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  1. I guess 360 viewing will be possible one day which is great! I just reported it as a bug because you can exceed the current view limits (180 deg), by some weird menu-ing(as described above).
  2. I have not tried this in more than one vehicle/seat, but have tried it repeatedly in the same vehicle and same seat. Sitting in the back right hand seat of a car, you can not usually look behind yourself/past a certain limit. If you are at the limit of your vision, hit escape, go to controls, then key bindings and then exit from that menu, you can now look in a full 360. If you leave the seat and re-enter, vision is restrict again, as per normal. I expect that this is a bug as it seems to deviate from the typical behaviour. Though if I was stuck in a car, surrounded by wolves, I would definitely turn my body so I could look out every window before I left the car. Edit: OS: PC (windows 7) Repeatability: Always ADMIN NOTE: Not a bug, currently by design until option is expanded. Post moved to Wishlist section