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  1. I would like to thank my followers for making it to 50 followers and hoping the list will continue to grow Hoping as the game gets more popular, so will the Morespurs channel. Right now, dedicating endless hours to The Long Dark.
  2. Is this occurring with the new system at all? ===================== Hasn't happened since then tbh. Like the new wolf fight system and the injury system too. Quite cool, thanks PS Sorry Raphael
  3. Yes, I have played and died in the latest update so pretty familiar with that too. I think the new system is more realistic and probably fixes that bug, from what I think how you implemented this. Any plans to add harvesting of scrap metals from cars and harvesting of fuel from the car? Thanks for a great game.
  4. Check it out, during my stream :, I was so assured I could deal with Fluffy but didn't know he had a secret weapon with him: glitch :lol: Hey guys, tell me this is a glitch so I know I am not going made :lol:
  5. Hello tilders (TLDers) , I will be streaming later on today Monday 6th April, please go to my channel (link in article) and follow me so you get notified when I go Live. Hope to see you there. Stay true!
  6. Hey guys I stream from: Watch stream here I don't promised no death by starvation, freezing, wolf bites, sprained ankles, drowning, smashed by bears and by self burning :lol: But hey, come and watch me, and just relax and explore parts of the game you didn't think existed :shock: