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  1. I wasn't trying to be rude, simply trying to explain that the suggestion didn't actually address what I said. If different opinions are allowed, please explain why mine isn't. As for how I feel about the game, I have 2400 hours invested in it. No one puts that amount of time into a game they don't love and enjoy. I've generally put time, effort, and care into both suggestions and "complaints". I apologize for getting frustrated, and if you have a suggestion to separate the interact and shoot I'm all ears. You set it up that way and no one else has mentioned any solution that is viable. So. No solution. I'm called out for being rude because I don't thank someone for misunderstanding and offering a solution that does squat ~ and snarking back when I'm snarked at because they didn't understand/care. Shrugs. I'll keep my opinions, and my suggestions, off this forum. Heaven forbid I disturb anyone's peace and stagnation any further. Making the discussions one sided is not interesting; and certainly not inviting or inclusive. Can't say that I'm likely to be back … there are other forums where people put syrup on their pancakes instead of vinegar. 🙃
  2. I wasn't trying to be rude, simply trying to explain that the suggestion didn't actually address what I said. If different opinions are allowed, please explain why mine isn't. As for how I feel about the game, I have 2400 hours invested in it. No one puts that amount of time into a game they don't love and enjoy. I've generally put time, effort, and care into both suggestions and "complaints". I apologize for getting frustrated, and if you have a suggestion to separate the interact and shoot I'm all ears. You set it up that way and no one else has mentioned any solution that is viable.
  3. You can change the key bindings to whatever you prefer. The biggest issue is they have the 'interact' and 'shoot' combined. Every other game I play I use 'E' as the interact button, with the LMB for shooting/bow drawing. I've tried changing that key to E, but it becomes incredibly awkward for shooting. Why they combined the two is beyond be, and one of my biggest issues since I automatically go for that 'E' to open doors, pick things up, etc. After thousands of hours I still sit here muttering wtfs because I hit the E and get a 'can't sprint' graphic. Grrrr.
  4. If they don't want to add the plane crash ~ which shouldn't be that difficult since spawn locations are set ~ they should eliminate any chance of spawning indoors, or take the plane crash out of the written intro for survival mode. The game has only been available since 2015 and I didn't mind that elephant in the room while it was in EA, but since survival mode is officially 'part' of the game, it should be addressed one way or the other. To me it is just sort of sloppy (I tend to ocd these things, particularly in my own mods).
  5. I only hop in a car in an emergency ~ and I've never bothered with the try and keep a fire going beside one even once. I'll build a snow shelter instead. But, my playstyle is pretty much loot places and lug it back to a main base. ANY thing that could possibly make 'home' look more homey is something I'm in favor of. In a world full of nothing but snow and blizzards and crazed wildlife, a cozy bed piled high with blankets and extra pillows (something else I've never understood and am bugged by … why can't we take those along with us?!?) says "home". I'd be dragging paintings and other wall art to my base if I had my way … and every plastic container as well … and that globe from the farmhouse ...
  6. There are no cars with a bed in them, so I'm not quite sure what you're saying. I was talking about actual 'beds', inside proper shelters already with the exception of the mountaineer's hut in TWM.
  7. This is true, but there is an area where I haven't noticed this stacking/being applied the same. Placing a bedroll "on" a bed. I haven't even tried it in a long time, but I do place it on the bench in the dam, so it should still work … but it should give both warmth bonuses (whether or not anyone believes both are needed). Why can't we sleep in a bed and use that bedroll as a extra blanket? It bugs me that there are heavy looking wool blankets draped on beds, over railings, etc. that are worth absolutely nothing beyond a few pieces of cloth. Why can't we use them to sleep with? Why can't we cut a hole in the middle and wear them like ponchos? Little things like this really bug me lol. As an example, if allowed, I would use those heavy blankets to cocoon my sleeping space in front of a fire (drag a bunk bed to the fire, drape the blankets over the head/foot ends and line the side away from the fire with them to trap and hold heat). In fact, with or without a fire, those blankets would aid in allowing your own body heat to warm up that airspace … something that homeless people do all the time. Same with all those newspapers … why can't we place a pile of them on the floor and lay our bedroll on it for the insulation factor? Again, it's a little thing, but something I've questioned now for years. Sometimes it just gets very difficult to pretend I'm dumber than a brick and don't know about these things.
