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  1. THIS! I find it disconcerting that a cup of hot tea or coffee warms you, and so do soup and the pork and beans ~ but nothing else. A hunk of hot meat, fresh off the fire should also warm you. Unless actual recipes are added at some point where we can make things such as stew, or jerky, there isn't much point to doing more than keeping the risk for raw meat vs. cooked/ruined meat in place.
  2. Mods are made because people can ~ and because other people create them. DLCs ~ I see nothing wrong with a company earning revenue unless an addition is priced the same as the actual game. Neither are something you're required to purchase, download, or use to poison your personal gaming experience. Whether others do so has no bearing on what you do ~ nor should your preferences set the standards for anyone else. If I'm honest, any game that doesn't come with a disk/hard copy that you can reinstall when you choose (without being dependent on the internet or a separate gaming site is a much bigger corruption of gaming than DLCs and/or mods ~ which is the reason I own very few 'Steam' games. As for this game, I've got little interest left unless/until modding is turned loose (and have said so for over a year now). The game is phenomenal, but I find very little immersion from pretending to be a sailboat in high winds or trudging for an hour of real life time because I'm carrying things from one region to another and the game doesn't know what a sledge or travois is (or little Canadians took their plastic sleds with them when they left the island), or I can't weave baskets from all those tails with no cats so I can have needed storage, or do something other than wear my hatchet down with those brooms lounging in corners. People like different things. People aren't required to like what others like. Because you are happy with the game as it stands is a rather bizarre reason to stop playing it when/if either a DLC is released, or modding is supported. For the OP ~ I'd love food variety. It wouldn't necessarily have to change leveled lists … but a can of green beans, or chicken noodle soup, or hot chocolate would be awesome in place of pork and beans, tomato soup, or just tea and coffee. I would happily pay for a food pack 🙂
  3. I'm in the process or reworking two mods that removes the cities and most npcs (everything but animals and the undead) into a single one. I figure I've got more than a few months of work ahead of me to make it stable, remove all the markers, triggers, redo landscape where cities 'were', rework pretty much the entire navmesh cell by cell, etc. I will likely have to create new mods to alter the creature and weather since most people don't have a clue how to use Tes5 to remove master dependencies OR mesh incompatible mods to play nice together. I agree ~ modding Skyrim into a variant of TLD is work. I'm a fairly experienced modder and it took over 6 months to get a stable load order ~ and it definitely requires a good bit of Tes5 know-how. The biggest issue to removing the buildings/npcs/quests is that 99% of the available mods require the patch as a master. The two mods currently available to remove the cities and npcs require NO patch. Granted, just playing the game with no patch and only those two mods (and random start to bypass the beginning) is difficult all on its own. I wanted more lol … so I dove in and worked it until I got it more than just partially functional. There ARE a rather dedicated bunch of us out there working on this though. Mostly it's driven by a love of TLD ~ and making the potential a reality. Skyrim was created to be modded, and the amount of resources and programming to push the limits are phenomenal. My biggest issue is living in a tiny house and trying to cram three monitors (in addition to my husband's) onto a single desk (thankfully I know how to use wall space!!), microphones, external drives, etc. has been a challenge all by itself. My children are grown .. but I have cats *G* who love to assist me. I also have an overflowing and constantly filled swear jar! My grandsons play Minecraft, but so far I haven't … that might be a good thing since it could potentially unleash another monster *G* In any case, I will be uploading a final product (or three) to Nexus at some point.
