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  1. I suppose you or anyone else may begin with simply modeling-unwrapping-texturing something and just showing your work up. With a 3D Ripper you can investigate how many polygons are wasted on trees, cars, household items, etc. Textures resolutions. For example any could make a hunting double-barreled rifle and, perhaps, if done nicely, it might be just included in the game. Double-barreled rifle do needs additional animations, which is tricky without having an access to modified Dark Unity, so anyone may start with something static like new sofa, watertower for a village, etc. I suppose it is n
  2. Just an attempt to merge the global map of the Long Dark world. I used Search function here on the forum and did not find anything related. Well, if I searched badly and this "Global Map" thread duplicates an already existing one, then sorry, it was not intended to flood. Anyway, here is merged global map. Perhaps, I messed up sides of the world, not sure about that. And surely I do not know the sizes of transitional areas in between locations.