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  1. Yea but this isn't a Massive multiplayer online Role Playing Game " MMORPG" it's a survival RPG and the only monsters are the wildlife and weather. But I do agree with the more you keep in good health the better you player will be with stamina and ect.. I think the exercise options is a really good idea though but have multiple types like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, maybe even a weight lifting. ( not sure how that can be implemented in the game though.... IDEAS) Also after looking at the badges there are none to give you more stamina just make it recharge faster, and no weight badge. (maybe be added in future.)
  2. Thank you hinterland. You guys are making a one of a kind game can't wait to see the final product. Keep it up and take your time. I don't care how long game takes to finish.
  3. Well I know bout those books but I was talking about books for better carry weight or stamina. The push ups are a really great idea good to pass time and get stronger. Use up stamina but in the end should help the stamina as well. I also know bout the badges I have to go back through them to see if there was one for weight. I remember seeing one for stamina, but what I'm talking about is like while you're playing. You should have the ability to choose and focus on certain stats to level up. Example like skyrim except with the whole armor and pickpocket and things like that.
  4. What about leveling up your player? Like most RPG survival games you can choose certain things to level up. Be nice to get a little bit more stamina or add on some more carry weight. Even have some books or something you can learn from to help your stamina, and weight like a exercise book or something. Will something of this nature be in final cut of the game?
  5. @Nyarlathotepyea I have been using jump out of context. I do mean like a climb up feature but only to a certain extent. Like if the ledge is to high or above your head, even shoulder level you shouldn't be able to do it maybe like waist height would be perfect and reasonable. Also I think the stamina should get drained a little bit like rope climbing. Just depends on how much your pack weighs at the time. I might just start a poll like somebody was saying. Also I do think the game is great as it is and if they decide to never implement a ledge climbing or jump feature I still will play the game cuz it's awesome and fun. If anything I hope they smooth out a lot of the cliff ledges so that you don't get stuck and fall to your death.
  6. I take it neither of you 2 have gotten stuck on a little ledge clip. For example I was on the side of a rock formation getting ready to kill a wolf. I shoot it, turn around to go clam my kill, and there is really a little lip from the black rock I was standing on to the blue rock layered on top of it. Not even a foot drop and I couldn't get up it even though I walked down it. So I had to drop off ended up spraining my ankle. If they do add a jump button I'm sure they already no matter what have parts of the map with invisible boundaries that prevents you from getting to far. Plus I'm not talking about jumping or climbing up rocks that's what the rope spots are for. I live in a snowy part of the world in real life and I do jump well "mantel" over small fences while cutting yards and guard rails if they are in the way of my destination. I may not be weighed down but still even solders mantel over objects wearing over 80 pounds of equipment. And yes I would think mantling would be better. I just hate getting stuck on little ledges that they put in the game. Kinda like the office cabin right next to mystery lake there is a little ledge right next to the sign anybody could just walk right up to and get on it but it stops you. Oh and if they add a jump function they could have to go by weight if your over encumbered you can't jump, or even if you have a bunch of gear you can't jump to high you know. Even if you're not weighed down that much you still won't beable to just jump on anything have somethings unclimbable. I'm not too sure what your thinking about jumping and glitching out of but I've been in a lot of the nooks and crannies and by the invisible borders and haven't seen places that seem of interest for me to be like gosh I wish I can jump up this 4ft rock and keep climbing up there even though I'm sure I'm bordered up. Plus I'm only talking about making the jump only like a foot jump something realistic. They don't have to add it to where you can grab a ledge and pull yourself up you know. Just something simple. That's just me though. My opinion.
  7. Yea I so forgot X is to reload haha. Well they could do what some games do for the console. Have the A button be jump and action like pick up and harvest. Just a thought.
  8. So been playing game since release on the Xbox One and I've always wanted a jump button. I would of thought they would add it by now. Would of saved my life a couple times getting stuck on a side of a ledge and falling to my death because I can't get up a foot tall drop off. Please PLEASE add a jump button. Make X the jump button for the Xbox. The X Button has no purpose.
  9. For about the last 3 weeks I have noticed that when ever a major snow or windstorm is going on the audio just cuts out. I can't hear the wind or footsteps. Every once in awhile I can hear tree limbs brake and trees moving but not anything else until I enter a building or push the backpack button, it will work for a moment but go right back to the bug. The bug does not happen at all though if I'm inside I can hear the storm just fine inside.