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  1. Saw a radio in a thrift shop the other week, looked exactly like the one in the TLD. Regret not picking it up now. It was the same colour, shape and size, and even gave it the obligatory click on/off to see if it would work!
  2. Cool shots. The sprained ankle would be worth it for the shelter The tree looks like a harvesting opportunity to boot!
  3. Beautiful British Columbia, where even the bears loot the plastic containers! This shot was taken Northern Vancouver Island, Cape Scott, an active logging area. Someone left the crate behind and bears gonna do what bears do. This is a Black Bear, common to Vancouver Island. Black Bears are generally shy and not to be confused with the Brown/Grizzly/Kodiak variety. Brown Bears are much more aggressive - I would not take a photo of a Brown Bear at this distance, instead backing off very slowly. Enjoy your visit, layer up, and a good waterproof outer layer is recommended for November
  4. Never more than 50 Days. I get bored easily and take too many chances. I'm on a good run at the moment though, and determined to just chill and find out what to do when the matches run out
  5. I hoped that this would have been fixed in the last update. To check I went up against a wolf and tracked it till it collapsed - moments later it's almost buried. It's not just on slopes, it seems that any carcass will dissapear shortly after a kill.
  6. I've found two so far. One can in one of the Mystery Lake Cabins, the ones closest to the Western Access trail. And pretty sure the second can was inside the Derailed Train - inside the metal container - my brain is a sieve though and hope that recollection is accurate.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I forced a wolf into a deer path for the kill in an open area - screen shot included. The deer carcass was not there after a quick visit the ML Camp Office. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, it's a bit of a game killer. A bug has been submitted.
  8. Been awhile since I played TLD, and wow it's come a long way. Short question on Wolf Deer Kill. A couple of times now the Deer have disappeared after a wolf kill. One time I went off to safe distance while the wolf ate the deer, chopped wood for a bit and when I went back the deer carcass was gone. Another time I chased a deer into a wolf, and went back to the cabin for an hour - same thing - the carcass was gone. Is this expected? Previously the carcass would remain. Edit: Killed a wolf also with a knife, it collapsed on a nearby slope - it dissapeared as I got close to it, just feet away. Seems to be a bug.
  9. My bad here - I wasn't paying attention to the new harvesting UI. As you draw down on meat, the selection will automatically then pick Hide, and then Gut.. I was used to micro-managing the harvesting on the previous builds, so I'll offer a mea culpa on the posting here. Rabbits seem to be plentiful enough on a new sandbox also.
  10. Thanks for that Jeremy. This is on the Mystery Lake map and I _did_ eventually find two rabbits out near the frozen lake. No rabbit's near the Trappers Homestead or the clearing by the derailment, which usually have a good number running about. This sandbox is only on day 4, maybe that plays into it and more rabbits will appear later on.. Going to try a new sandbox anyhow and come back to the original bug posted - where Hide and Gut drop to zero after harvesting the meat.
  11. There looks to be a bug in harvesting on the latest update. Find a fresh kill and harvest the meat to 0% and the hide / gut also go to zero. This happened on a new sandbox, fended a wolf from a fresh deer attack. Once the deer meat was harvested the hide and gut also went to zero. Found said dead wolf nearby and the same happened, once the wolf meat went to zero the hide and gut also dropped to zero. On a side note - what happened to the rabbits?? They seem to have dissapeared altogether.
  12. Yes - that's the scenario. Last this happened was in the clearcut area in ML with good visibility to see a wolf chase down a deer. Another deer was heading in the general direction of the feeding wolf, the wolf stopped eating and chased down the second deer leaving the first pretty much just after chasing it down. The first deer was at 0 meat, hide and gut.. It also seems that when a deer is chased down close to an existing carcass that it will also be @ 0%. This happened when I interrupted a wolf feeding, fended the wolf off, the deer the wolf was feeding on was @ 0% when I went to harvest it. Nearby was an existing carcass as an in-game drop. So, there seems to be a connection where deer who are taken down close to another one results in nothing to harvest, it doesn't happen often which makes it hard to pin down.
  13. .. various types of balls > and a marker for smiley faces - ala Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie. Adding some "Hey Bob" type audibles would be good as well, the creepy dead guys in the buildings are not very good company.
  14. Not sure if this is a bug, or just plain luck... A few times during different games I would come across a wolf chasing down a deer, and while the wolf is feeding another deer will enter into range - which the wolf would chase down also. Expecting good fortune in this case doesn't happen. Both deer will be at 0% meat, 0 hide, and 0 gut. ... or intentional, adding an element of despair to the scenario.