  8. Eons ago when there was only ML, CH, and PV I was playing on Pilgrim mode and had a wolf attack me the same way one on Voyager or Stalker would. I had not shot at him and was not hunting (I was building a fire at the Three Strikes Homestead). My initial reaction was pitiful since I was in no way prepared or paying attention to start with ~ and I died. After tossing some change in the swear jar I hopped on the forums and asked about it, and dutifully reported it as a bug. Then I proceeded to do my best to recreate that, and have to admit that when I had another wolf attack me in ML I continued that game and it was … glorious. Seemed that once the bug appeared, it randomly struck regardless of region throughout that entire play through. I even asked about a way to recreate it in the Mailbag, but either Raph misunderstood me, or I am hopeless at fine tuning the custom settings. In any case, I could not (and that makes sense because the AI is set … being able to change it via custom settings would effectively break the game). As for wolves turning and growling while eating one of their kills; I run straight at them. They will turn and face me and growl, and then run. Every time. I have had several attack after being wounded, but there again, that bit or realism is something I appreciate in an otherwise so artificial as far as animal behavior. Most wounded animals will turn and fight, particularly predators. Prey animals will continue flight even after they have dropped from exhaustion; I watched one of the men in our hunting group go for a rather wild ride on a Whitetail that he assumed was dead and simply straddled it to cut the throat. Bambi proceeded to leap up and bolt at a dead run through the trees. Poor Tom hung on for all he was worth. It was one of the funniest and scariest things I've ever seen. Personally, I'd prefer a mixed AI that was closer to realistic and just as unpredictable regardless of the difficulty mode, and I know it can be done because it has … it just doesn't seem to have been a priority in this particular game. I don't think the bug that caused wolves to attack on Pilgrim will be back, outside of an occasional attack after you've wounded one. They will growl and momentarily defend their kill, but absolutely run off when you get close enough. Attacks after wounding one while you are still in their radius make sense, and at least now you know to be watchful and prepared.
  9. loriaw

    Getting dirty

    Lots of people agree with you ~ and others don't. I thought that 'interloper' went down a slippery slope if I'm honest, because it generates a completely unrealistic playstyle based only on beating the mechanics. No skill or thought really goes into it. To my way of thinking, that edged the game away from 'survival' to just gaming the system. I'd have rather seen random wildlife spawns and a whole lot more immersion. Not my game so I just play less and less due to utterly nothing to do, nothing to be surprised by, etc. 30 days in and I can't really find much of a reason to even bother going to other regions because I know what is there, what will be worth the effort and what won't … I'm sure you can understand. Some people like loot fests, others prefer immersion that keeps them deeply involved for hours at a time. Initially this game did that. Now, not so much. I've just got too many hours in to even get excited much about a new region that will have the exact same loot, the exact same buildings and furniture, and within two hours of real time wandering around also known and permanent wildlife spawns. I could care less about those things at this point. I want variety, surprises, heart stopping moments and giddiness because I eked out another day in spite of Ma Nature's rage. Any new player can get all of that in a single region. Many of us did. There were no tutorials, no hand holding, no custom settings; just a great unknown map with precious little to get by with. The problem is that once you 'know' the mechanics, the maps, and where the good stuff is there is no more reason to explore. I can run a 500 day run in just DP or BR … but the question is 'why' would I at this point. Endless days of eat, sleep, hunt, eat, sleep, cook, eat, sleep, sew, eat, sleep, hunt. Even covering every region it is still the same. I'd rather take the time to craft my own little forge out of a wheel from one of those vehicles, or a bucket that got kicked in a corner than run three regions over to use one. I'd rather spend time doing something meaningful than just endlessly and aimlessly roaming around talking to trees I actually named 1000 hours ago. So ~ I give my input. I don't mind that others have differing views, but that won't change mine.
