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  1. i am taking some codding classes but i just started, a mod would be cool
  2. Now Guys, Here me out on this one. I love the long dark, but were I live is anything but cold or dark. This is not so much a part of an add in to the game, more as a sequal. That takes place in a desert, in the southwestern united states, the days are hot and water is scarce instead of melting snow you can collect from cacti or water sourses, and clothes have a cooling effect or something like that There are two maps that I can currently think of, Red Rock canyon This map is more of a touristy, camping place, with a big canyon Full Moon Falls A native american reservation camp with a big water fall called full moon falls let me know what you guys think
  3. Run! Run! For your life! Not because of wolves! Or Storms! It's a freestyle poem! Oh The Humanity!
  4. I thinks for story mode there should be multiple endings possible. I've got a couple ideas, I'll be sure to post any more ideas I get and I hope you all do to. It's Spring Time for Will in Canada: You've survived long enough to see spring! Spring is much more forgiving than winter, and Will sets up a base that is permanent, During the non-winter months he spends preparing for winter. Eventually he develops agriculture, metal working, and construction, Each new winter that passes just seem to get easier and easier. OR Master Mechanic Will has managed to fix the plane he crashed in and gather all the necessary fuel and spare parts for the trips. He leaves Canada and heads south, where it is warmer. What do you guys think?
  5. sorry Im new, ill be shure to do that.
  6. Let me set the stage... This is a man who treid surviving the long dark but after about fifty days, his lonelieness and depression built up, a rescue team found him two days later, he took his own life. This is the note he left... This, all of this, was never my intention, The plane was supposed to have plenty of fuel, but it just crashed, My brother, there was only one parachute left, he saved my life. I was the only one who made it out alive, I tried to forget the pain, I tried to hide it, but in the end... What is the point of surviving if you have no one to come home too. There is no choice in the matter, I'm going to freeze out here anyway, I might as well die on my own terms. Mom, Dad, please forgive me. -Will
  7. What about death by gravity, the picture would have a guy traviling from mystrey lake to coastal highway and fell off on the rivine and is at the bottom.
  8. Bears, more powerful and more rare than wolves bows, weaker than the rifle, but can be crafted and reuse the arrows beer, it acts as a painkiller, but makes you thirsty and feel warm when you actually get colder just my three simple ideas