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  1. After the last update everything in the Pleasant Valley Farmstead is gone! Stuff i left in the cabinets, stuff drying on the floor! All gone! :evil:
  2. +1 Binoculars would be nice! But only a very old looking one, just like the riffle.
  3. +1 1 or 2 more save files per difficulty would be nice.
  4. Very nice drawings! And yes you can get al kinds of idea's here. Maybe dead in a crashed car?
  5. Nice prologue Ill be waiting for more! No rush just make it good ;-)
  6. Yeah and every update makes it even more interesting! New kinds of food, new things to make and new places to go to. It just keeps you going :-)
  7. Goeie dag allemaal, In het regenwoud of in de woestijn lijkt mij ook wel leuk. Je kan echt alle kanten op wat dat betreft. :-)