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  1. I've been away for a while and started playing again. Been exploring the new areas and see lot of interesting new things in the game Nice! Still would like to see this happening
  2. I found a way to escape! I was not able to get out by walking or crawling, I tried that for 10 mins or so from different angles but when I faced the small hole between the rock wall and train I was able to wiggle my way out by crawling backwards
  3. I'm in that hole freezing to death
  4. thanks for linking that, lot of interesting discussion and opinions
  5. I tried looking for this kind of proposal or wish but could not find any, so sorry if this has already been proposed and I missed it. I would like to propose 2 phase difficulty setting and the main reason for this is that I would like to play a game where the wildlife would not attack me but have more challenges on finding food and actually surviving. So basically you would first select the level of other environmental challenges (weather, amount of stuff found, calorie consumption etc) so modes or levels could be the same as they are now and then kind of "tick a box" regarding the wildlife behaviour. This would allow you to play difficult survival game but difficulty would only come from other elements than wildlife. I don't know how you feel about this but allowing this would not be away from anyone it would just give a bit more variety of the game play. And since it's a wishlist one can always wish Think the normal Pilgrim mode is too easy (but very good when you are trying the game out at first) from finding too much stuff perspective but going into difficult modes adds also the wildlife. I know this is the mechanics right now but maybe there would be others that would enjoy the difficulty without wildlife perspective also. Add even more fans to this great game? Thanks for reading and hope you can think about this
  6. sure, but then the drops should first disappear from the beginning of the trail not from the end. I saw this happening just today also. wolf and the trail disappeared out of thin air.