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  1. Yeah............ ......anyone else who have an another suggestion?
  2. I find it very disturbing you can't skip the sequence/animation when you die or skip animations i general in the game. It's not funny to watch the same sequence for millionth time, over and over again.... Feels I've tried to push every button on keyboard to skip but nothing happens. It just continue rub in your face: YOU DIED! WATCH THE WHOLE SHEBANG AND SUFFER! LOOOSER!!!!!! Not funny............. /Capi
  3. First of all, I don't wanna have any whining and bashing in this thread. Then I delete it at once! Now and then I have missed being able to start a new survival mode and get a new random map. I have played TLD for so long that I can almost run around on the map without getting lost. Tbh it's a bit boring. So every time I see you at Hinterland release a new map it's little bit of Christmas Eve for me, when I finally get something new to explore. With this, I wonder how much work it is to make random maps? Is there anything you considered doing in the future? Regards, Capi
  4. Just a question: Who can download and install Wintermute reduxe? Me who bought it in alpha state?
  5. Hello Hinterland staff, Think it's time you tell us a little bit how the work is proceeding and what's planned to happen in nearest future - patches, new maps, etc. I'm very curious you see... Regards, Capi
  6. The only thing I could accept is to make a cave windproof by putting fir branches / twigs / etc in the entrance. Thereby making it a little easier to stay warm overnight if you haven't a sleeping bag made of bear skin.
  7. There is a reason why not a map is already available in the game, it would make it too easy. Okay, most likely the pilot had a map to navigate by, and the airplane should also have had a compass of any kind. But I guess that both were destroyed in the crash?
  8. A compass would be devastating for the game, it would make it too easy. Learn to take aim at landmarks and navigate by them, to avoid going in circles. It's not that hard once you learned it.
  9. I would like to see the seasons in the game - the winter goes to spring etc. The plague during the warm period may be mosquitoes and other insects. However, I know that Hinderland has plans for something similar so we'll see what happens, as the game develops.
  10. I can't see the point of it? In that case, there shall be a hotkey for all you can eat/do, and that feels just pointless. There is a reason for having separated water and soda cans - water extinguishes only the thirst and soda cans also provides calories.
  11. I assume it depends on how you see it? Maybe I was a bit unclear? What I mean is a small town, one street that goes through it. Maybe a couple of crossings? Here and there streets leading to the back of the houses etc etc. A typical small Canadian small town/village in other words / Capi
  12. I would like to see a map of a small village, with a deserted village street where there are an abandoned gas station, workshop, various shops, etc. Along the way into the village stands a broken overturned fuel truck. That is my feeling I get every time I start the game. /Capi
  13. I don't find anything about to harvest firewood so I can't tell if this is a topic already been taken up earlier? What I lack is an opportunity to harvest firewood from logs, trees, furniture, etc. The game is set in in the wilderness so I guess it's not an unreasonable thing? Perhaps it's planned as a future opportunity?
  14. During the 9 days I have been in Pleasant Valley, it's been blowing and poor visibility for like 7 of these 9 days. It's really hard to explore when it's like this and wish it could be a bit more days / longer periods of clear and nice weather. Especially when there are so few places where you can go inside and get warm. I don't know if I'm wrong? But this is what I feel and have experienced so far on the new map. /Capi
  15. I'm a Swede and I've tried that - bath into a "vak" (a hole made in the ice). I can tell you I will never do it again. It was damn cold, and it was even worse afterwards..