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  1. As a reference: https://www.discovervancouverisland.com/wildlife-on-vancouver-island/cougars/
  2. Again, huh? Northern border of the Yukon is the Arctic Ocean... Edited to add: Sure there's some more northern points in Northwest Territory and Nunavut, but islands.
  3. Um, what? Try Googling "Canada Lynx," quite literally a type of Lynx. Or Google cougars (also called mountain lions or puma) in Canada. British Columbia states over 4,000 in population and most sites I've read state the Yukon as it's most northern range.
  4. Not really, no. Was a game not long ago that allowed players to hunt polar bear. A group got on their case and they no longer create games that allow it as an option. Currently there is one other game I know of that's been getting similar attention.
  5. Sorry, Snowy Owls listed as VU or "vulnerable" currently on IUCN's "Red List," one level above endangered.
  6. @Forrest Again, not well researched. Snowy Owls are tundra animals. They prefer little to no tree cover, with shrubs, moss, and lichen. They are also on the endangered species list, and to add them to a video game in a form where they could be hunted, that would be a bad idea. Bad PR and I'm sure an animal rights group would get on Hinterland's case.
  7. "Proof that a bed bug infestation can be lethal."
  8. Most of the "new animal" type suggestions I find not very well thought out. The moose was a good add in my opinion based on population and region. I believer cougars/mt. lions would make another good add for the same reason. The lynx would be another decent add in my opinion based on the rabbit population, because in NA the lynx are the main predators of the snowshoe hare. Birds however migrate away from the cold. Sure the game has crows and somebody must have thought they were a good idea, but honestly I don't expect to see one in extreme colds. Just Googling "crow migration" comes
  9. Birds typically migrate away from cold climates. Opossums usually hibernate, and even when they do, suffer greatly in extreme cold climate when it comes to frostbite. Frostbite scars is typically what's used to determine their age. Beavers on the other hand might make a sort of sense. They neither migrate nor hibernate. It may be too cold for them mostly however, but I could see certain areas having beaver dams built up that could survive, but would depend greatly on temperature how much they would leave their shelters. I do support the addition of mount lions/cougars though. So
  10. A method to refill Jimmy Cans maybe? I know I've seen 3.3L on a Jimmy Can once, not sure if their max limit is 4L or 5L. But as stated, I'd probably not use gasoline to fuel lamps. Accelerant for fires, certainly.
  11. I only used 3 days because that's what it takes for "Well Fed" buff to kick in. As for those feat bonuses, they are permanent only if you have attained the badge and only if you activate them for that game run. New players aren't going to have access to them. "Well" bonuses are only active if/when the criteria is met, and stayed met. As in the "Well Fed" buff for carry weight, if even for a moment your calorie marker goes to 0, you lose that 5kg bonus until you maintain it over 0 for the next 3 days. (Personally, on stalker or interloper I tend to ignore the well fed bonus and so "starve
  12. Wood charcoal does have a much higher burn and flash temperature than normal dry woods, so I would think so, yes. 1100 C or 2000 F if I remember my chemistry right, which is higher than the melting point of most iron based metals. Thus why you would use charcoal as the heat source in blacksmith forges.
  13. "Proof that if you spend too much time on your phone, you neck will get stuck like that."
  14. I enjoy the "well fed" bonus of being able to carry an extra 5kg so I suggest adding more "well" type bonuses, such as: Well Rested: Never gone "red" in sleep need for 3 days. Makes you able to maintain energy better, 10% less fatigue over time. Well Dressed: Not been cold in 3 days and had hypothermia risk. 10% less calorie usage over time. Well Shaped: Has exercised regularly. Walked a mile or sprinted a quarter mile every day for 3 days. Sprinting costs 50% less calorie and energy usage. Well Crafted: Has spent at least 1 hour every day for 3 days crafting. Now
  15. Being able to get non potable without having to start a fire? Yes, very useful for the harder difficulties.