  10. loriaw

    Getting dirty

    Meh. We play in a world where wildlife is bonkers because of an aurora, everything but human corpses decomposes to nothing in record time, no one can step over a log, and we can't toss tools over the edge of a rope climb without risking falling. Holes can only be chopped in ice to fish from in special locations, brooms are firewood and can't be used to sweep floors, we can sleep with the dead that magically don't stink (and use them for containers!), and fir has been the accepted hardwood from the time Mystery Lake was the only region (which is why I specified 'fir'). Is it really so far fetched to think that fir now contains enough potassium to make lye in a world devoid of both realism and common sense? People really need to make up their minds. Either the game mechanics are not meant to be realistic and therefore the way things work is fine ~ or ~ the entire game needs to be revamped to be realistic. The devs have stated over and over that this is the way they wish the game to be played, therefore the already-in-game 'hardwood' should be more than sufficient. Cast iron pots (which is what is currently depicted) don't have aluminum in them and lye is actually the preferred cleaning method. A wood box for a mold could be made from pallet scraps (with our imaginary hammer from the toolkit and the imaginary nails from the pallets themselves). It really is not rocket science since cavemen did actually figure it out. Cut scenes are already the norm, and balancing things is what this game does. Nothing else is even semi-realistic, why would soap making or sponge baths be any different?
  11. loriaw

    Getting dirty

    Hm. Lye can be made by running water through ashes (would need to be fir) and those could be collected from a fire the same as charcoal. What we don't have in game at the moment is animal fat ~ but if we could harvest that along with meat, it can easily be rendered in one of those pots and added to the lye. Woot, basic soap. It does need to be cured though. Old time 'soft' soap, which is really still hard enough to form into bars, is made by cooking ashes in water (not in aluminum!!) and skimming the weak lye off the top. When you have enough, you cook that down until it floats an egg, add in any rendered fats/used cooking oil, and stir it until you have 'mush'. Pour into molds and let it set. Woot, basic soap. I'm fairly certain that the first soap ever made happened at a caveman's firepit when someone accidently spilled fat into the ashes and someone noticed the nice bubbles when they tried to clean that up :-) Not washing clothing that you wear day in and day out, or cleaning and airing out fur/hide items leads to galling, blisters, and stank. Gross stank. Your body and your clothes will reek of it. The washing of both the player character and their clothing could all be cut scenes, and we already dry clothing by fires. Making soap could be a learned skill. Lye burns (you do need decent ventilation and to take care not to splash it on yourself because it will burn you) could be natural penalties, and maybe not get good solid bars until level 5 is reached. I wouldn't care if it is a clean and fresh buff, less attraction to animals for a time; it really should have been included from just about the start of the game. I wouldn't care if it came about as an option or as a requirement, either would be fine.
  12. Gotta say no on this one ~ sap doesn't flow until spring, and there is no spring in this game (nor likely to be except in a DLC of some sort). I wouldn't mind adding bottled syrup to the food list, but the raw sap itself has a mildly sweet taste and looks pretty much like water. It IS full of good things that would be of benefit health wise, but since it requires a certain amount of warming to get at, wouldn't be at all practical. It would also require adding the trees themselves along with a new gadget and animations.
