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  1. You've used up all your supplies, you're cold and not going anywhere. The end is here and you are about to die in the white wilderness. What song(s) would you play or would be fitting for your last light and breath? Here is one of my picks: [bBvideo 560,340:v3pgt049] [/bBvideo]
  2. I don't know whether our prevalence here is really that high, or significantly so, but if so: The Netherlands are small, flat and crowded. There are no great woodlands and such to speak of and you can't really get away from the sound of traffic during the day nor from the light of towns during the night. Still we build more, because even as native numbers dwindle, the population is ever growing. That is why many of us often seek out more natural and rugged environments abroad. And so it may be that we are more attracted than most to games set in the Great Outdoors, be they about survival or not. Lastly, I think we have have a strong internet presence in general, relative to our numbers, so we are bound to be noticed. Alternative answer: Van Lierop lured us in here with his Dutch surname!
  3. Aanwezig! Mijn droomspel is een waarin je (over)leeft en reist in het mythische verleden en landschap van Noordwest-Europa, zeg maar Middenaarde, met onmetelijke loofbossen, uitgestrekte venen, glooiende weiden en gaan zo maar door. Tot die tijd kan ik mij uitstekend vermaken met spellen als The Long Dark.
  4. I don’t like the idea of knowing the exact temperature without a thermometre. To expand on the range that Robdoar gave, here’s basically what I would like to see on my screen, not necessarily in my HUD, but at least when I hit TAB: Burning Hot Warm Okay Chilly Cold Freezing Holy shit it’s cold All this pertaining to my body temperature. Low outside and room temperature would be indicated visible breath, as mentioned, plus simple knowledge like blizzards being very cold and remarks by our character, as Cormyr suggested.
  5. In the same vein: Knowing the exact weight of items is not very realistic either. And in this case we don't even need an estimation on our screen. Players will know that a toolbox is on the heavy side and bag of beef jerky quite light. Instead of giving you a total weight down to the decimals, the inventory could then simply tell you if your backpack's become heavy or too heavy. Your character already says so every now and then.
  6. I wasn't arguing against placing bunkers in remote and hard to find places. I was arguing against putting them in implausible places. My point was that somebody had to build those bunkers and that some of the locations would have us believe that some poor sod hauled loads of concrete, steel and provisions up a steep slope.
  7. Very nice, considering the subject. I can't draw, but here's an idea: shot in the back of the head (body lying face down in the snow, with hands by the waist).
  8. A middle way would be to have all the clothes on an outside corpse lootable (maybe except for the underwear) but generally in terrible condition and as such suitable for cloth harvesting. The clothes on inside corpses would be in better shape, but they're quite rare anyway.
  9. That someone was me; hi! And I'll repeat what I said on Steam. Provided story mode has potential unwelcome visitors, indeed, I like the idea of setting booby-traps and I would also prefer being able to lock and/or barricade entrances.
  10. I went through the same ordeal. I reckoned I didn't want to burn loads of calories by hauling all the fish back to the Camp Office and so brought my bed roll with me. After gathering enough firewood and closing my eyes by the stove in the shack, I was violently roused by some cheeky wolf. I suppose being able to board up the shack entrance would be a bit too much. I'd prefer a sled or pulk anyway.
  11. Edrick

    A sled

    A sled or pulk would be a great addition! I was pining for one when I went fishing for hours and reeled in many kilos worth of fish. The jog back was horrendous. If only there had been one in the Camp Office or if only I had been able to fashion one from some wood and more. (A better one if there is a pair of skis around.) It might also make for a good moment in story mode, where you'd have to transport a fellow survivor with a fractured leg or something.
  12. Aside from the already implemented ambient background music that swells every now and then, I would love for some in-world music, for a few houses to have a record player with some folk and classical music. And I agree with Cormyr above me: imagine the joy upon finding a guitar (or even a fiddle) and being able sit back in front of the fire, to play some simple tunes, maybe whilst humming along. Such a simple and honest thing would be extremely rewarding after many days of grim survival. And think of the heartbreak should you have to use your instrument as firewood in desperate times.
  13. Many reasonable wishes and suggestions. To focus on your last point for now: I too would very much enjoy exactly such wider landscapes. To be somewhat blunt about it: much of the current terrain looks scaled-down and quite lumpy and gamey, with bulbous rock formations and small hills everywhere, conveniently blocking most places of interest from sight. The best and most natural view seems to be when you look out over the lake in the Coastal Highway. However, I only know Northern Canada from pictures so I don’t know to what extent the developers are following actual landscapes. And the wider landscapes you and I have in mind are probably more taxing for computers, so it’s a trade-off between what is feasible and what is desirable. That said, I wager there is some room.
  14. That's true! I suppose for food and drinks it would be good to have estimations of the nutrional value per ounce instead of an exact calorie count. I wouldn't know what these figures would be for most things, but the estimations could simply range from very high to very low. For other things, like fire duration, perhaps it would be good to change it from exact time left to estimated time left. Which means a fire will usually last longer or shorter than one thinks beforehand.
  15. While it is very handy to know the exact percentage of the condition any given item is in, it’s not very realistic or immersive. So I wonder whether it wouldn’t be more reasonable if the player were to have to make due with mere estimations, ranging from great to ruined. [table=width][tr=text-align][td=border]Percentage[/td][td=border]Estimation[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]100% – 81%[/td][td=border]great[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]80% – 61%[/td][td=border]good[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]60% – 41%[/td][td=border]okay[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]40% – 21%[/td][td=border]poor[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]20% – 1%[/td][td=border]bad[/td][/tr] [tr=text-align][td=border]0%[/td][td=border]ruined[/td][/tr][/table] The game engine would still reckon in percentages, of course, but the player won’t be privy to them.