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  1. Welcome! Always happy to have our XBox community make the jump from the console to our forums. Thanks for joining us, and we'll look forward to hearing more from you!
  2. If you're sure you didn't misplace your rifle or accidentally drop it, it sounds like it could potentially be a bug. I'm going to move your post to the technical forums, just in case. We'll let you know if we need more information, but if you're playing on Steam, please go ahead and share your game's debug log. You'll find information on locating it here: Your Game Debug Logs Thanks!
  3. Apart from the obvious (The Long Dark!), I'm pretty excited to see the new Mirror's Edge and Mass Effect games. I don't have a ton of AAA titles that I follow, but I'm a huge fan of those two! Interesting to see what kinds of games other TLD players are looking forward to.
  4. Same answer as above! Thanks for your patience =)
  5. So sorry to hear about the difficulties you and your wife have encountered in the last several months. I'm glad to hear she's improving, and also quite happy to hear you have what sounds like a solid support system within your group of friends, neighbours, and coworkers. This is obviously a forum built around gaming, but we don't call it a "community" for no reason, and I'm sure there are several people here that would be more than willing to send good vibes your way. We're all glad to see you've returned, and hope it stays that way - It's a good indicator that all is well for you. =) Welcome
  6. Great work! I think you did quite a nice job of matching our style, and it's great that you've considered practical portability. Thanks very much for sharing.
  7. It is technically possible, but not something we offer support for. I really don't appreciate this comment. It was a simple yes/no question Bethany. However thank you for the answer. I'm very sorry if you took offense to it. I thought it might be a bit dismissive to say "Yes", but not offer any other information, as you were asking for an official answer. I assumed the next question would be "How", and that's not information I'm able to provide. Always happy to help if I'm able.
  8. Definitely something I've been wanting to attempt! Hopefully this coming weekend. Looks like your challenge is getting a little attention on LMG's YouTube channel as well...
  9. Hello and welcome! Always exciting to see new members joining us from different regions. Interesting background you have -- Best of luck expanding that experience a bit. Your English is great, but we do have forums for our international players as well, so please absolutely feel free to share your feedback in German if that's easier. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  10. Welcome to the community! Looking forward to watching some of your videos.
  11. Another fun idea! Thanks for taking the time to create these challenges, they've been very interesting to follow.
  12. We do not utilize the Steam cloud, so all saves are currently local. Implementing cloud save functionality is on our to-do list.
  13. Yes, this is my question. When will the shirts be available again? I really want one Sorry I don't have an exact date, but they'll be back in the very near future. We'll be sure to make announcements once we've restocked.
  14. Happy to have you with us! We actually have quite a few 'experienced gamers' in the forums. =) So glad to hear you're enjoying the game. If you don't mind me asking, how did you first find it, and what helps it meet the criteria of the game you've been searching for?
  15. Great to see our international community making connections in the forums. Welcome to both of you!
  16. A belated "Welcome Back", Denyo Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new features! Looking forward to reading more as your journey continues.
  17. i would love that, please do Please post links to some of the challenges. There are some interesting challenge threads on Reddit. You can find more by searching "challenge" in our subforum: ... s_to_make/? ... hallenges/? There are also a few here in our official forums. The time for competitive participation has passed since this post was originally made, but they're still fun adventures to challenge yourself with: Seven Screenshots Challenge Sea to
  18. Hey there! Sounds like you had an intense experience. I try to avoid bears at all costs, particularly after seeing The Revenant Thanks for sharing your short story...Looking forward to reading more from you. Welcome!
  19. It is technically possible, but not something we offer support for.
  20. The Long Dark: Update Archive (Master List) Here you will find an archive of previous updates, patches, and hotfixes for The Long Dark.
  21. Always great to see our international community growing! Our German forum is one of our most active areas, so you should find a lot of great discussion there -- I see you've already stopped by to check it out. =) So glad to hear you're enjoying the game. Welcome to the forums!
  22. bethany

    What is the %

    It refers to locations, not items.
  23. Looking forward to reading your poem! I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone, but your images appear as broken links for me. Peeked at your links, and it could be an issue with the URL itself. You may want to try uploading to imgur, as they provide shorter links that are easier to manage and submit to our forums. Good luck with your finals!