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  1. Hello I'm Lilly I'm from Central Texas and im semi new to forums but not to TLD!! I Love this game and want everyone to know that the Dev's have done a great Job with the Graphics and all around play style. Yeah there are some hiccups from time to time but when the Dev's get a Bug report they are good at getting back to that person with an answer.... Raph is good about answering questions on twitter and forums as well. You can tell that they take Pride in this game and it will be around for a long time and they have a life long fan right here.... Im addicted to the game play. It can get frustrating at times but that is part of the charm of the game... to me it is relaxing and therapeutic. I am a Nurse and at times when I need to let off steam I play TLD has been a job saver for me. GOOD ON THE DEVS AND RAPH at Hinterlands for such a good job and fun game.
  2. Rand _althor did this
  3. TheDivineRose: Watched your wolf vid Dyst and it looks like if they are making you work on the fly like that then they need to change it to deal more damage per hit. wolves being small and fast, they need to not have insane hp I think what Rose said make sense make it so they deal more damage but have less HP...…. The above Link was from Dystoptimist a Twitch streamer is 6 different wolf clips from 10-3-19 stream
  4. Are they going to Fix the no match lite torch bug? The wolves getting stuck, entering caves and Danm is that the intent ?
  5. @Raphael van Lierop This game is getting so Addictive...Devs have been doing a great Job!!! Just want to say thanks for all Your Hard work to everyone at Hinterlands and Unity!! can not wait for updates !!
  6. Hiya Devs, Just an FYI when your bow is down to 10% you can pick it up and shot it even after it has the red x in backpack. :?
  7. Just a question is this possible as a new addition to game? Lots of people would like to have this so that they don't have to go from one map to the next to get stuff that they have stored. This would be greatly appricialted if it could happen. And to the Devs Great Job on this game so far and can not wait for Story Mode if its any thing like the game we will be very much emerced for a long time to come.