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  1. I did this last night right before I died (3% condition left) and when it loaded I was being attacked by a wolf. In fact, when it loaded the wolf was on top of me and the red text telling me I died by wolf attack had appeared as soon as I loaded my game.
  2. I've only played for 7 hours so I'm not all that familiar with everything yet. I've seen some posts on The Ravine and it being a link between maps. Is that an actual passage between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway? I lied, another question. Is Mystery Lake more developed than Coastal Highway? I'm pretty sure that I've fully explored Highway and I doubt I've seen 3/4ths of Mystery Lake.
  3. I found the dam for the first time last night and had no idea there was a wolf down there. Fluffy scared the hell out of me. Speaking of Fluffy, is Fluffy a special boss kind of thing or is it just a normal wolf that you all have named Fluffy?
  4. I started playing on Pilgrim and didn't find a rifle until my third game. I only find a rifle every two or three games, but I'm pretty new (only 7 hours) and I haven't memorized spawn locations yet. I do find a hell of a lot of ammo though.
  5. I come from Imgur where I saw a post from the developers (I think from them) a few months ago. I was interested but it was early access/kickstarter status so I kept some distance due to the nature of these games not being all they were hyped up to be. Awhile later a user posted about the game, giving it nothing but praise. I kept my distance still, but I was more interested. A few weeks later I decided it was time to look into the game, but I couldn't remember the name and I asked Imgur, got the answer and looked into it but forgot about it until it popped up on my Steam recommendations a few days ago. I have a policy to never buy anything in early access because those game never seem to end up finished (looking at 7 Days to Die here). I said screw it and bought it. I'm pretty glad I did. Its been a pretty fun ride, sometimes tedious but overall enjoyable. I'm eagerly awaiting the story release which, by my count, should be any day now. Anyways, cheers! This should be a fun ride.