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  1. Has there been any announcements to fix it?
  2. So I've used it during the Aurora with wolves and all it seems to do is make them stop and start wandering off but once you stop using the extra bright feature to over power it they will run back to you. Is it supposed to make them run away or what cause I've had no luck period. It almost seems pointless to use honestly since Aurora's only occur every few days.
  3. Alright so I've killed the bear, cooked his furry bits up and wore his entrails as dangley bits. After doing such I realized after backtracking that every area the bear supposedly was at no the map there is a cache with a few bullets and miscellaneous items. I've only found two though, can anyone post up a map of the areas or where the caches are located as I'm pretty low on ammo. Thanks guys
  4. So when I use the flashlight on high beam it does not scare the wolves away but sometimes makes them ignore me for only a few seconds. Is it supposed to do that or scare them off?
  5. I spent 4 hours last night (its my day off calm down) trying to figure it out and at lbs I did. So when the wolf is coming at you, you more or less have to stand your ground or slowly back up. Usually with a lit flare or torch they will stop in front of you a few feet, put their head down and growl. At this point is when you throw the torch or flare. Without food causing a scent it was about a 70% success rate, with food it was more of a 40-60 ratio. 60% you're probably screwed.
  6. Alright so I'm a veteran to tld and I remember being able to scare wolves away with flares and torches by throwing them attitude seems like that doesn't even work anymore. At what point do I need to throw it and if I need to at all? It doesn't matter if I have meat or not the wolves always attack me and I think its bs!
  7. I noticed this as well, try opening the gas cap
  8. Working on it? Thats been going on for months.
  9. @GorillaDust see I thought the same thing cause it can actually happen but I hit a deer from the side in the stomach and where the heart should be 4 times, same deer mind you and it popped right off. So this arrow was heavily damaged and broke causing another arrow to be damaged. I feel I takes no skill to use the rifle so I use the bow. @Support this something that is being planned to be worked on in the future as I've noticed the delay in eating and drinking already is but the bow issues?
  10. @AZHockeyDudr they should implement a system that allows you to retrieve the arrow when you gut or clean the deer or at least fix this issue. @mystifeid I've tried frontal shots and its the same thing most of the time, usually my issue though is the bow won't draw fast enough as the deer sees me and runs off. I've noticed butt shots work wonders too.
  11. So I've posted this for the better length of a year now of have often seen it from time to time as well yet it has not been fixed. Often when firing the bow the arrow will ricochet off the target yet there would be a blood puff but no trail. This I am understand due to maybe hitting bones as I've actually had this happen in a hunting situation. I've had this occur 4-5 times in a row and even when firing into soft fleshy areas such as the stomach where its not so protected. This isn't what really upsets me but only part of the bigger problem. Not only do you have your arrows degrade by ricochet but when the arrow actually sticks often more than not it will not be retrievable due to the way the animal falls. Generally wolves and bears I can retrieve the arrows but deer it seems to occur with more often. I've shot deer with 100% arrows and boom this amazing wonderful arrow becomes lost in the abyss. About a quarter of the time the arrows stick where you can retrieve them or automatically dislodges itself from the copse, the other third is the arrow missing. I've gone so far as to taking sticks and circling them around the copse and coming back a day later once the corpse is gone to retrieve the arrow but no its never there. This issue was supposedly fixed a while back but it has not as I'm not the only guy thats posted about this but from what I've seen no developer or whoever gives a flying f about it due to not even responding to people as the most I've seen about it was about 5 months back. I get that its a busy time but if this is implemented into the story mode then pardon my language but f this game. I'm an avid player, I survive days and days and after sometime of traversing regions your resources start depleting heavily. I've had at one time about 120 arrows and a good portion I'd say 80 of them disappeared due to this bs, I don't like using the rifle but even then there is limited ammo which also brings to question the birch and maple saplings. To my knowledge they don't "grow" back. My longest play time is about 532 days and I've yet to see a sapling grow back or spawn in a new location after some time. To me this ruins the game and I rarely play anymore due to this bs. Love the game but it infuriates me to no end having to traverse to a furnace and do so much work just to have it taken away.
  12. Since the update I've noticed several issues some of which for me and others I'm sure are game breaking and some pre existing. 1st issue is that I'm having some kind of crazy lag where the game starts running extremely choppy and this persists for minutes at a time yet other times the game runs Quite smoothly. As of the last 20 minutes I played it was choppy causing me to miss a deer with the rifle. When eating or drinking anything from the menu or before picking the item up the game acts as though its freezing for a few seconds. Lastly there is the infamous arrow issues which is about 3 in itself. Last run I shot a deer 4 times and all times the arrow just popped right on out. I try lining my shots up directly from their side hitting their chest cavity. There is the puff of blood splatter on the ground but no trail. 5th time of shooting this deer the arrow stuck but when the deer fell the arrow was nowhere to be seen as the deer fell on it. Waited for the carcass to disappear but it was still not there, I even searched the surrounding area. When drawing the bow sometimes the character will automatically relax the bow
  13. I tried doing that and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, mostly the latter. Maybe we can tag a admin and bring this to their attention? Personally I prefer the bow versus the rifle.