  4. I'm fine with leaving appropriate items in appropriate places even though odd things here and there wouldn't bother me at all. When I started playing this game ~ as regions were added ~ the degradation didn't begin until you entered that region. While the change makes sense, it also means I spend the first 30 days doing nothing but scavenging. After that there just isn't much left to do beyond grinding out days. The game I play with random loot is the same one I've got 4787 hours into. It is modded into a recreation of this game with harsher weather, almost no loot at all, more night than daylight, and more blizzards. I play with Requiem or on Legendary (Legendary if I use Alone and Lonely which remove cities and towns and npcs), Frostfall, Campfire, Hunterborn, Realistic Needs and Disease, Realistic Animals and Predators, several weather mods, etc. Most of the survival mods allow for setting loot to minimum amounts (12 pounds vs. 80-120 pounds of meat from large animals), along with high level loot mods to remove/lessen item spawns. In addition to making several of these play nice together, I've modified several in Tes5 and/or the creation kit to adjust things a bit more. Without houses and bandits to loot, there isn't a lot left but plants and animals, and harvesting animals requires a fire. There is no run to point A, B, C etc., only take what you find and craft something to get keep you alive another day. The difference is that I CAN craft things to do that, there are no mechanics that cause storms to eat my clothing or the animals psycho. A bear or a sabre cat at level 1 when I'm all squishy will do me in … but if I can make it to level 15 or so I at least have a chance. I play without perks and just the basic skill tree. I also play with all sorts of stews, teas, cured meats, bread, butter and cheese (if I can keep the cows safe) ~ and I can plant and harvest items in a few limited locations. I travel with two tents; one for rain, one for snow. Fast travel is disabled, frigid water will kill me, and if I freeze I die ( and start over) … same as in this game. A few pluses are that I can catch and tame a wild horse if I want (modded), find an orphaned wolf pup and raise it (if I can protect it and feed it until it is grown), develop my skills and build a campfire that won't blow out, and so on. The first pelts/skins I harvest are generally ruined. Then they are of poor quality. The same goes for crafting. Failures then low quality items that gradually get better. Most food that IS found lying around or in a barrel or sack is moldy and will make me sick. Staying clean is a must ~ and a challenge in freezing temps. There are no magic pills for illnesses, and if I run out of food or firewood I'll die (and so will my wolf pup until he is grown and can hunt for himself). I turned an RPG into a true survival game by combining the mods, editing some, and creating two to complement the rest. As for finding quality loot in 'easy' places, I've already said that could/should be addressed, although I'm not sure that it matters all that much. Even if you find a moose satchel in the Camp Office, you may not find decent clothing, tools, medicine, or other supplies until you go through two other regions. One play through may set you up in your starting region … another may have you frantically scavenging over half the island. As I've said ~ to me what matters is actually being able to survive based on my own skill vs. rng. For my tastes, there is already too much loot on any level in TLD, and what few skills that are addressed would have most people dead or dying before they ever got to level 5. All I can really say is to each their own ~ but I'd bet good money that many experienced loper players would be seriously challenged with my setup.
  5. So keep clothing in dressers and food in cupboards. It honestly makes zero sense to find anything edible in ovens, frig/freezers given the rate of decay for any other food item (particularly when canned goods in the same kitchen are at 14%). As for TWM, I want to know if that plane was hauling a shipment from the Goodwill store or new goods ~ because anything being shipped should be in better than average (as compared to other ingame loot) than what I've found up there. Think about it. Why is there an entire container of various shirts/sweaters all at 40% or less condition? Why is there a container with MRE's at 26%? I go there for coffee/tea, whetstones, rifle rounds, and matches/firestrikers. 99% of any clothing is turned into cloth and canned goods less than 60 % I just leave where I find them. I'll snag the MRE's if they are above 75%, otherwise I just snack on the while I'm there and leave the rest. I absolutely appreciate the nature of a totally random loot system. The game I play most has one and I love it. On the other hand, I don't depend on loot in that game because I hunt, plant stuff, and I can craft just about anything/everything when/if I need it … and the weather is worse. If the best one can manage while surviving is depending on loot they find, they aren't going to last all that long; and the same applies to defense against predators. In all honesty, I don't expect much more in the way of new loot as far as TLD. We're still stuck with beans, peaches, and tomato soup after more than 4 years. I read your earlier posts (I had not read this entire thread, but I finally caught up on it), but again, I don't really expect any major changes in this department. A lot of the loot is hand placed (per Hinterland's comments), and the rest is all done by rng. They don't seem all that interested in changing that. That is sad, because in the long run, it is a self-limiting aspect that more and more people are going to grow disenchanted with. Knowing what I do about game mechanics and modding, I suspect they severely limited themselves right at the start and that is why so many things can't/won't be changed now. I'm not even sure that if they ever open the game up to modding that it will change because that will also be limited by how they set up the mechanics. The bottom line ~ for me ~ is that skill matters in a survival game. A LOT. If my skill can't improve, and counts for squat against an rng deliberately set to failure it starts to feel like I'm beating a dead horse so to speak. I've been fighting against that for almost two years now. The elements that made the game stand out have been shadowed by the never ending list of punishments and limitations (and those HAVE grown since the game was first out in EA). My 'vision' of survival has diverged quite a bit from the devs. I can't enjoy 'stasis', which is why almost ANY change that makes it worth covering all of the map appeals to me.
  6. Honestly? My dog weighed 130 pounds (two of them in fact). Wolves don't scare me IRL, and if I lived near a rehab center or any facility that was keeping some that couldn't be released, I'd be working there. I've worked with wolves and cougar (mountain lions) and it may be the singular most awesome experience I've ever had outside of giving birth. I am on the list for owning an American Blue Bay Shepherd as well (EU Shepherds bred with American percentage Wolf dogs for a lupine appearance with a great temperament, trainability, and lacking the protective instinct American bred Shepherds come with). I wouldn't mine any of the Wolf dogs, but the laws and insurance issues are a pain to work with or around.
