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  1. There's been this one question that comes every now and then when I'm at the campfire: When You drink e.g. a cup of hot tea, it gives you a warm up bonus But drinking boiling hot water, directly from the can by the fire when it says it's boiling (so no mistake that it wouldn't be hot enough), doesn't give the warm up bonus?
  2. There's an invisible barrier preventing all access to the cave next to Watchful Falls, on Hushed River Valley map. Cant climb over it, no help crouching, cant get around it, not even when climbing a steep slope that's on the left of that point and then trying to make Your way along the cliffside towards the cave.
  3. Hi, I sent this support ticket via TLD bug-report site: https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/browse/TLDP-5375 After 2 more PS4 restarts, with the latest new game launched on TLD, the "Challenge Mastery" - achievement finally got updated correctly. There was just over 1h delay? So, my support ticket (linked above) can be closed. Your bug-report-site works like a proper bug deterrent indeed, as soon as they get reported, they just get scared and vanish! ;D
  4. Thanks, Patrick! Your reply cleared the main questions/answers that I had been wondering, *tips hat*
  5. I have sent to the Hinterland Support an email, that also included the latest email exchange I had with Humble Bundle's own support, about the Directors Cut - version of the game that was for sale few years back in Humble Bundle's store. All I got from Humble Bundle was a Steam Key for the game. I thought that was just because the game was still unfinished by the time of the purchase, so there was no means of sending any complete physical copy or any of the extra material (art book, Documentary, DVD) of the game yet. I waited and the game was finally launched alright, but other than that, silence. Same applies to that email I sent to the Hinterland Support, nothing happened, just silence. Still waiting for an answer though...
  6. I've tried 3 - 4 times to complete all challenges up to Nomad, but always got my game files (PS4) corrupted in the middle of the process. The last run I made, went a bit differently than others. I managed to complete all previous challenges and was just a few hours shy of completing Nomad. I thought I finally made it! I did, but not quite the way I expected it to turn out. When exiting the game after completing Nomad, I got the message of corrupted game files. I deleted the corrupted game file. Checked if I unlocked my challenge mastery achievement, and nope, nothing there. Checked my challenges and all previous ones were wiped out, but it still shows Nomad completed. So, if the only thing needed to unlock challenge mastery achievement was for the game to check if I had completed the last challenge in line, before achievement gets unlocked, then that's not the case here. I'm taking a long brake from the long dark and I'll get back only when I see some news that PS4 + corrupted game files, have been fixed
  7. I bought "The Long Dark - Director's Cut" from Humble Bundle's store and it should contain a physical copy of the game for PC, but it's been 2 years already and I haven't heard anything from them since Feb / 2015, so not sure when they're gonna be delivered it. ... but I've made a good use of Steam version of TLD while waiting for that Director's Cut '
  8. I was halfway through this 7 screenshot challenge, but was not able to place those bottles on damaged single rail, that You have to walk to cross the ravine. I can place bottles on rail before that damaged part and after, but not there where rails are just hanging in thin air. Could someone post a pic who has managed to do so? Or have I misunderstood this "Bottles on a wire" challenge? I'm taking a brake from this challenge untill I know for sure, how I'm supposed to do this "Bottles on a wire"
  9. Sorry, no new special tricks or spoilers :lol: it's more about doing the same basic things, getting them prioritized and avoiding temptations. Stick to Your plan and don't get sidetracked (harder than it sounds :mrgreen: ) Veterans know more than I do, so forgive me if I if my tips sounds too simple and obvious for a more seasoned players out there... ...but if I were a new player trying to make it on TWM map in Stalker mode, without opening those Cargo Containers or leaving the map, then these tips might make it easier for You: - First check if You have any bandages. Rarely enough time to harvest a cloth and make those when bleeding after a wolf attack and condition % starts ticking down. If possible, stop time to time, just to listen. You'll hear that wolf/bear quite far away and if You do suddenly spot a wolf nearby, crouch! Then decide what to do. There's usually still plenty of time to decide what to do. Even if it spots You, try walking backwards (running only if really needed) to the nearest safe direction. You'd be surpriced how long that wolf follows before attacking and how much time it gives to You to get away. Use some leftover meat as bait if possible. Even dropping 1kg meat is cheaper than repairing clothes + first aid + possible death. - Pick every stick and free wood from caves, but don't panic if You start freezing, there's still plenty of time before You'll get hypothermia, so make a quick plan what You can do withing that timeframe and stick with it. Even if You do get a hypothermia, it's not a death penalty, it takes just 24hrs sleeping in a cave if enough water and something to eat