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    Sure, i don't want a bad gameplay because of sanity, but i think this will be more real in the game even if will be very simple. This is not like the sims, is more like don't Starve or H.P.L. literature
  2. Hi from Italy, i love this game even if i can't survive more than 2 or 3 days, always some wolf kill me and in some cases i freeze like potato under the snow. I can't wait to play story mode because i think will be more funny than just try to infinite survive by scavenging.
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    i don't know if someone have spoken about it before me. I would like to have a sanity indicator to made the game more real like and provide new experience. Sanity could drop if you stay too long in the dark without a light, or if you eat rotten, raw or damaged food, or even if you run on ice or try to escape by a wild animal attacking you. You could improve sanity standing by a fire or a light, eating good food, using newspapers and similar (they could not only be used for fire but to read, in order to prove some comfort against solitude), crafting a new cloth ect. What do you think?
  4. Ciao amici italiani di TLD. Stavo pensando a una traduzione del gioco nella nostra amata lingua. Personalmente sono disponibile a farlo nei ritagli di tempo, ho contattato l'admin e mi ha esposto una procedura mezzo steam per fare il tutto. Il mio problema è che 1) non ho tempo di starci dietro da solo, 2) lavoro prevalentemente fuori casa e non posso installare steam. Se qualcuno sta già pensando alla traduzione possiamo smezzarci il lavoro dividendoci le cartelle, ciao