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  1. Thanks for listening to the community and giving us a real say in the way the game has developed. TLD to me is the platinum standard for how Early Access should work. Not only do you have an excellent game, the way you're crafting and updating it puts nearly every other developer out there to shame.
  2. As a previous poster said: Atmosphere... and a sense of immersion.
  3. Verified cache, normal service restored. Thanks so much. Now I can get back to freezing to death!
  4. Hi: Downloaded tonight's update, went back to a saved game in Desolation Point and discovered my HUD data has vanished. My stamina bar, status symbols in the bottom left and even calorie increase while eating are all missing. I also don't get any labels coming up when hovering over doors, harvestable wood, containers, etc. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!
  5. Can I just add that I have exactly the same problem, with entering the lighthouse. Again, been playing for a while and just killed a wolf. This is a save from a previous version. Let me know if I can offer you any other info.
  6. Bucky, sorry, missed your reply. Yeah, love S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Ever read the book? And agreed. I thought a bear was outside the house once because of some of the noises!
  7. Just a quick thought, which may or may not be possible. But I think there should be an option to drop your rucksack in a hurry so you can move faster if you need to. The other night I was killed by a bear after suffering Scavenger Syndrome, which is when you end carrying far too much because you really, REALLY wanted all that peanut butter. But as I was waddling away from the bear across the frozen lake, I thought that for real I'd dump my rucksack and if the bear happened to wreck it, so what? I'd be able to come back later and try and scavenege whatever was left. At least I'd be alive. I know this would mean a major change of the UI, but for real you'd keep things like the knife, axe and rifle immediately to hand, maybe with an MRE and some water. But everything else in the rucksack you'd want to be able to dump so you could manuever more quickly if you needed it. Long Dark isn't real life, I know. But I wonder what anyone else thinks?
  8. Seems since the last update the wolves have developed a new method of running towards you which involves a bit of serpentine movement, making them even harder to hit. The animations also seem to be a bit jerky or slightly off, which mean that again it's even harder to hit them - but not for a sound reason. Anyone else noticed this? I think it's a bit much, given how hard the wolves are to kill anyway. But interested in other people's thoughts... Fihn
  9. I agree, mate. We've all felt the same way. I think since the last update the wolves have developed this crazy serpentine method of running towards you which makes them very, very hard to shoot. In essence, even HARDER to kill!
  10. Thanks so much for taking this on. I came to the game quite late and your maps have been literally lifesavers - more importantly they meant I didn't miss the interesting stuff! I'll add any data I can find to your Google doc. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Bucky. Yeah, I agree on animal reaction. I was in Kenya a few years ago and our camp out in the middle of nowhere attracted lions, because of the smell of garbage and human spoor. They would come up quite close to the big fire at the gate, slunk down in the grass. It was the sort of place where a guy with a rifle had to cover you when you went to the toilet at night! But flares, flashbangs and blanks were all used to keep animals away. But back to the game: there do seem to be a LOT of wolves now, even on medium difficulty. And even with a rifle they seem to be pretty difficult to kill. There's a careful balance to be struck between threat and frustration, eh?
  12. Having lasted 35 days on my last game, just a few comments on general gameplay - and I realise you guys are tweaking everything as you go. It's an absolutely fantastic title already. Game of the Year for me in 2014. WOLVES: I actually think they're handled pretty well, however I'm playing with the latest version and there does seem to be a lot of them now. I guess for real they'd be in packs, so you're going easy on us. It forces us as players to think and plan, and to be honest that's one of my favourite parts of the game. Taking on a wolf with a knife or hatchet isn't going to end well for most people, and I like that accuracy. Might it be more fun with slightly easier combat? Maybe - but I guess that will be addressed in later builds with more weapons. I don't mind fighting wolves if I can use my environment to make stuff to even the odds. OTHER WILDLIFE: I see people calling for bears, but they *should* be hibernating, right? Unless our mysterious event has woken them up. I think the deer behaviour and their interaction with the wolves is great. WEATHER: I've operated in some cold environments, and I think the temperature mechanic is probably a little too forgiving. Temperatures of minus 20 or worse are going to take you down fast, though I know that needs to be balanced against playability. I guess we'll see shivering and so on in later builds. (Not sure I should ask for that or not as I might live to forget it!) Likewise, frostnip and frostbite can be debilitating very quickly and frostbite is permanent as you know. All to come, no doubt! MORALE: I think some kind of morale metric should be included, as it's a vital element of survival which is often overlooked. The boost to morale of a warm fire, hot food, or even simple human interaction can't be exaggerated. I see that kind of coming through in the bonuses with hot soup, but it could take in everything from surviving an animal attack, to being closed down by weather, successful hunting, a good meal, whatever. Living on MREs and candy bars for a long time can definitely degrade your mental health! WEAR AND TEAR: I feel that right now clothing wears out a little bit too quickly. It seems that you're trying to alter this rate dependent on weather or activity, which is absolutely the way to go. But lurking around in a cabin all day shouldn't degrade it that much. TOOLS AND WEAPONS: I know everyone is crying out for bows - though if you gave one to most people for real they could hit Jack - but what about just being able to tape your hunting knife on the end of a pole for a spear, or fire-hardened poles for example? Anything to keep some distance between you and a hungry wolf! Great stuff, keep it up. You guys are absolutely headed in the right direction and it's exciting to watch!