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  1. I'm playing in voyager mode and in 20 days of survival I've killed maybe 6 or 7 wolves. Theorically killing a wolf it's easier than killing a deer because when it will attack you you just have to wait for the wolf to be enough close to you and then Bam! a single shot in the head and you will kill it. The condition of you rifle is the most important thing you have to take care of, you can kill in one shot both deers and wolves if your rifle is between 90% and 100% condition otherwise you will just hurt them and eventually they will die from blood loss. when the rifle is in a bad condition ( 70%, 60% etc.) is not even able to make the wolf stop and escape, the wolf will attack you and finishing the work with your knife is the only option. so my advice is to keep you rifle perfectly functioning both for hunting and defense. hope this will help you P.S sorry for my english :mrgreen:
  2. eccomi, ci sono anche io
  3. Hi survivors I'm Jacopo, I'm from Italy and I'm in love with this game I hope I'll find a good community and also some good tips to improve my experience. Bye