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  1. So tonight I just finished episode 2. Overall I loved it! It was a good story and I look forward to ep3. There were a few bugs and other things that could be polished a bit more but it was a lovely experience. I would like the Hinterland team to know that I'm thankful for all the work they have put into this game. This game has been a awesome experience for me as a player! I will be looking forward to what comes next. Again to the Dev team thank you, thank you, thank you for putting out such a cool game! Keep on surviving!
  2. I have bought AAA games that have a lot more bugs than the TLD lol. As an OSG " old school gamer" you kind of get use to it. I still love story mode bugs and all. Your team made a great game IMO.
  3. I agree. This happens every time I use charcoal on Xbox1. Not that big of a deal but gets annoying if you are close to the edge of a cliff.
  4. Lol yes! Or when the character says " this pack is getting kind of heavy, I may need to drop something. " You reply " You can start by dropping that attitude! "
  5. I have noticed less loot on my 8/9 runs on voyager comparatively speaking sence the update. I guess I may need to change my strategy.
  6. Before the update of FC I could make it around 80 days. Now I struggle to make it to day 10 lol.And that is starting in ML lol and I know that map ! I know a lot of you thought interloper was to easy before did it get harder as well?
  7. Same here. Although I didn't notice it happening until I after started saveing my journals. I'm currently in ML map and tryed voreger and pilgrim. I currently been playing in Offline mode is I no longer have internet. I had to go to a friend's house just to download the new update.
  8. Xbox one I played pilgrim for quite a while & started Voyageur a few months ago, 70 days so far this run trying out some Nomad as well. Love this game.
  9. For the most part I enjoyed it. I do partly agree with Pillock as I felt that the Mad Max segment was a little long. Maybe going forward there could be more of a balance of game/non game related discussion. Albeit I did enjoy the discussion . Maybe we could hear from the music composers and world builders as well. I do look forward to more of these. I think it would be fun to know if the team goes out after work for a pint, funny stories etc...
  10. I second this. I always try to keep up to date on his TLD vids. He always does a great job IMO.
  11. That worked I can play all 3 difficulties now . Thank You.
  12. I also have this issue. All games in Pilgrim. And cannot choose the male voice.
  13. When can Xbox 1 user's expect the v264 update?
  14. Restarting Steam sometimes helps. I'm on the Xbox 1...