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  1. Hi guys, I just made a video mashing up The Long Dark's game-play with Tommy Wiseau's "memorable" performance in 2003's movie "The Room". Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Does the fact that the sun does not rise mean that the days don't advance? Because I think I'm stuck on Day 22 for quite a while now. You can see in the screenshot that I have consumed over 13000 calories in just one day (22) and have travelled to several locations. I was going simultaneously for 3 achievements (silent hunter, pacifist and living off the land). But if time is stuck than this is useless. In spite of that I do love the look and feel of this event.
  3. Nice. I'm also glad about fixing "savegame inconsistencies" - I play from several pcs/laptops and synchronize my savegames through dropbox. I got that message once halfway through my current run (~90 days). But must I die to appear on leaderboards? Mouse sensitivity and red message about ingredients also bothered me, so thanks for those fixes too.
  4. I'm all stocked up in Quonset Gas Station, with supplies also on Misanthrope's and Rabbit's. Patiently waiting.
  5. I don't know, I'd certainly want to see my body. It could also serve as a hight reference, as sometimes when I walk outside I feel kind of short. If it weren't for the step noises I would think I'm a floating balloon. I can't see how not having a body would make the game better then others. Original, maybe, but not better.
  6. Hi everyone, I think it would help immersion if we could see the character from a 3rd person view. I don't mean to play in 3rd person, I'm thinking more of being able to pan out when stopped and having the camera able to move around him/her. I'm thinking of a few moments when this could be done: - at daybreak, if awake. - first time when entering a new map or special building. - after putting on a newly crafted clothing for the first time. - after equipping a rifle/bow/knife for the first time. - first time killing a type of animal - whenever the players wants by pressing a key. This means that the character must look different according to what he/she is wearing. Of course you should be able to turn this off in options. Great job so far, absolutely love your game.
  7. I got mine in Camp Office. I wish I could move him or something. Or even burying him would be nice. Maybe take his wallet like in "The Grey" movie.