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  1. Alright going to leave me 2 cents here, I really hope it helps add more productive dialogue to the conversation. I've been modding the game for the last 2 years now, and since the very beginning I've been hoping and advocating for an end where we, as both big fans and modders, could find a way to work with the studio and integrate our mods into TLD in peace and for the mutual benefit of everyone - for Hinterland, modders, and players alike. I'm not sure why we cannot realize this wonderful and obvious potential that so many games seem to be able to achieve coming right out of the gate.
  2. There currently seems to be a bug with the respawn rate option, setting it to low will actually maximize the respawn rate of animals. Set the wildlife populations to "low" (or even "none" for some animal types to have even less to kill/eat), the "Wildlife Respawn Frequency" to very high, and population decline over time to high as well - believe these are the current settings that truly minimize wildlife in survival mode. Hopefully the counter intuitive respawn frequency thing will be fixed in the next update.
  3. Any chance we will be able to get an answer for this and whether there may be a solution for this in the December update? Having looked a bit further into this, I believe it is a bug rather than part of any intended feature, though it would be great to have a comment from a Hinterland Dev/Associate, thanks again!
  4. After story mode came out, even though I thought the story could be cool and intriguing, I was skeptical about what more gameplay content the game could bring in the future, and started to feel that many players would start to lose interest in the game after this point. After reading the October dev diary, with which I was pleasantly surprised! I just wanted to come here and say a quick thank you to the Hinterland team for making it clear that they're still listening to their players, even after early access. I think the refocus on survival mode and the effort to make story mode more sim
  5. Hey there, There's a post submitted at the TLD subreddit outlining a possible bug (or feature?) that I'm also curious about. Link here. I haven't seen any mention of something like this in the bug database. Is it possible to get an answer from Hinterland here on whether these indoor light differences are a bug or an intentional feature somehow? If it is a bug, is there an upcoming fix planned as of now? Cheers and thanks in advance!
  6. I have fiddled around with the Nvidia Control Panel quite a bit, but you gave me some ideas for some new things to try. I haven't even heard of the "Nvidia Inspector" I'll definitely see what I can do with that today, thanks! Weirdly enough, the new faithful cartographer update has really hurt the performance on my new system, on top of the issue of intermittent lag still being present, now I see that I am averaging less than 30 fps is certain areas. After putting 400+ hours into the game and trying so many different things to try to fix this... I really hope the more technical-savy player
  7. Hey Folks, Really stuck on this one, I've been having this issue with the Long Dark and it's come to the point of being unplayable, I've tried quite a bit to solve this myself, including reinstalling the operating system, to no avail. I would appreciate some help/input diagnosing and fixing the problem. I get intermittent lag spikes every 20-60 seconds where fps drops by 30-40 frames for short bursts that last 0.5-1 second. It started about a week ago and they've been becoming progressively more frequent and longer. I don't believe I have done anything out of the ordinary to start
  8. Thanks for the reply! So as I understand it, you guys can't confirm that modding support for gameplay mods will be added just yet, which is fine of course. Having said that, I am very excited to work on some mods for TLD, and I can even start before proper modding support is added (making models, etc). Though as I'm sure the devs know, doing such work can take a lot of time and effort, and it would be futile to work on this if it can never be a part of the game in the future. So I guess I'd like to add a +1 for modding support, if there is any other way I can encourage it please let me know
  9. Hi folks, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, please kindly provide me a link if it has. I have seen modding support mentioned for the game roadmap in the "medium term" projects. I definitely have some mod ideas and would like to contribute to the modding community of this game long term - starting with implementing this idea. I can even start working on a mod now, but it will all be futile if there will never be modding support for the game. There doesn't seem to be a definite answer from the developers on whether there will eventually be modding support, it's all been a
  10. I agree this may not be compatible with the current story mode that's already planned, that's why I now think this would now be better as an additional challenge, instead of some part of story mode. I liked this idea mostly for the gameplay it would bring, I understand that realism is important, though I don't think we should forfeit ideas that could provide great gameplay for the sake of realism only. I would like to be able to hear any ideas that could add some sort of fun endgame to the current sandbox, even at the cost of realism.
  11. The link to the original post made on the TLD subreddit explaining the gameplay in detail - Here. It would be great to hear what you guys think about something like this being added as a new challenge.
  12. Wow! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, had no idea it made its way over here already. Glad to see you and a lot of others liked it! Well, I will officially add my +1 Realism aside, I'm glad those here saw that it was mainly an interesting way to provide exciting long-term gameplay, and address the issue of the game getting easier over time, when I think it should become more challenging as the player survives. I was really excited to hear those at Hinterland enjoyed reading it
  13. A while back, I made a post at the TLD subreddit detailing an idea for some interesting gameplay that I thought would fit the game really well, a lot of people seemed to like it over at reddit, and some suggested I post it here as well, hope you like it! Credit goes to u/ElvisPressly for sparking this thought in another post here, I quote his suggestion for an endgame to the long dark: I have had the pleasure to play this game from the very start, and learn about the workings of the game one great update after the other, enough to eventually get very good at the survival part and reach 500 da
  14. Just wanted to say it's beautiful New region, lighting, graphics, and the new sounds, just adds that much more to the feel of the game. Looks like another great update to me