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  1. That solution worked! Game is running smoothly now. Thank you so much!
  2. Alright, thank you so much! And an update as of this morning: as of now the Hinterland logo will load upon launch, as will the screens that appear prior to 'The Long Dark: Sandbox Alpha' screen.But following that I have only a black screen (the disclaimer screen does not load). Upon clicking or hitting a key, the game crashes. Attached is the most recent crash report. Thanks! output_log.txt
  3. I've been playing The Long Dark for about a little over a week or so with no issue at all; however, a few days ago the game would crash following the disclaimer screen where it prompts the user to 'hit any key to continue'. When I hit a key, the game will crash and prompts me to send a bug report file to Hinterland. As of this post, it continues to crash after leaving the disclaimer screen. Are there any means of fixing this issue? And where should I send the bug report file that is mentioned in the error message? Thank you!