to keep starvation at bay during those hours. - Don't waste Rose Hips just for a quick warm-up. Not on this map. You can't climb a single rope with injured wrist/ankle. But if You do find Yourself injured and therefore "stuck" between ropes, remember that even those nearly vertical slopes and walls can be climbed down if done carefully. - Don't start with a mindset where You _have to_ start at certain point in map to make it work. If all You can think of is: "I have to make it to Mountaineer's Hut ASAP", "I need to find that rifle", "Gotta make it to the Summit first", then You might die trying and be blind to other possible survival scenarios that _can_ be done. - Keep always min. 5 sticks with You so that You can make a new torch if needed and try keeping 1 - 3 coals in inventory for those moments, when You need to rise campfire temperature fast, to stay warm and alive. Keep inventory open from tools-section, so that You can easily check condition % when torch is nearly burnt out, so that You can drop it and lit another one from that nearly burnt out torch. Saves matches. - When You start curing hides for Your crafted clothing, remember that rabbitskins cure faster than other hides so start with those and then make boots, for they take 1 hide less than pants, but give more warmth. Also the upper entrance to lower level cave-system has a good rabbit spawn just outside the entrance, so if You've made few traps, then it's easy hunting for meat/hides/guts. I don't usually repair my starting clothes at all, for there's not much cloth around on TWM map if You don't open any Cargo Containers. Besides, e.g. rabbitskin mittens gives usually more protection than all Your starting clothes temp. bonuses combined (they always nearly broken to begin with). So focus on getting those mittens first or boots (which ever comes easier) and harvest starting clothes for bandages. - If cought in a snowstorm, read the terrain to find at least some shelter when traveling, instead of just starting to run in panic. Don't be stubborn and keep going upwind, if You know there's a cave etc. nearby in easier direction. Bad weather usually dies out in 3hrs or at least eases up enough to allow some travelling. This is not exact science, but just my "gut feeling" after many runs on TWM + Stalker mode. Helps also if You learn to listen to the weather, for You can easily learn to "read" the signs before the storm hits in or weather changes. If indoors and wind sounds really howling outside, it's more often just hard wind, not a snowstorm, so don't waste those hours sleeping in a cave when You could be exploring, harvesting, gathering wood etc. instead. You could sleep 6hrs, or make a short 1hr trip outside, then sleep 1hr to warm up, then make another trip outside etc. etc. Don't sleep longer than 2-3hr in one go, if staying at Mountaineer's Hut and in poor clothing. Otherwise You might freeze to death while sleeping. - During the first few hours/days, there's no point carrying around or boiling tens of liters of water, for You'll be moving about with torch lit anyways, so it's easy e.g. to drop 5 sticks to ground and make campfire and boil 1L of water while waiting when You can add a piece of coal to warm You up and then pick new a new torch or two. But if You do boil plenty of water at once, drop some 2-3L to cavesystem entrances, for chances are quite high, that You'll be spending the next night on either one of those entrances anyways. - Once You've made all crafted clothing and map is explored and things start to settle down, then it's just a matter of making every match count and make them last as long as possible. That is, gathering enough sticks to keep fire going for a day or two in one go, if planning to cook meat and then boil water as long as Your condition allows or when You run out of sticks, which ever comes first. Now, what to do with these last lines on this too long post of mine... most have fallen asleep halfway through and others didn't bother at all, so I could say what ever pops into my mind on these last lines! Heheh... naah, I better behave to the bitter end, or to the very last dot :lol: there --> .
  10. Steam thread: "Thoughts on Timberwolf Mountain" Quote, Emmietiie: "I dare anyone to start there on Stalker, and last more than a week without opening those containers. Prepare to feel powerless." I set myself a challenge based on what Emmietiie said. The Challenge: Spawn on TWM on Stalker-mode, don't open any Cargo Containers and don't leave the map. I thought 100 days would be a nice round number, or once You've made all crafted clothes. If You manage to find Magnifying Glass, then lucky You, I found just one Firestriker at +60% + matches. It took me some 4-5 test runs, before I learned what works in TWM map, and what doesn't. It was a fun challenge despite 22 Ankle Sprains http://oi64.tinypic.com/kbbt3k.jpg Next I thought I would try getting 100% locations explored. From what I've read on Steam forums, that's not as easy challenge as it sounds.
  11. I wouldn't mind if get a proper fishing line instead of one made of guts, that wouldn´t brake so easily when used to repaire clothes or used as a fishing line. But, true, one gets plenty of guts to craft a fishing tackle, but it's quite easy to brake. Just wishing for something that would last a bit longer than that
  12. As the subject says, it looks suspiciously like a Fishing Line, doesn't it? What do You think... any hopes of getting some more fishing gear on some future update? Well, one can always hope, right?
