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  1. Having dived into the latest update, all I can really say is thank you for all the awesome new additions. ♥ While I've still yet to get used to some of the latest changes to the UI, it already feels a lot more immersive. Spacebar does feel like an odd choice for the radial menu though, I would've expected it to be Alt or something. A couple of very minor things I've noticed so far: 1. When discovering a new area, picking up items seems to refresh the "new area discovered" text, causing the text to linger indefinitely if I just keep picking things up before it fades out all the way. 2. When I have the lantern out, using tab to exit the inventory causes the lantern to remain out of view, although the light it casts appears unchanged. (Granted I prefer it this way as the lantern can be quite obstructive, but it's clear it's not meant to do this.) Opening and re-exiting the inventory by using the Inventory hotkey fixes this, as does unequipping and re-equipping the lantern.
  2. I've yet to crash, but opening the clothes section occasionally causes the game to freeze on me for a moment.
  3. I had that happen on two of the containers in there as well - the one OP pointed out and another one a bit further away that's positioned vertically and facing towards the [spoil]gun case.[/spoil]
  4. If you're exploring the new zone, you'll definitely want to keep a hacksaw with you.
  5. I also realize now I should've posted this on the Wish List subforum. x-x
  6. The footstep sounds you heard remind me of a similar occasion when I was at Misanthrope's and heard what I thought to be a deer or two VERY nearby. I went to investigate and found myself slipping on the cliff, peeking over it to see.... a bear. Walking straight at me, roaring. I quickly throw myself flat against the rocks hoping the bear hasn't seen me, but the heavy footsteps keep on coming closer, as do the roars. I think to myself, surely it can't reach me, it's a really awkward place I'm in and in the past I've witnessed some weird pathing on and around the rocky cliffs. Wrong. The bear is suddenly behind me, and I get mauled. Note to self: footsteps are never a good thing. EVER.
  7. I was getting to know the survival bow (that I found in a certain "hidden" location, which was cool) while at the same time struggling with a serious lack of food. I'd started at Desolation Point on Stalker and pretty much exhausted the edibles. I'd killed a couple of wolves (partially in melee because my aim sucks still), but the calories I got from those were pretty much negated by the amount of time I needed to heal and recover from a nasty food poisoning. I found myself taking shelter in the mine closest to the processing plant after downing another wolf, because a bear was lumbering down the road. After a bit of pondering, I decided to do the unthinkable.. Wait for the bear to come closer and shoot at it with my bow before slipping inside. Well, first arrow missed but also scared the bear away. Encouraged, I started chasing it shooting with my two arrows to my best ability, even drawing blood once. Given how panicked the bear was at this point, I decided to keep up the chase, until.. It came straight at me. Now, I've gotten kind of used to animals running straight at me when escaping (what's the deal with that?), so thought nothing of it until it became clear the bear was in fact coming for me. I hastily drew my bow but the bear was already on me, mauling me to 7% before lumbering on, still bleeding. Not wanting to run all the way to the mine (especially since the bear was going that way too), I decided to just lay my bedroll next to the cliffside hoping to get a single hour of sleep, during which the bear would've hopefully bled to death. Well, you can probably guess how that went. I feel like an idiot now. I guess the hunger was really affecting my train of thought at the time.
  8. Agreed, I play on PC and would appreciate these additions very much. Right now you're left looking at the date and thumbnail and trying to remember what save that might've been.
  9. So I was reading around the forums and found myself agreeing about how easy it is to come across resources very early on. Especially in CH, there's no shortage of anything. Everything is very predictable, there's only a couple of unusable houses in each save. Now, we COULD simply have more houses that spawn burned down, so we wouldn't have an entire town to forage, but that wouldn't necessarily make endgame any more interesting - we would just have a bit less to forage. But another thought I had, would be to have some entrances (and maybe even entire houses) taken over by snow. Think of snowdrifts laid down by the harsh winds, often they would coincide with an entrance and pile up against a house. Or some houses could even have been taken over by an avalanche, resulting in a strained, partially collapsed house covered in heavy, packed snow. Now, in later gameplay you will have used up the resources that are easy to access. You may have dug out a few additional shelters that would've been hard if not impossible to reach without the appropriate tools or a lot of time in the freezing cold - or both! Then we would have the houses that have been completely buried, except for a little bit of roof to signal their existence. We even have one right next to the Dam, though that one's probably nothing more than a separated roof or a part of one. These would be the last possibility of finding resources, though it's a risky gambit - the roof you thought belonged to a house may have gotten ripped off completely, leaving you wondering where the rest of the house would be, forever lost under the snowmass. Or even if the roof is still attached to the house, it may be too badly damaged to access. On the occasion that you find a buried house that's at least somewhat usable, it would have snow pushing in through every crack and window, rooms too broken to access, resources buried out of sight. You wouldn't be able to close most doors either, so wolves are able to go in and out as they please, occasionally settling in a house that you uncovered earlier in your playthrough. Think you left something behind? Be prepared to face some resistance when you return to get it. Ok I may have gotten a bit carried away, but you get the idea. It makes sense to me that not all shelters would be accessible right away. Right now accessibility is only really limited by the presence of a wolf or a bear, or the lack of a light source to keep you from getting lost in the darkness. But as soon as you get over that obstacle, you're greeted with a guaranteed abundance of resources. There's no risk of having worked hard only to find nature got there first.
  10. Are you sure you hit the wolf? I very often end up panicking if the wolf gets too close and missing that single slot completely - most likely because in my haste to make that one shot count, it goes off just as the wolf jumps at you, pushing you down. You don't always suffer lasting injuries from a wolf attack - I've had that happen a couple of times. I suppose you could count that as being lucky. From what I've experienced, there's a handful of different injuries that happen during the attack that you can't control (unlike an open wound, sprained ankle, etc. that requires some actions to be taken for it to be removed from the list of injuries), and as such they won't be shown in your list of injuries. The injury system is very simplified for sure (since when has a sprained ankle healed completely as soon as you took pain medication?), but I personally prefer this to having a massive list that includes the smallest of bruises. Condition loss happens regardless of whether or not you suffer injuries, I'd assume it's more a case of the struggle wearing you down. Similarly, you don't always suffer a frostbite while freezing, but your condition still goes down.
  11. I had a very similar experience on Jackrabbit Island. I suppose there were two wolves prowling the area as fought against two full-health ones almost back to back. At the time I was sure the same wolf had come back for more.. The AI has been a bit weird for me, causing them to sometimes run straight at me when they escape. I never found either body, though. If anything, it seems like they bleed out a lot slower (or I deal less damage to them before they run..) and as such make it a lot further away before dying.
  12. Are you still playing on the old save, or did you start a new one?
  13. Besides, do you really want to share a house with a corpse that you've stripped (almost) naked? Checking their pockets is close enough, I sometimes have to think carefully if I even want to sleep in a house that has a body in it.
  14. I'm going to assume that it's an old save that you've been playing on. I remember hearing about a bug like what you're experiencing before, and that it was fixed a while back. I'm willing to bet the problems you're experiencing are purely from playing and older save rather than starting from scratch when the update came out.
  15. You can use it to get a fire started outside if the weather is right. It's really situational, but from what I've understood its durability doesn't go down, so it will be your only way of creating fire once you run out of matches and firestarters.