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  1. I really like the dark colour scheme. I agree about the text (I'm on mobile). I think the issue is that the font is a condensed version with close tracking so not great for readability.
  2. People moaning about losing game saves seem to have forgotten they've purchased a game in development. Nothing is permanent until the final release. If you can't deal with that then don't buy early access/game preview games. It's really not that tricky to understand.
  3. I'm downloading on Xbox now. Very excited to explore the new area and check out the new features! Thank you for your hard work Hinterland
  4. I'm so excited by this, it's looking really good! As always, Hinterland shows other developers how to communicate with their fan base. Well play guys and girls!
  5. Just had a quick play after the update (Xbox One) and I must say, it now looks even more stunning than before! Graphics have been seriously improved. The on screen text of the HUD seems a bit small awkward to read even on a 42" TV though. So far so good though. And for the people already moaning, remember this is still in development and we're lucky enough to be part of that process. Just give constructive feedback to the devs or maybe don't play beta games.
  6. Downloading the update on Xbox One now. Very excited, this update looks like a good one guys!
  7. Awesome! Even if they can only deliver half of that I'd be happy. Other developers could learn a lot from Hinterland about how to communicate with your customer base, great work.
  8. Just a thought I had while playing. When we brew a cup of tea or warm a can of soup we get a warmth bonus when consuming it hot and yet we can roast a nice bit of rabbit, go to eat it straight after and it's already cold. Same goes for boiling water. If I'm freezing to death and can start a fire surely I should be able to get some hot water in my belly rather than that bubbling, boiling water just turning cold? Anyone think food staying warm should be in the game?
  9. Hi Patrick, thanks for replying. In game I'd say I get s sprain roughly every other day. Some I can see why (running down a slope or dropping off a small drop) but some are just walking down very slight inclines that shouldn't really cause sprains. It sounds like Valkyrie has the same problem, it's just to the right of the cabin. I was fully rested, warm, fed and hydrated with not much in my rucksack just walking out and next thing I know sprained wrist, ankle and torn clothing.
  10. I'd love for new seasons to be added. As long as The Long Dark's core survival game play remains I'd be happy for them to take the game in new directions.
  11. Weird, I was only thinking this myself last night. +1 from me.
  12. Firstly, just started playing again and an loving Timberwolf Mountain. It's by far the most fun map for survival. Just two small things that I think need addressing: Sprains - How many times do we have to sprain a wrist or ankle? I walked out the front of the cabin and literally took two steps and sprained my ankle and wrist just walking over a twig! It definitely needs balancing. I'm currently spraining something most in game days when I'm exploring. UI - This might just be a personal thing but when my crafting or fire lighting skill increases the message displays in red. I start thinking something has gone wrong until I read the text. Red should be bad stuff (those sprains etc) and white or maybe green text for the good stuff. I'm on Xbox One by the way. Keep up the great work!
  13. I just wanted to say the new area, updated sound effects and especially the new graphics are awesome. It's really made the game for me, good job Hinterland! I now find myself stopping mid game just to stare at views like this...
  14. I had the exact same thing happen to me the other day playing on Pilgrim difficulty on the Desolation Point map (Xbox One). I shot the bear with my rifle, it attacked me and I survived but lost my rifle. I was stood on the road so there wasn't much snow to hide it. I looked everywhere but it's definitely gone.
  15. Myself and others have mentioned custom difficulty setting on here before I too would love to have the ability to shape the game to the way I want to play it but, unusually for Hinterland, they don't seem very open to the idea. Must be an Xbox user thing! BTW, if you want to add me on Xbox my username is Mascot the same as on here :mrgreen: