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  1. Yes it has been mentioned, by Bethany ( From the Hinterland Studio) I believe +1 on an option to turn them off
  2. Based on my observations and a few posts here and on the steam forums I feel that the story mode will be all about getting the lights back on and communications back up. With the new map coming out soon, and the little tease, (the small glimpse of the new map), at the end of the trailer announcing the latest major update. Lets Speculate about story mode and the new area. The new maps main feature is some sort of power facility. A substation as we call it in the states or maybe the central power hub. As to why I draw that conclusion. Radios, why are they there? Car batteries? Why are the colored so brightly in contrast to the other engine components when you pop a car hood? Signal Hill? Its all got to tie in some how Interested in hearing fellow TLD fans thoughts and speculations
  3. I would imagine, at some point before the final release that an industrial area would have to be added to tie into the story mode. Based on my observations and a few posts here and on the steam forums I feel that the story mode will be all about getting the lights back on and communications back up.
  4. Sticks and branches are ample enough to cook and boil your water. As stated by deerber, you can not build a fire and place 100 sticks on it before it is at the maximum amount of burn time. I had about 20 fir logs before the update, I have harvested one cedar and one fir since the update, just to see how long before respawn. I have burned nothing but sticks, Saving the already harvested fir for repairs Day 210 or so --- Voyager run
  5. 100 sticks will burn 11 hours or so no need to waste my hatchet on hardwood as American Steel said
  6. Really dont care how its done, but I am loosing too much meat and my arrows to wolves that run way to far after being shot. I am not saying a perfect lung-heart shot, but shot in the vitals area. wait a bit and trail them and the blood trail vanishes, even in good weather
  7. Especially since the new wood foraging mechanics are in place, I would like to suggest a craftable means of conveyance. A pulk or some other form of sled. would be nice to harvest wood or meat and pull it to your camp without making several trips, of course you Devs could and should make it more exhausting to pull
  8. I have a huge pile of sticks, ready for my next cooking water boiling session It would be nice when you went to pick them up if the game would ask how many you wanted to pick up, as it does when you go to drop them. SO + 100
  9. I was thinking of making a similar request, especially regarding the sticks . I have a huge pile of sticks, would be nice when you went to pick them up if the game would ask how many you wanted to pick up, as it does when you go to drop them.
  10. @ justsomeguy.. I too am in PV and have found one Fir Branch, I didn't harvest it because I had a 80 + day run going before the update, and had about 10 or 20 fir in the farmhouse ready to cook up my next wolf/ deer combo or bear.. PM me if you need its location ( do not want to ruin it for the guys who are super hardcore), could be there for you as well. I may go forage it and see if it respawns, probably should do that, but for now I wouldn't burn a fir piece of firewood unless it was life or death @ signal PICK up those sticks and break down those branches, you might be surprised how many you forage in a short amount of time, I accumulated over 175 sticks in just a few short forays from the farmhouse, over a couple days time each stick burns 7 minutes, so if you burned 100 sticks, that 700 minutes, thats an 11+ hour fire Hillbilly
  11. Thanks Nicko And I will make a mental note about where the fir logs are, they seem to be rare.
  12. There is nothing "dimwitted" or "daft" about the update. I to was skeptical about it, but after playing a few hours the WHOLE update is a vast improvement The graphics are AMAZING, from the snow to the sunrises and sunsets, ambient sounds, MAJOR improvement. The colors are more vivid in daylight, more "creature" sounds. You can "move" a fire, with a torch, yep there is that option, might come in handy when one is low on matches and can get a fire lit outside with the magnifying glass and move it inside don't you think? As far as the " colder-warmer" dialogue, It has simply been replaced by a small "icon" that shows whether or not you are blocked from the current wind direction. Hinterland is trying and will be successful in the pc world and X box one world, so whats wrong with them replacing a rather large "COLDER-WARMER" dialogue, with a very unobtrusive small icon? I dont know if it just me, but I want my monitor as clutter free as possible so I can get immersed in the game As far as the wood gathering goes, this was my major concern. The cedar and fir are still there, but there is no option to forage them by hand, and the fir seems rare from what i have seen, But if you get out and walk around a bit you will find many sticks and branches, that you just pick up. I had 163 in just a few short jaunts around base camp, and they respawn, frequently, maybe not the same place, but from what I can tell pretty close to the same area. Each stick will burn 7 minutes. So do the math 100 sticks will burn 700 minutes which is over 11 hours, so if your like me and only lite a fire every few days, and cook lots of meat and boil gallons of water with that one fire, then you will have no problem having enough fuel for a 10 to 15 or more hour fire. But you have to get off the porch and go get them, which is what you would have to do in a real life survival situation Bear in mind, there is no more " hand foraging wood", and each limb you find yields 3 cedar logs and a tinder plug ( I have only located 1 fir limb since the update and didnt harvest it because i had some stashed at my camps, so cant tell you the exact yield of fir limbs) I would not burn a fir piece of wood now unless it was life or death situation. As you well know they are needed to repair your tools But just like before if you chopped wood with the hatchet you lost 2 or 3 % of the hatchet life, SO be happy and pick up the sticks and save the hatchet for true emergencies. Great update Hinterland, and really looking forward to the new region next month !!!
  13. Yeah, its a whole new ball game, Was to ez to forage wood before, and now i am worried it will be to hard. Hope they find some middle ground somehow
  14. Could not have went to a more deserving game studio Congrats to all Hillbilly
  15. Heard lots of changes to the UI, the crafting system and wood gathering system. Just wondering if the update will end our current run? Off to a good start in latest run, and no biggie if it does, but would like to know if I should play it safe or not, any input appreciated