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  1. Motion is thirded Definitely make a behind the scenes.
  2. Nice work. I think that Pilgrim is the most realistic of all the modes, because wild animals don't usually attack people (except for bears) and when I take a look at your list I think that it's absolutely possible to find this amount of every item on such a huge island that was once inhabited. So with this said, no, I don't think that Pilgrim is ridiculous. I think that having every wild animal attack you on sight is ridiculous, but it is what makes the game interesting and more challenging. Every mode has it's charm and it's worth playing.
  3. Good for you guys! Next team building should probably be a hydro dam tour I'd bet you'd enjoy the movie, after so much time working on this game to go and see that other people share similar passions. And to think that these people were probably influenced by your work as well. I hope you got a few good ideas. I'll definitely be making that huge SOS in the snow, but with wolf pelts ]:-) @Sunwolf, yes, things reach the internet some time after they stop showing them in theaters but it usually takes half a year or more sometimes and I was hyped about watching it now. When I now check the release dates again I see that a premiere for Bulgaria is now listed... For the beginning of December!! Well, they granted my wish and I'll be seeing it next winter after all.
  4. I'd like to imagine that my character has a wind-up alarm clock (the mechanical type with the little bells) with him, that can be set to ring in one or several hours. I've also suggested sleeping anywhere in my wishlist with the added negative consequences of lowering the temperature instead of the warming bonus of the sleeping bag and the possibility to wake up with stiffness that will lower the condition for some time. But it should be possible and I think they're gonna make it because of how weird it is to die of exhaustion without a bedroll.
  5. I reached my rabbit when I got the achievement. Maybe I wasn't too far away. Reach it or not, let it go
  6. You can reach it. But when you catch it just pat it on the head and let it go because it helped you with this achievement.
  7. I thought it should be that way and dropped a meat on the street just in front of the big house - stayed there for ten days until I had to eat it. No wolves had touched it. I wish meat would attract wolves for the sake of realism.
  8. Okay, I saw a falling star in the game today. I was going to bed, grabbed the flashlight in my hand and I noticed the aurora was kicking in. I was in the radio control hut, I went outside to head to the rural store when I saw it. The sun was just over the hills, it wasn't dark yet but the stars and the aurora were already slightly visible and there it was - falling rather slowly, without too much of a tail and disappeared in the horizon. I hope to see one in the complete darkness as well.
  9. Mystix

    Grey mother

    Parents usually talk like that in front of their kids: "Daddy's gonna buy you a hunting rifle", "Mommy's gonna make you a bow". So she's a mother, or used to be.
  10. Scratch that last one. I did a second Stalker try that I lasted for 25 full days. This time there were 2 pry bars in the dam so I could pry open even the locked lockers and I ended up with waaaay more food than last time. The biggest treat that lasted me 3 days was a jar of peanut butter and I also got 5 bags of tea. Again I used the one emergency stim I had at the end to prolong my suffering. Here it is: Edit: By the way I also got the pacifist achievement with this challenge.
  11. Occurred to me too and tried it -you can't carry two satchels. And it makes sense - you can carry a backpack on your back and a sack on your front. Two would be uncomfortable + you can't just carry more and more and more just like that without feeling encumbered. The same way I think it's possible to wear only one bear skin coat and only one rabbit hat, because two would be just too bulky. I think there are other clothes like that as well.
  12. Alwesome challenge @Stormwolf1O1! My first try was as Interloper first - tried until I got a drop at the Muskeg, stopped at the Camp Office to warm up, got a bedroll and then headed to the dam. Made it only 2 days, died during the third. In my Stalker run at the Dam Hard Challenge I made it for 12 full days (if the hours count 304/24=12,67 days). Here's the screenshot: A few remarks: I did not manage to find a pry bar, so I had only the loot from the unlocked lockers. Also the emergency stim helped me in the end to survive a few more hours. Here's the rest of the stuff I could find:
  13. Turns out I was wrong - the journal displays only the name of the cairn but not the story. So if we want to see if there are new stories we have to always go check the cairns.
  14. You'll be able to review their stories in your journal. Once they have been written of course, so keep unlocking them and review them in the journal after a year or so.