  13. This is where I took my final fall through the gameworld: It's the last cave entrance at the top of the mountain where the airplain has crashed... and no, don't have the logfile, sorry. Have to log into TLD with my main comp and see if it's just pc/hardware related problem or something else.
  14. Voyager way more difficult? If You hate long posts, then let's skip right to the end of it. Here's my answer to OP's question: So long story short: Voyager way more difficult? - No, but it's different for what we were used to expect from it. ... and then the longer version of the same answer. Pick some warm cup of coffee first, if thinking of reading through this I just came back to TLD after a few months pause and noticed that a big update "Deep Forest" had been released. It had already been out for a good few days when started my first run in Voyager mode... and it ended quite shortly for I had "contracted a hypothermia" and learned my lesson post mortum. Before my first run, I skipped the change-list intentionally and wanted to experience the changes first-hand and without any warnings. Well, I surely got what I was looking for. A lot of things were different after this "Deep Forest" update. Foraging, hypothermia, wolf fight mechanism, multiple injuries at once, etc. etc. I had two choices now. I could accept and adapt my play style accordingly or be stubborn and keep playing the way I had done before. For me, this was a great chance to re-learn this game once more. See what works and what doesn't. Just past my 50 days mark ingame on Voyager Mode and have to say, I've enjoyed the experience. Before this big update I would've started my runs thinking that I need to find that rifle and fast. Now I have several bows with arrows and that rifle, but I hardly use them. Still I have at least one 15kg container full of meat, sometimes 2-3 containers. I used to make one base-camp and haul all the non-spoiling-goods I possibly found, on that base-camp. Once it was time to move, it was always a big deal of moving all that stuff from old base-camp to new one, on the next map You were going. Now I've abandoned my previous mindset of must-have-a-base-camp and I feel more like living on a certain map instead and spending my night in many of my outposts/waypoints that I've set up on that map. There is one base-camp, kind of, but not a big deal if I skip few days somewhere else on my trips. Weather might change or I find some chance to get fresh meat or decide to set up traps for rabbits and hang out there a day or two. I made my daily routines more flexible and not so reliable of some specific location and of resources found around that location. Wolves used to be something to be afraid of, but now I find myself quite often "looking for trouble", for most of the time I have no need for bandages or antiseptic. Wrists and ankles heal while sleeping and since You're not running around on default anymore (like it used to be the case before "Deep Forest"), limping makes no difference and who cares of bad aim if not using a rifle/bow hardly ever anyways. Before this update, I was always looking for cloth and tinder, but now it's scrap-metal that You need to be worried about and every stick can be broken down to tinder in no time. About the weather. Yes, if I would just spent my time listening how that wind blows outside my cabin, I would hardly go anywhere, but instead I started pay more attention to wind directions and to read the terrain more carefully. Once You actually open that door, despite how the wind howls, You might discover that there are relatively safe routes (shield icon visible) to travel even in hard weather, but You really need to have a plan-b already figured out, at all times, because that wind direction changes suddenly (and it always does, that's the one thing You can count on in the Deep Forest). And pick those sticks to save Your hatchet. Might get boring at times, but soon You have big piles of them on Your base and on every outpost out there that You use as temporary shelter while looking for wood or food. With this new update, I find myself traveling more around the map... picking sticks, pausing to listen if wind changes or if I pick some possible animal sounds and being ready if I'm given an opportunity to get some meat while making those trips. Also keeping my waypoints/outposts stocked with enough sticks, water and spare hides/guts for repairs. Changing broken traps to new repaired ones, gathering slowly all berries/mushrooms/lichen the map has to offer etc. So long story short: Voyager way more difficult? - No, but it's different for what we were used to expect from it. So basically, it all comes down to... accept and adapt, or deny and die
  15. #1 If You said You knew what the condition % was for the matches, that means that You must've examined them by clicking the item in question and reading the infosheet displayed for it... and that action starts the decay process already. Same happens if You open a drawer/closet/container/glovebox/trunk etc. for once You examined them, those possible items for those containers were also generated and You had already interacted with them, once they were listed on that containers inventory. If You see a box of matches on some shelf somewhere, just leave them be. Don't interact with that item in any way and it wont trigger the decay process for that item. I haven't tested this in months, but I believe it used to be like this back in the days. Best is to start at Pleasant Valley and pick up first the Firestriker besides Signal Hill cabin microwave oven and avoid opening anything that pops up an inventory UI, if really not needed to do so. Otherwise You end up with too many boxes of matches too soon, all loosing condition slowly but surely. #2 yes #3 yes