  13. +1 I like cooking as well. I've questioned why we can't mix venison into that soup or the pork and beans all along (as well as why there is no warming buff for eating hot meat right off the fire). I'd add one further refinement. Most soup mix packets can be eaten with just the addition of water, and just about anything else can be added to stretch out the base mix. If we could make the soup mix as both a basic/1 meal item, or add meat/vegetables to it for a 2/3 meal option, it would be far more useful, particularly if the game determined a warming buff for hot soup vs. cold soup. As for making it worth while to do the work to add it, a hearty soup would go a long way towards any sort of sanity meter or mental health meter that may be added at some point. And, if the devs tossed in a box of biscuit mix, life could occasionally be very good if only for a short period of time 😀
  14. I've been playing since 2014. I barely touched Story Mode because by that point I was fully engaged in the Sandbox/Survivor Mode and quite used to going where I wanted when I wanted, and the idea of having to carry/store materials for crafting (items I already knew how to make and had made countless times already) was … annoying. Getting baby walked through game mechanics and how-tos in tutorials after playing by dropping in literally blind and unknowing and dying while trying to figure out things like how to get water, how to shelter adequately from a storm, with no helpful dialog also was … annoying. It's just not my thing at all. As for modding, hi there fellow modder. I've got no problem with keeping the overall mechanics, but it will take more than particle fx and weather touch ups to keep my interest at this point. I'm tired of peaches and tomato soup and not being able to mix meat and vegetables into a stew, tired of filthy buildings that can't be cleaned or repaired, and tired of swallowing half a bottle of pain meds and still being capable of standing upright ~ let alone be capable of walking along the top of a cliff without falling off. I'm all for Hinterland doing their thing and adding to the game in their way, but if they open modding and things such as variety food packs, or a cut scene clean up the cabin option, or a much more fleshed out illness/injury medical pack is locked out, I'd walk permanently. Before that just offends, understand that not everyone prefers a dialog and scripted game. I'm one who prefers actively playing and having things to do rather than being told do this, this, this, and … you're done. The ambiance when first entering a building that has been looted by desperate, starving people is great. Trying to hang out there even semi-permanently while that broom stands in the corner mocking you, and your rather heavy to lug around tool kit can't be used to screw the hinges back on cupboard doors, and the dresser drawers gape at you all slack jawed and silly looking grows to be unbearable. Try looking at that mess for 500 days or more without having your eye twitch faster and faster. For that matter, fleshing out the medical aspects would truly make the game harder in many ways. Broken ribs should be a 6 week (at least) ordeal, with the first week leaving one unable to do much more than open a can of soup or gnaw on some previously cooked meat. Chopping wood, bonking bunnies with stones, lugging any amount of weight (nothing over worn clothing and one piece of wood), no crafting, etc. Activity should increase gradually, have setbacks, and full strength should have to be recovered. If it happens and you have no supplies on hand, or aren't close enough to them, you fade into the long dark. Sprains should be a dice roll (but also dependent on terrain and the difference between tripping and falling) of 3 - 10 days recovery time and also have limited movement/activities for the initial few days. Breaking an arm or leg should be added, along with the ability to craft a splint and possibly a crude crutch. Again, supplies or a lack of them would determine player survival or demise. Food poisoning and dysentery are both woefully inadequate as they are handled currently ~ and both should be potentially life threatening. No take a magic pill and sleep a few hours and be all better. Food poisoning wrings you out and leaves you not much more than a limp, overcooked noodle for a few days ~ and hunger is NOT a problem one needs to worry about for the first 48 hours. In any case, I think you get the idea. These are things that good modders could add to the game without changing the mechanics, breaking it, or creating havok once the devs stop adding regions and Story Mode is completed. I understand that there are players in Survivor mode that would not like these additions, but there are different levels where they would be a welcome addition. To the OP, I understand your frustration but I don't particularly share it. Story Mode is something I'll likely never complete; possibly never play at all again. What I'm waiting for is a call by the devs that the game is done and can be modded. Unless or until that happens, after 2300+ hours of playing I need immersive content rather than a honey do list or endless wandering. I know the maps, where the loot drops are, and what I lack is incentive to just rinse and repeat. I literally 'need' the added possibility of things like a broken bone and having planned ahead in order to survive. I want things to do like make bunny blankets and pemmican during storms instead of being forced into the cold by cabin fever. I need a reason to not just leap off the nearest cliff to end the boredom. In all honesty, I wouldn't care if Story Mode was dropped entirely and all that Hinterland worked on was Survivor Mode ~ and I also understand that your mileage is completely different. The best advice I can give you is to hang in there if you really love any part of the game knowing you will be able to finish the Story if you choose to. Your path is far more assured than the one I wish for.