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  1. I don't call this a bug but more of a design flaw. When tld upgraded recently, the farmhouse got a really nice cook stove instead of a potbelly. Very nice, except that when you fire her up, you have to put the wood in the oven. Cook stoves generally have 3 doors, as this one does, two small doors on the left, one big one on the right. The top door on the left is the firebox, the one below it the ash door and the big door on the right is the oven. It would be really cool if you could tweak the code so the firebox door opens instead of the oven door. I realize that people like myself are few and far between, folks who have actually used a wood fired cook stove. Most players won't even notice. I wonder how many comments you'd get when the little door on the upper left opens instead of the big door?
  2. I still have container issues. When I open a container, the weight of my stuff shows up, but the items are not visible. I have attached my player log from most recent play. One other issue. The nice new cook stove in the farmhouse is great, but the oven is being mistaken for the firebox. Player.log
  3. I was thinking more developing a symbiosis vs taming or domesticating. Thanks for the response. I check out the thread.
  4. Having a quite a bit of respect for the wolf and the great Canadian Farley Mowat, I first tried playing as a pilgrim. I didn't want to kill wolves. The game is great, but I think the difficulty should stay at the same level as it is in voyageur, or even harder minus the wolf attacks? I even tried to lure the wolves into a befriended status with some meat while playing in pilgrim. Now that would be a very cool feature, and more realistic than the wolf attacks too. After all, look at the current status of homo/canis relationships. A chihuahua is more likely to bite than a great dane.
  5. In terms of realism, the daylight length for somewhere in the Canadian wilderness in winter is way too long. I'm experiencing well over 12 hrs of daylight?
  6. I suggest you allow the last save be active after a death situation. Currently, when I play, if I fall off a cliff or get munched by Fluffie, the game forces a complete restart. I suppose this adds to realism, but also to frustration and loss of interest in playing the game.