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  1. Not sure where you get this behavior from? There would be a lot more death from dehydration if that was how the human body actually worked. (Not as sure about hunger/cold, but then that wasn't part of my suggestion..) Obviously if you weren't thirsty when you went to bed, and if your body somehow got super dehydrated from 10 hours of sleep (like it does in this game), then your body would signal to you to get some water before you died in your sleep. Hell, I get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water all the time, and I'm definitely not dying of thirst.
  2. Or, perhaps snowshoes could reduce fatigue rather than affect speed? Maybe only a mild increase in speed in heavy snow, but a significant reduction to fatigue from running.
  3. Good idea for an extra feature! Especially useful when you're encumbered from overstuffing your backpack and you can barely walk.
  4. The character currently gets thirsty pretty fast in this game, and the physical toll of dehydration needs to be tuned. Consider: not drinking water for 12 hours causes the same damage to your condition as being attacked by a wolf... This becomes even more unrealistic when crafting, sleeping, foraging, or otherwise triggering a passage of time without control of your character. How many of us have gone to bed a little thirsty, and only to lose 30% condition over the course of a night's sleep? In a real life situation, wouldn't you wake up and get a glass of water before you died of dehydration? Thus, I propose that when crafting or sleeping, if your thirst level reaches 'DEHYDRATED', that you are either automatically wake up / stop crafting, or else that an option dialogue is presented (in case its worth the condition loss to finish crafting, for example). Personally, I'm more for the character being woken up without a choice. I think its more realistic - if you were actually dying of thirst, how much restful sleep would you really be getting?
  5. Description: Adding a torch as fuel to an already built fire resets the fire lifespan Was outdoors in Pleasant Valley, had made a fire and was adding all my fuel to increase fire time. I had got it up to some 5 hours when I accidentally clicked to add a torch as fuel as well (I usually wouldn't), and *BOOM* my fire time resets from 5 hours to 15 minutes. Presumably the 15 minutes is the amount of time the torch should have *added* to the total fire time; it seems to have treated it as if I was building a new fire with just the torch as fuel. I was using the last of my wood to build a fire and rest outside since I was exhausted and freezing. This glitch caused me to fade into the long dark =/ Windows 8.1 v 1.99 I haven't attempted to recreate the bug. Presumably to replicate the bug you would build an outdoor fire with wood, then add a torch as fuel.