  7. I've played 2307 (edit to add ~ I just opened Steam to check, and I've got 100+ hours more than the 2200 I thought I was at) hours. I've owned the game since 2015. I've watched probably upwards of 100 videos on just Stalker and Interloper play ~ and they all run from point A to B to collect their beginning supplies. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. They do that because they can't survive the initial days without doing so. When Hushed River was released, I started a new game spawning into that region ~ blind ~ and the first week (of game play) was GLORIOUS. Absolutely glorious. It was tough and a bit nerve wracking and all brand new. I could see that blasted trail of smoke (occasionally), I had no clue where anything was, and it was the hours I already had in the game that gave me the skills to live long enough to start finding items that helped. It was similar to the first time I spawned into Mystery Lake and had no clue what to expect or where anything was. Now ~ I know my way around the place. Sadly, I also have a pretty good idea which areas are worth the effort, which aren't, and can traipse straight up to get my moose pack and head on to other locales and loot. If you can't see the difference, perhaps you'll start to get an inkling when you get to 1000 or so hours of play time. Or not. Your mileage definitely seems to vary.
  8. That's ok. There are several random containers that absolutely are always there. There are loot drops that always have the same thing (in various quantities) all over TWM. I've played every map region literally hundreds of times since there was ONLY Mystery Lake with a Fluffy in the Dam, and maybe 15 rifle rounds total (on a good day), the wolves were solid black, and you could run without ever getting tired. There are harvestable plants that have been in the same exact location since the beginning. Most remain fixed in each region as the maps have been added ~ the only real exception being several maple/birch spawns. Corpses have been random from the start (or within a few updates, can't really remember), although the lack of women/children is far more odd than their randomness … or that people actually use them as containers. I'm not arguing with you, but at this point I'm going to point out that your reasons are based only on your play style ~ with absolutely no consideration for any other person who plays this game. As for not wanting to find shoes in a frig, I've found the most bizarre things in unlikely places … and given the locations people tend to hide things/stash things when they don't want them found, it really isn't all that bizarre (no more bizarre than the long johns/matches/accelerant combo in tubs, or crowbars behind toilets (which seriously brings up mental images I would prefer to never have experienced). The bottom line is that starting a new run in any mode means a player with more than 100 hours or so pretty much just runs from A to B to C getting what they need. There is no 'hope I find this' or 'I need this and have no idea where I might find it'. Thanks to achievements, the best little house in Coastal is forever burned down; random loot would mean we'd actually have to hunt for stuff every single game ~ and what you think would be inconvenient, others would find amusing. In any case, it would be preferable to the just 'going to the corner store' that everyone knows the location of imo. Just as you place your particular playstyle above others, others place theirs above yours. Upvoting something in no way guarantees that it will ever become a reality, but I at least try and upvote things that benefit the most possible players. If it were up to me, Interloper would not exist (as an example). I'd have much preferred more content and immersion over grinding my teeth and clenching my knuckles with more regularity than a CPR session. Real survival is nothing like that if you survive the first few days. I'm also aware that Anything added now that adds content and immersion completely screws over loper players (and most Stalker players to some extent) because they don't have the time or the resources for either. I can say that the more things added that cater only to the hardest two modes, the less interest I have in any part of the game.
  9. While I agree with you about the hatchet, you're simply not correct about knife handles (which happens to be exactly what my husband who crafts knives in real life calls antlers!). The inside is soft enough to punch a tang into, glue can easily be made from a number of sources already available in this game but not used, and they can be crafted to fit your hand much easier than sanding and shaping a wooden handle (which also requires rivets and other tools). I use knives my husband has made, including a customized ulu that leather workers requested after seeing pictures of it over store bought knives every single day. They are far superior for fitting my hand, holding an edge, etc. The very real problem I have with the forge in this game is the utter lack of knowledge of the proper metals to use, NO quenching (which WILL make or literally break a blade if done incorrectly) as a necessary part of the procedure, and a bunch of other nit-picky things that are completely left out. Cold striking steel changes it ~ for the worse. It becomes brittle and won't hold an edge. The 'scrap metal' available in this game is only good for fish hooks. The hardenable steel that is lying around everywhere is in/on the abandoned vehicles. Sure, you can craft a crap knife from scrap metal, but it should have to be sharpened constantly (as in 10+ times while harvesting a deer) and not worth the effort and resources. Those leaf springs on the other hand ….
  10. I can honestly say that after 2200+ hours of playing this game, I know what is under which dresser, and the most likely spawn points for high end items. For that matter, I know where all the random containers are (the ones just lying beside a rock or tucked up by a tree trunk). It just is. There is absolutely nothing that would ever really bring back that feeling of playing for the first time, but randomizing the loot would go a long way towards mitigating a player's knowledge of the maps. Stop leaving things such as books and the distress pistol in known places such as the Ravine or the plane 99% of the time ~ as an example. Those who play Stalker and loper because you love things made harder and because you're so good at the game should revel in such a world. People who've grown too familiar with the regions, have named most of the trees, and have hiking paths in mind for a new recreational area once things 'get back to normal' would love at least a glimpse of the great unknown we first stepped into. The bottom line is that the maps and regions themselves are mostly 'fixed'. Altering them would be difficult/impossible. Loot is already a random thing even with matrix tables to guide it. Why not completely randomize the stuff outside of guaranteeing the required percentage of certain items? It isn't a matter of just not picking up something ~ it's a matter of once again being able to say "I wonder what is in here" and honestly having no idea before you click on that container!
