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  1. What I'm saying is your argument on bacteria and botulism and all that occurs in reality, it doesn't have anything at all to do in the game. Eat some fish you cooked on the grill and left in a cupboard for 4 or 5 days and no problem in game. Real life, no freaking way, and if you did, likely getting sick if not worse. I make suggestion using how the game works and within the confines of how the game works. Not how reality works. Personally, keeping things "real" is nice and all, but there's so much with how the game works now that isn't close to reality, but the game is still fun and can give a sense of reality. Again, a sense, not a true grasp.
  2. But you're okay chewing down that "moldy deer meat" at 50% in game. That's funny to me.
  3. Heh, ya'll bring up botulism... Guess carrying around 2kg of cooked deer or bear meat at room temperature for a day or two still make it safe to eat. As I've been told a couple of time, gotta suspend some things in a video game. But the argument of rubber seals on jar lids decaying, isn't that what condition loss is? A decay of the item?
  4. Jelly jars as well as pasta sauce jars are both glass and with screw on lids. That's just two common items I can think of off the top of my head, and they are very common. Edited to add: Oh, and peanut butter jars may be plastic now, so less durable, but still screw on lids.
  5. Now that the "world" is a lot bigger than it used to be, I could see a need for this. Even in Pilgrim mode, it's gotta be 8 hours+ of real time just in travel from Hushed River Valley to Desolation Point. I've never actually done that, might be an idea just to suit up in Pilgrim and give it a go, both for timing, and to see if I can. Back in 2015 it was definitely a lot easier traveling across the "world" so to speak. Not so much now.
  6. Thought of another for doing the fire feat, the 1000 fire thing. 5 minute stick fires. Build 3 or 4 fires around another sheltered outdoor oven, gather a couple hundred sticks which can be done even in Mystery Lake, then go to town. I'd steer clear of using the 2 ovens in the Camp Office, only because you don't realize it but going up and down those stairs burns a lot more calories than you notice. Doing it a few hundred times, and you'll always be hungry for no apparent reason.
  7. Well this convo definitely makes starting my next game in HRV or MT seem a good idea. Take short supply run trips in and out of HRV to the trailer in MT. Heck, kill the bear east of the trailer and there's a few weeks of HRV exploration right there. Thanks for the idea.
  8. I'd think canning the meat would make it decay less indoors than outdoors, more like crackers or MREs. The idea of removing the scent was more along the lines of making travel around BI a little easier, which I'd say would help. Making life in BI easier would attract folks enough imo with bullet manu'ing.
  9. Maybe newspapers could also be incorporated with the reading idea, make them shorter 15 or 20 minute reads. Would make use out of them after fire start 3 and you don't need plugs anymore.
  10. Personally I use cat tail heads as trail markets. Bigger and stand out more. The spray paint is an added bonus usually, but the cans weigh too much imo. You don't need tinder after 3 in fire starting, and there's plenty of plugs and/or newspapers before then. And you get a lot of tail heads harvesting the stalks for calories anyhow. The heads become a useless item after a while that you are gonna gather anyhow. Stones, eh, I'd have to stop and take the time to pick up a stone, and only do that if I'm gonna kill some wabbits with 'em, so I usually leave the stones there.
  11. Bunnies rule for early skill progression. Cooking and meat harvesting gets to 3 by the time you get to two on archery or revolver skill if you also do snaring.
  12. I'm trying to think on the last time I've ever jumped. Hmm, bootcamp when I was 18 maybe? So 22 years ago. Doesn't seem practical to me or really that necessary. With 35, 40kg of gear or more, yeah, I'd never. On snow and/or ice, you're kinda asking for a fall.
  13. Interesting concept, have it take away the meat smell when canned. Would make carrying foodstuff around BI a lot easier with the Timbers.
  14. There's a good idea. Have it so the more junk books you read, the faster you can read skill books.
  15. There seems to be thousands of junk books in the game, and thousands of junk hours you spend "passing time." Why not make it so you can read common books before burning. Maybe have a feat that if you read so many junk books, learning from manuals and/or guide type books has more impact. Mark the book "read" if you're previously finished it so you can't just use one book and reread it over and over again. Could even have a dozen or so rare books spread around the world folks can collect and keepsakes, or another thing to track, how many rare books found. Edited to add: Possibly, to be able to use the "Pass Time" function, you must have a book or find that deck of cards you can hear shuffling now.