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  1. A familiar experience, for sure. I was hoping the next sentence would detail that sense of total relief when a building materialized in front of you to give you one last chance at survival...But maybe next time. Stay warm.
  2. Yes, I'm very sorry to say that one of the few things that didn't survive conversion was your tables, which are written in a language exclusive to phpbb (our old forum software). I specifically asked about your post to see if there was something we could do, but the only option is to re-format using the options provided in the new forum. That aside, your posts have been quite interesting and very informative. Thanks for continuing to keep us updated and for sharing your adventure. Looking forward to more.
  3. Thanks for your feedback here. This has been passed along for review.
  4. Happy to have you join us! Hope you're enjoying the game so far, and thanks for your support with your Let's Play videos. Please feel free to share your videos in our YouTube forum. I'd love to know what first drew you to The Long Dark. Welcome!
  5. It looks like you might be right on the line of not being able to run the game. We're more GPU bound than anything, so video card is a pretty important part for us. Tech has suggested you could try to run the game at 720p with Low graphic settings, but not to expect much from that.
  6. Hey there, Sorry to hear the XBox sale left you with a sour taste. Any sales you see on XBox are actually set by Microsoft directly, not by the studio. That being said, we feel (and hope you come to agree) that $20 is a fair price for unlimited sandbox access, all updates, and all episodes from the first season of Story Mode. All of this is included in your Game Preview purchase. As for a sense of purpose, the game is still in development and there will certainly be more to see. NPC interactions will be introduced, and we've been discussing meaningful goals and challenges for long-t
  7. @SteveP Yes - we are investigating the duplicate posts today and expect to have it resolved soon. I'm going to merge your thread with an existing discussion and move it out of this forum, as it's not a technical PC issue associated with the game. For your other bug, you may want to try logging out, forcing a hard refresh with CTRL + F5, and logging back in. This issue hasn't been reported anywhere else, but I'll be sure to mention it in my notes to our forum provider.
  8. Hi Chris - Unfortunately, the geomagnetic disaster central to the game's theme has pretty much eliminated the possibility for you to make use of any electricity. We provide a bit of information on this in the game's launch screen, but will be detailing the event a bit more in the upcoming Story Mode.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! Is the cot just something you'd like to have to improve the aesthetics of your selected base? I can't imagine you'd be able to easily move it from one location to another, and I can't think of many long-term base locations that don't have a bed already (dam is the big one). Just curious to know if you see it having a big enough benefit over a bedroll to make it worth the crafting effort. Always interesting to brainstorm stuff like this
  10. I've updated these settings! Upvote away, guys.
  11. This error message is a bug our software provider is currently investigating. We've had another user report that this occurs when they have multiple tabs open in the forum. Is this the case for you, or are you only browsing from one tab at a time?
  12. Hey there! We have a recent discussion about the implementation of NPCs that's been happening in another thread in this forum. You can see it here. I think you'll find some interesting information there. Hope that helps!
  13. To add a quick note to Patrick's comment, the desire to relive some of your more memorable experiences is certainly one we understand and something we'll be exploring more options for in the future. I do agree that your idea is quite interesting! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. Thanks for sharing your suggestion and kind words. Interesting note: The in-game description for a book does say "Eventually a source of knowledge".
  15. Here are the minimum/recommended specifications to run the game on a Mac. It looks like your graphics card might not be up to the task, but I'll confirm this as it looks like everything else is okay. Also from our store page: Additional Notes: The game is in an Alpha state and is constantly being expanded and optimized. System requirements are subject to change until the game ships. This means that while we do everything we can to optimize game performance, minimum requirements are subject to change as the game is improved and expanded. Just a good note to remember!
  16. Hope you're enjoying it so far! Having the privacy policy up front is the best way for us to ensure it's seen by everyone. Don't worry! You'll only see it once. I believe "members vs. advanced members" is based on post count, and tips at 1,000 posts. Reputation is a neat tool - Members with a high rep will get flair in the future so everyone knows how awesome and helpful they are! I only fly my helicopter on days that end in Y...Just kidding, it was only that one time. Old emojis were part of the old forum software. It's more that the shortcuts for them are not the same, so anything that used
  17. I'll be sharing a post with some of the forum features a bit later. If you go to the "Activity" tab, you'll be able to select a list of options for new posts/unread content, and organize how you'd like to read them. You can also set up custom content streams to filter new posts for specific items you're interested in. Image attachment options are at the bottom of the posting tool. Additionally, if you just paste a link to an image or video directly in your text window, the IP board will automatically embed it. All of the features from our old board are here, they're just a bit
  18. Yes, this issue has been submitted to the Invision team for review. Thanks for letting us know.
  19. I hoped you'd like those, Scyzara I've added some special "Long Dark" emoticons as well. Fun times!
  20. We're testing a few new emoticons and I just wanted to give a shout out to Evayy, the creator of our "Fluffy" set. Thanks for sharing these, Evayy! You can see her DeviantArt page here
  21. Great to hear! We'll be fine tuning a few things and implementing a couple of new features in the future. We're always excited to find new ways to connect with the community.
  22. We are definitely aware of some of the bugs mentioned here, and have submitted tickets to our forum software provider. If any users notice issues with their usernames, post counts, or editing privileges, please feel free to message me directly. I'm working on reinstating group badges, new emoticons, and a few other small things. The emoticons from the old forums were from a different software package, so it's likely you won't see all of the same options from before. I'm also going to move this post out of this forum as it is not a report for a PC bug.
  23. According to Alan (our technical director), your arrow "snagged on a baggy tree collision". This is on our list of things to fix!
  24. It's been a really interesting experience so far! Thanks for recommending it, Bill =)
  25. I think the price was actually pretty fair, but I do agree the ending was quite anticlimactic. If you're looking for an easy comparison for gameplay, think of the game Gone Home, but in the woods. I think Gone Home did a bit better with the storytelling, but Firewatch had some great visuals and great voice acting with 4-6 hours of gameplay, depending on your approach. It was pretty clear from the 20 minute preview/Let's Play they did last year that this was what the game would be, but I don't think they did a great job advertising beyond that. It's apparent most people weren't sure what to ex