blast so far
  9. Thanks Bill, special thanks to you as well. You seem just as active as the devs are on here
  10. As we close in on two months since The Long Dark was released on Xbox One, I feel like I need to share some things. First off, I love everything about the game. The world is very beautiful, as are the graphics. The gameplay is very tough, but fun. The exploration is incredible. This game is one of the best survival games I have seen (and played!) and I've seen plenty of other games in YouTube videos. But this one is special. It is not some crazy multiplayer survival game where you defend yourself from other players, etc. It's not about crafting some house or sculpting the world to your liking. There are no easy to understand tutorials when you start playing. No, this game is a challenging, thoughtful experience that puts you up against the elements, and leaves you on your own. It is a game where you make your own choices, there are no menus are pop-ups telling you what to do. It is brutal sometimes, yet it is also rewarding as well. This game truly makes you earn your right to live. And for that, I must say, good job Hinterland, and thank you. The second thing I'd like to address is the community. I've never been part of a game community before, especially not one for an early-access game. I didn't know what to expect at first. I didn't know how active the devs or other players on here would be. Now though, after about a month or so of being a member, I am very happy with what I have experienced. Not only do other members and devs respond, they also add on to your ideas and even give you suggestions. It feels very nice to know that others care about what you post and want to give you their opinions on things. And I was happily surprised at how often the devs respond as well. They seem to explain and note every bug you tell them, and they even like to have small chats with people, it seems. And for that, I'm giving a special thank you to all those in the forums, devs and players alike. Thank you as well for reading this, I appreciate it. I just wanted to share how happy I am to be a part of something this amazing.
  11. Yeah I honestly thought it may have been 60fps as well.
  12. Thanks to the devs for making it easier to rid yourself of hypothermia. As of v257, a hotfix, for those that don't know, added multiple improvements and fixes to the game. One of the best changes is that if you have hypothermia, you no longer continue to lose condition unless you are freezing. So even if you are inside where it's just a little bit cold inside, you'll be ok. Appreciate this Hinterland, makes the affliction so much less frustrating
  13. Thanks for the tips so far, really useful information. Sadly, I died in the save where I had crafted a bow. Time to start again, make a new one, and get some practice. Cheers!
  14. Flik_Tripz

    Bow Usage

    Can anyone give me some tips on how to use and hunt with the bow correctly? The big problem is that there is a lot of sway when aiming and you seem to have to be pretty close to hit something with it. Also, is the small black notch on the arrow where you're supposed to aim? Or is that just a part of the arrow?
  15. Maybe the update did fix it, I just know that the backpack in the Trapper's Homestead was floating after I took away the chair, though I removed it before the update so that may be why.