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  1. Any news of this front? I still cannot play the game due to that bug... Is there any solution yet?
  2. The last patch fixed two biggest problems with the recent build (321) of the game (ghost footprints and broken containers) but one still remains in my games (both new and old saves): Every interior I enter, upon leaving and returning, gets re-set, including containers and free-lying items. When I re-enter the building, it even displays the "You have discovered X location" message again. That means both unlimited resources but also not being able to make a base, rendering the game unplayable.
  3. OK, so I am experiencing several somewhat serious bugs in this build. 1. (On the old save) What is mentioned in this topic. Basically, a container holding crafting materials (skins, guts) stopped working. 2. Footprints (both mine and ones left by the animals) leave ghostly apparitions hanging in the air above them as in the picture above: 3. Interiors (Hunter's Cabin, Office by the Lake) reset every time I leave them and re-enter, even giving me the notice I have discovered that location again. It includes placing new items and re-stocking containers. (Possibly) 4. I may (or may not) have seen a deer teleport right behind me, but am not 100% sure. One moment he was with two of his mates nearby, the second he was running from behind me. But maybe he was just that sneaky...
  4. It seems to be some sorts of bug with containers and certain "materials" kind of items, since it happened to me too. In the garage/shop in the Coastal Village, the bottom (big) drawer of the tool chest right by the workbench have stopped responding in my savegame too. It was mostly containing the materials that need to "cure" - skins, guts and saplings, along with some metal and similar stuff.
  5. Oh, sorry for not posting the log originally. Good to hear the problem might be fixed already, but in case it is something else, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/view/fkeqvkc3c ... ut_log.txt
  6. It's an old save - created when Valley location was first introduced.
  7. While moving from one map to the other (from the interior one to the outsides) the game crashed on me twice, apparently from lack of memory, after not that long game-time (around 15 and 30+ minutes). It used to happen in some earlier versions but was fixed and recently the game was very stable. PC version. Error log file for the last crash: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4vjgh ... /error.log
  8. As in title - whenever I use the stove in the farmhouse kitchen, the camera (and the fire effect) moves through the wall to the left. Happens every time, consistently. The angle is different for each "Stove Screen" (using wood, cooking, boiling water). Did not happen before. PC version.
  9. That is the best indicator of a memory leak - the game floods all available space, until there's no space left. If it can overflow 8 gigs as much as 2, there is something evil going one behind the scenes... :evil:
  10. I also had a similar issue, in the v 192. While it didn't affect me when entering/leaving buildings, after a longer playing period, when I died and chose to start a new sandbox or tried to enter a new map (happened when crossing from Ravine to Highway) the game crashed. If I start/load a fresh game and try to cross to another map/restart a game after death, I can do it just fine. The bug-report-text-file created by the event say a lot of things but the part where it lists memory is saying that I had around 5-6 MB of Physical memory left (out of two gigs), so I'm pretty sure it's something along the lines of a memory leak.
  11. Same here - as soon as I've started a new game, after posting here, I've noticed those arrows. Silly me Still, a "Harvest All" button would be nice, and there is even space for it, right next the amount arrows. I also agree with Joopsie - a graphical indicator (an icon in the corner or a different background color would be enough) for indicating "hot" and "open" items would be nice. Other statuses - like wet, for example - could be marked in a similar fashion.
  12. After being eaten by super-wolves for several times now, I can say I generally like the new GUI update. The item icons/boxes could be a bit smaller (to fit more of them at the screen at a time), but that's just a matter of personal taste. Same here - those two things are my biggest problems with the new UI, actually. Both are really unnecessarily slowing down the inventory management, with no gain in any other field.
  13. They crash-landed when their plane malfunctioned, due to the geo-magnetic storm. So the assumption would be that they don't want simply to survive (understood as - build a base/skillset for endless, life-long bunny-snaring), but their main goal is to return to civilization/get somewhere else, where survival would be easier/get through the winter till the expected help arrives. So stuff like: finding a working vehicle, fixing a radio or getting to the main road/river/town are real goals that those two folks would really strive for. Unless they somehow have the knowledge and are 100% sure that the rest of the world/Canada is dead and gone, or that they are completely unable to leave the region, the snare- or bow-crafting shouldn't even be a priority for them.
  14. Had an unlit flare in my hand as I walked out of a house and heard a wolf barking. Started to lit it but the wolf jumped me too fast. As I fought the animal I could hear the flare burning and discovered, after the combat, that it went into my pocket - still burning. Pressing 1 allowed me to take it back to the hand. If it's a simplification by design, it's OK, but would make more sense if the burning flare was dropped (or used as a weapon, instead of knife/prybar/hatchet - maybe ever with greater bonus +75% ). Happened in the PC/Windows Steam version on Highway map.
  15. To start off - hello, my first post here! Now, back on the subject - I, for once, really like the abstract foraging mechanism. It helps to prevent the "minecrafting" of the game - players don't have to spend their real-time gathering the basic resources (water, wood, tinder) and so can spend their game time planning and exploring (so, in essence, 1 hour of playing is more walking/avoiding wolves and less looking at a tree texture, hitting LMB). Plus it makes the game need less machine resources (I guess). But, the current system could still be improved. How about something like that, for example: Player foraging could cause a placement of an invisible "depletion zones" (50 meter in each direction or the whole building interior, for example), which would make finding resources in consequent tries harder/more time-consuming. So the first search for wood would have 100% chance, but after finding 3-4 pieces, the next ones would only have 50% chance per time unit, after 8-10 only 25% chance, etc. That would force players to move further and further in search of wood, without the need of placing any "real" models/items on the actual map. The foraging menu could warn that player is in a already searched neighborhood, making finding resources less likely. The depletion zones could be permanent or disappear after a while, as would be best for balancing (permanent on Stalker and lasting only a day on easy. for example).