  11. I would love it if nothing spawned in the same spot game after game, whether it is loot or harvestable items. Guarantee one of each item that should spawn per playing level is there, but never guarantee what map, what building, what field, which woods, etc. Some things, such as birch bark can't really be shifted much, but just about everything else can be. As much as people talk about how difficult loper can be, how hard is it to run from one guaranteed spawn point to another? It's like a scavenger hunt that you snagged a cheat sheet to for the most part. Changing that up would make a huge difference to all playstyles imo.
  12. It's entirely possible that once the timber wolves make an appearance, you'll feel a lot differently about the amount you can find regardless of level.
  13. That's fair enough ~ although the game mechanics and limitations are not viable options for either a hunting game or any form of 'cabin decorating' sim (I've never played a sim type game or the SIMS so I may be wrong, but I doubt it). I do prefer a relaxing game rather than knuckle clenching and stress, but I play games to relax rather than an adrenalin charge (all games, not just this one).
  14. Perhaps you can explain something to me, because after reading more than a few comments like this (not just about revolver rounds, but any loot), I wonder what the end goal of your gameplay style is. The game is supposed to be a survival game ~ which means the more items you have that benefit you, the more chance you have to actually survive. My issue isn't the amount of loot so much as the loot itself instead of things we craft to enhance survival chances. Crafting fills up game hours and collecting supplies not only fills up hours but provides an actual reason to explore/travel. As it stands, just looting and pillaging tends to make more than one pass through any region a moot point once you've looted what is there. The only thing that is respawning beyond that point is coal/various wood to burn and wildlife. Both of those can be obtained in a single region. I play to survive, so I loot, drag it to a home base, and settle in. Given that just about everything is already 'finite' in nature, I have to wonder if there really are that many players that care so little about surviving vs. just eking out a measly existence with a countdown clock. Supplies are there to make surviving better than dying in my world ~ which is why I question the reasoning of those who want less of already finite items. I really am curious.
  15. I agree with you 100% except for the new mechanics forcing me to change 'my' playstyle. My playstyle is mine. If I'm not 'playing', I'm not enjoying. I'm not looking forward to playing. If I want to play something with that much of a funneled, linear path, defined more by RNG than skill, I'd choose Monopoly (which actually has more choices at this point). At least if I rage quit and toss the board across the room I only have to pick up the pieces. I'm playing on a brand new custom rig and I'm sort of protective of it lol. I could care less how guided and limited Story mode is ~ but a sandbox should be a sandbox. In a single player game you can't even throw sand at another player, and how or why a person plays the way they do should not be a concern of the devs. Whether a person dives in and immerses themselves, or only plays to cheat shouldn't matter. It affects no one but themselves. We lost the leaderboards because people were cheating (and I'm using the term 'cheating' with the devs definition) ~ which is when I lost interest in the achievements. They gave us feats but limited them according to level (nevermind that players could easily have done so themselves ~ the end result was losing another choice). A few people carpeted their homes with wolf pelts and we lost the only true balance between 'us' and 'nature' (ignoring the fact that those wolves are the central danger) ~ the rifle ~ for a long time. Oh, it was there … but you had to pretend to be drunk to use it. The added the bow but we aren't allowed to sneak or crouch to use it until level 5. The rifle and the limited ammo is more like a nerf gun until level 5 (speaking as someone that OWNS the real rifle). Sorry, but the game version … sucks. The list is rather endless after three years. Hold out something new with one hand while the other one is sneaking around taking things ~ things that made the game enjoyable. There have been far more 'mechanics' added than content, and every one of them has no basis beyond funneling players into 'their' vision. That is not a sandbox, and that is the crux of my discontent. I consider playing on custom and turning off blizzards and food poisoning a 'cheat'. That is also part of why I'm just not enjoying the game at this point, despite the fact that it is a reflex to the myriad mechanics. I don't cheat ~ and there was a time when I didn't have to just to try and grind out an hour of play. There were days when both myself and my husband binged on this game, ordered pizza so we didn't have to stop playing other than to answer the door, and were totally engrossed. I've already altered and changed and adapted 'my' playstyle to the point where it is not MINE. I don't want to juggle mechanics, I just want to play a game. Shrugs. Apologies again because this isn't aimed at 'you'.