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  1. Downloaded the update, now game won't launch.
  2. It will update when you try to launch the game. It kept crashing when I tried to launch the game over the past few minutes, but just now triggered an update.
  3. Any new sandbox updates included as well?
  4. I know what it is for literally, but if there are tons of sticks laying around that can be crafted into tinder, then it kind of makes birch bark redundant.
  5. Thanks! Although it does make me wonder what the point of Birch Bark is.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I somehow missed that you can create tinder with sticks. Also, I am not sure how you started a fire with the torch. The process I tried was to light the torch, then going into fire making UI. It would not let me select the torch from what I could tell. Will mess around with this again. I assume I craft tinder with sticks from the radial menu?
  7. I got stuck in Timberwolf Mountain today freezing today and I had run out of tinder. I had a torch, though. Why can't a lit torch replace match + tinder needed for lighting a fire? I do not see any downsides to this, as you need a match to light a torch anyways. The only part you are really cutting out is the tinder, which is equivalent or even lesser than a torch IMO. Thoughts?
  8. Seems like a smaller map from what I have explored so far. Not sure you need much of a topo map. Maybe I have not explored all too much yet though. *shrugs*
  9. This is another great idea and I love the OP's layout of game flow and mechanics. Totally accurate. We do need a solution for this to create more of a challenge. Honestly, over time you reach a point where you are maxxed out. You hardly die anymore unless you get bored and do something reckless on purpose. I am interested to see how the devs respond to this. This type of game is fun for me because it forces me to flex problem solving muscles. If I cannot get past Day 30 with too much food and overall resources and too little to do, then that is a problem.
  10. I find this interesting because I honestly have NEVER left any map/area for want of resources. I actually just explore like a madman and then I get bored because I have days and days and days worth of resources across one or two "home bases." Reducing the resources to extend the more precarious balance between life and death would be great. Let's make Stalker truly difficult. New players should still struggle to some degree on Voyageur as well IMO. No game should have too leisurely a setting. Ramp it up.
  11. Oh my! You would not believe what I found on the ground next to me after this geomagnetic event brought my plane down-- a detailed map of the surrounding area! I do say, a magical map delivered from the heavens is deserved given the poor luck of my situation. #keepstalkerhard indeed. I like this game because when I first played it I had no idea what was going on and kept dying. No instant gratification, please. Some of the OP I agree with where it adds to legitimacy of the survival experience, but if all you are looking for a is a recreational stroll down a quiet paved trail, then keep it on Easy mode (which is described as such in the game as well).
  12. I am not sure if this will go anywhere due to repro difficulties, but I have managed to get Fluffy in Carter Dam stuck in an endless, in place run in between the two turbines downstairs. I cannot interact with him in this state. I did this by scaring him away from the upper rooms using a flare and a torch all the way down and again a couple times downstairs while I searches for the rifle under the stairs. After getting scared one too many times, he then got stuck in the running state and cannot be shot or interacted with. I even left and reentered to him being free again, but still cannot be shot (he can attack me just fine though). This may be one of those weird bugs that never gets tracked down, but thought I would pass it along.